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  1. eugegall

    Cleaning Equipment

    So, since buying my new car, I have an urge to give it a clean and I have not cleaned a car since doing the rounds at 15 years old!! Can someone help me with a list of the basics for what I need please? Some weekend I will have more time but 9/10 cleans will just be a quick 30 minute once...
  2. eugegall

    PC Anti Virus

    Evening all, Following on from my previous thread about all in one pcs. I have now got them and need to download a decent antivirus. I don't have much experience with these but will need one that doesn't slow the computer down too much and a licence over 3/4 computers. Any advice will be...
  3. eugegall

    All In One Computers

    Hi All, Can anyone offer any advice on these? I need 3 or 4 of these for work but decent ones are coming in at about £900 each. Is there a particular model to go for? HP? Dell? Acer? Also anywhere to get a multi buy discount? Cheers
  4. eugegall

    Amazing Spiderman DVD & Download FREE With Sky

    Yeah yeah its an old film. So what, its freeeee. Search for it and purchase it for free. They will also send you the DVD for free. Just a heads up.
  5. eugegall

    Which of These Two TV's?

    Hello. Need a new tv. I don't have an unlimited budget but I have shortlisted to these two. Any advise would be great. Cheers
  6. eugegall

    Sharing Photos!

    Hi all, Got married recently and have about 1000 photos. We would like to select 200/300 photos and put them into one file and to email the link with a password to the guests. What are my best options for this with a password? Thanks
  7. eugegall

    New New MacBook Pro

    To be announced on Monday. Only meant to have internal updates but I'm getting one regardless.
  8. eugegall

    Education Discount??

    Does this still work? Does anyone have the link I could use please? Thanks in advance.
  9. eugegall

    Which TV's Are The Best??

    I'm in the market for a proper decent 55/65 inch tv. I want the best picture quality but I don't understand the difference between 4K, OLED, HDR?? f**k knows. Is there a way to future proof my purchase? Any advice and links to TVs would be great. I DO NOT WANT A CURVED ONE.
  10. eugegall

    Flickr Newbie Help

    Hi All, Got fed up with how slow and unfriendly photos bucket was so deleted every image on there last week and set up a Flickr account. I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could help with. 1) When posting a picture on a forum is there a simple way to remove the link below? 2) When...
  11. eugegall

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 c**k Up

    Surprised there isnt a thread on this. They have PERMANENTLY ceased production of this phone and will not be making it ever again. They are also expected to offer full refunds for anyone who has one. Apple will be laughing their heads off all of the way to the bank...
  12. eugegall

    New iPads? Anytime Soon?

    I'm in the market for a new iPad. Any new ones due? I was expecting them this month but that doesn't look likely.
  13. eugegall

    Help With Putting A Filter Over An Image

    Hi All, I have several pictures for a website. I need an identical filter put over them so they look the exact same colour afterwards. Can you all help me with the best way to do this please? Here is an example of the an image with the filter colour i need. Thanks in advance. @Scrooge...
  14. eugegall

    When Are We Getting A New iPad Air?

    Need a new one but the current Air has been out for ages. Surely one is due soon?
  15. eugegall

    Any Decent Deals On 6S At The Moment?

    For a cash purchase or is Apple at full price the best. Silver 64gb.
  16. eugegall

    My First GoPro Advice

    What shall I get? Money no object, which will be the best. It will purely be used to film skiing, flying my plane, holidays, porn, social events, dog. s**t like that. I'm thinking Go Pro Hero4 Silver with the playback touchscreen. I like the idea of being able to see exactly what you're...
  17. eugegall

    How Do You Backup Your Laptops?

    I still manually plug mine in when I can remember to do it. I just use a 1tb WD hard drive. Is there any decent cloud based ones that just automatically do it?
  18. eugegall

    urBeats Headphones & iPhone

    Are these worth it over the standard headphones you get from apple? I've got a few trips coming up and want some decent headphones for the plan and want to hear as much as possible. The iPhone ones aren't that good on aircraft and hurt after a while...
  19. eugegall

    Sneaky Apple Product Release (Battery Related)

    This was just released apparently. Admitting their battery life is s**t? Or trying to be helpful for people on long trips who can't charge their phones?
  20. eugegall

    How To Turn Annoying Maps Thing Off?

    Every time I get in my car this pops up on my iPhone 6. Stupidly odd and annoying. Any ideas?
  21. eugegall

    Canon 700D Setup. Whats Wrong?

    Evening, Current us a Nikon J1 for work and its a very good, simple point and shoot. In auto its brilliant but the lens wasn't wide enough. Just bought a Canon 700D with a 10-18mm wide angle lens. Every time I take a photo in auto the whole image is really dark. Even if the room is bright...
  22. eugegall

    This Lens Any Good For Internal Room Photos

    Is this any good for capturing as much of a room in a normal house as possible. A friend is starting a furnishing business and wanted a cheap wide angle to get as much in tight spaces as possible. Cheers...
  23. eugegall

    Weird Internet Problem. Any Ideas?

    Hoping someone can help. Long story short - Using MBP - Always wireless - Internet doesn't work at home on Virgin Media - But internet does work at home on the Mrs MBP wirelessly - Internet works fine at work on MBP wirelessly - VM have been out and couldn't find a fault - Replaced with new...
  24. eugegall

    VPN For Holiday

    New to this so need some advice. I would like a decent VPN for my upcoming holiday to Turkey. Just to watch Netflix, Sky Go, BBC Iplayer and so on. Any advice?
  25. eugegall

    Downloading To iPad & Macbook Pro

    Going on holiday in a couple of weeks and always like to watch s**t on the odd day of bad weather or too much sun. Whats the best way to watch series and films to my device so that I can watch offline. Any ideas people? XX
  26. eugegall

    Photo Competition - April

    What happened to these? Spring Colours would be my vote for this month!!
  27. eugegall

    External Hard Drive. This Any good?

    Need a new one simply to back up my Macs every now and again. I really want one which is password protected too. This ok?
  28. eugegall

    Anyone Know This 172?

    Saw this with the CS sticker getting on the EuroTunnel in Calais yesterday.
  29. eugegall

    Sound Out of Sync

    Hi All, Have a 55inch Samsung UE8000 Also using a sky HD box The sound is regularly out of sync. Does anyone have any ideas?
  30. eugegall

    Cool Arty Photos (Probably All PS)