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    Ceramic Coatings!

    Has anyone got any experience using ceramic (long life) coatings? My S2000 was coated a few years back. The coating is still going strong but I’m having the front bumper repainted because I hit a stone on the way back from it’s MOT (doh). I’ll need to lightly correct the new paint then ceramic...
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    Wheel Refurb Issues

    Just a quick one. Had my wheels refurbished by someone locally who has royally fucked it up. Rather than holding up is hands he’s blamed the wheels telling me it’s one of the worst quality sets he’s ever powder coated. Not having much knowledge of powder coating I have no idea if he’s telling...
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    How much to repair this!?

    Rough estimates please. Mrs parked up while getting her hair done and some clown must have clipped it. Two minor scrapes to the rear bumper corner. No other damage that I can see... The car is only a few months old so I’ll have to pay for a proper job.
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    Favourite Detailing Products

    Can be anything detailing related. Mine: Dooka Wash Pad Solution Finish Gtechniq C5 Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel
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    Dealer Tyre Dressing

    Yo! I did post this on Detailing World but thought I’d post on here in case anyone has come across anything like this before. To cut a long story short the wife picked up her new white Civic on the Jan 3rd. I went to wash it last Saturday and whatever the dealer used as tyre dressing has...
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    Ring Doorbell

    Has anyone got one of these? Bought as a gift but online reviews are mixed (poor battery life, response to phone etc). At £150 it’s not cheap, I’m considering returning it. The doorbell in question.
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    Autoglym Lifeshine?

    Hey CS, I know the answer to this but was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience of this product. My mum has just ordered a brand new A1 in solid white direct from Audi. Checking the order form (unknown to us) Autoglym Lifeshine was added to the order at a total cost of £400...
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    New Honda Civic Type-R

    I appreciate the new car won't be everyones cup of tea visually wise but it's just annihilated the FWD completion at the Nurburgring... 4 seconds faster than...
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    Picked this up today, hoping to relive my youth. Interestingly the developer decided not to release any early copies for review. This could mean one of two things, either its pap or they were making some last minute changes. User reviews look good mind. Anyone played it yet?
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    My 2006 S2K

    I thought it was about time I created a thread on my cherished S2000. I bought the car 7 years ago from Honda in Crewe. It was a standard Moonrock 2006 GT model with 20k on the clock. It was relatively clean having only two previous owners. The car was bought by myself before Honda had chance...
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    UFC 2

    Anyone played this? I bought it last night... f**king hard.
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    Ceramic Coatings???

    Yo! Whats the crack with these (e.g. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light)? Any worse/better than a quality police and wax? Pros/Cons? Worth the cost? My car is going on for a front end respray and is also booked in for a detail...Currently its booked in for a correction and protection application.
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    Stable ADSL Router Recommendations.

    Mrs's grandad needs a new adsl router. Nothing too fancy, just something stable. Anything under £100 will be considered. Any recommendations? Current provider is Orange (unfortunately). Cheers.
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    Swapping out and cloning HHD

    Yo, My partners grandad wants me to source and fit an SSD to his 5 year old desktop. I've tried to talk him out of the upgrade and instead suggested a new machine but he's having none of it. The plan is to replace the existing HHD with the a compatible 250GB SSD from crucial. The swap should...
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    Mac Blu-ray Drive!

    I bought a Samsung SE-506CB off Amazon which according to the literature should be compatible with OSX 10.4.6+ (I'm running 10.10.3 on my late 2014 iMac). The drive can't be seen under system information or finder. The drive is powering up (USB) and looks to be reading disks but the device...
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    iPhone 6/6+ Cases!

    Yo CS!!! I'm currently rolling with Apple Leather case. Pretty disappointed with the quality TBH, one side is completely warn/scratched and then there's the lack of lower protection. My Apple iPhone 5 leather case lasted for over 12 months!!! I'm currently looking at alternatives. What have...
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    License Plate Styles.

    Hello CS! I'm about to order some new plates...current ones have a border. What's the in thing at the mo? Clean look? I quite like domed look (they are legal believe it or not)...
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    Computer Speakers.

    Any recommendations? I currently have HK Soundsticks III but both tweeter speaker casings have cracked (they've not been dropped - poor quality IMO). I'm after something relatively compact. TBH 2.0 would suit better than a 2.1 setup. Looked at the B&W MM1s but their pretty steep. Suggest...
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    Damn You Apple.

    5k iMac will no doubt be awesome, I really want one (even though I have a 2013 iMac). Air 2 isn't a worthy upgrade from the Air IMO. I'm sad there was no Apple TV upgrade. Yosemite looks great.
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    Yo! What's the score with these? There looks to be a few models on the market. The Hero 3+ looks to be well priced vs spec? I fancy getting one to use while away skying and to film a little car footage. Not sure whether it'll get much use so I was wondering what else you use yours for? Good...
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    AF Desire & Spirit.

    Yo, You're all probably aware but these can be bought from amazon at a discounted price Desire = £80 Spirit = £60 I picked up a tub of desire, I'm not sure if anyone is a regular user on here but the reviews look extremely positive :)
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    iMac Screen Fault!

    Ok, my iMac has just developed a problem (literally 10 minutes ago). Looks like screen burn to me but this can't be possible as the screen was only left for 1 - 2 hours max. And yes screen saver is switched to on - I find it unreliable as it doesn't always kick in!!! Image is prominent when...
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    Dodo Lime Prime & Dodo Supernatural Hybid.

    Yo! Anyone tried these products, if so are they any good? I'll be applying both by hand :)
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    Sierra RS500

    I chop my nads off for this.
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    R5 GTT Phase 1 - 1986 Real potential...
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    Dead Rising 3

    Was this any good? Worth the dollar? Thank you please x
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    Applecare Bought From Another Country.

    Yo! Managed to secure myself Applecare (iMac) from eBay last weekend while I was extremely drunk. Didn't realise I bought it until it turned up today (looks like I paid £55 for it). Looks completely legit (sealed etc), however, it looks to be of German origin??? Million dollar question is...
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    Is This TV Knackered?

    It's a Samsung. Green appears mainly on dark backgrounds on any source (it's 100% the TV).
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    What Spec iMac!?

    New iMac, worth the cash? Will be used for general computing (office, surfing, music, email etc). Have no need for a MBP as portability isn't important (I already own an iPad and a new works laptop). I'm thinking 27", i5 2.9GHz processor, 8GB ram, 1TB Fusion. Good buy or would the base 21"...
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    Any TV Aerial Specialists About?!?

    Just wanted to ask before I post my conundrum! Anyone?!