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  1. cat171

    Austin's OEM+ BG 182

    Proper! And I love the wheels on the wall :cool:
  2. cat171

    Clio 172 Cup seat options

    The ones in oss's car look nice! I'm not into the Mitsi Evo ones in a Clio.
  3. cat171

    My Petrol blue 182

    Fantastic! Nice purchase HAP!
  4. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    That Lancia S4's from earlier is in this pic here on PH mentioning that Goodwood FOS has been postponed. I said it gets around,
  5. cat171

    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    I was watching Bangers & Cash last night, a bloke had a Mk2 RS2000 in beige that had been in his garage for twenty odd years and it needed a full resto, and half of the engine was missing. The bloke who bought it had owned 72 RS2000's! He also had the same car (in beige) in storage in un-touched...
  6. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Looking at that Esprit, I'd say thankfully, it's not a JPS. The stripe along it isn't correct. So it's just a black car with a gold stripe.
  7. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Turns out that the red car I wasn't sure about last night was a Lotus Eclat - which coincidentally is what one of those knackered cars is posted by massivewangers. This morning I saw a boring white C reg Merc 500 SEC parked up. No pic, but quite a rare sight now. I'll get a pic up of the 2.7...
  8. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Lack of traffic seems to mean, get your classic car out :cool: I've just seen a red what could have been a Lamborghini Espada, or some sort of Lotus. A sort of beige(ish) LHD Porsche 911 Turbo on an 1980 W reg. An orange L reg 1970's 2.7 RS in RHD, I don't know if it's real, it was noisy (I have...
  9. cat171

    Clio Dimma

    That's a shame. I do love it though, I think they look ace!
  10. cat171

    Clio Dimma

    I googled your car, most of this I guess you'll already know. Mention of your car here 3/4 of the way down the page from 2008 Advert for it off of car and classic, now gone (amybe it'sthe advert from when you bought it ?) 1993...
  11. cat171

    Clio 172 ph1- black, OEM restoration.

    Wicked!!! I love a proper deep clean!
  12. cat171

    Phase 1 gt turbo

    Yeah man!! I can't wait to see this done, what a great project!! I rarely saw the Phase 1's back in the day, let alone now!!
  13. cat171

    Mk3 blower stopped working :(

    He said he'd set fire to it lo!!!:ROFLMAO:
  14. cat171

    172 Cup Restoration Progress

    Nice progress, the refurbished wheels look lovely!!
  15. cat171

    Clio 172 Flame Red Phase 2

    Nice update, my old boy (who also has a flamer, which he's had since almost new) called them lambada's when he replaced his, he never gets names right lol!!! Congrats on getting the EVO mag too :cool:
  16. cat171

    Mk3 blower stopped working :(

    I thought I'd update this, it turned into a bit of a saga! I bought the harness, gave it to him and he replaced it. It worked fine, but packed up again around Christmas time, so he barely used the car. He got round to it and found out that one of the plug holes had burnt out. The bit it plugs...
  17. cat171

    Who has an Exclusive and what number is yours?

    Holy thread bump Batman!! Number 164 is being auctioned on the 28th of this month. It's on nearly 48k miles. Apart from that there are some cracking looking motors there :cool...
  18. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    I'd have loved an Acid Vee! At one point there were two for sale, one was up on miles and the other was a bit neglected. Neither were for me :(
  19. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    I forgot that I saw a Ferrari with the new car / crazy pattern sticky sheet stuff all over it last week. It had two geezers in it and it wasn't hanging around. I suspect it was a new model being tested as I doubt they'd deliver someone's new car that way.
  20. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Double click on it, it comes up normally. It's a picture of that S4.
  21. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread
  22. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    I just googled the reg of that S4, it gets about a bit!! In one pic it's plain red!
  23. cat171

    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    I saw a blue Mk3 Focus RS on Friday night with a stripe or some s**t across the bonnet. He also had a colour coded roof box on it, also with a matching stripe. He looked like a f**king twonk!! Still, I bet all of his gel badge mates w**k him off for it!
  24. cat171

    Noob question, replacing xenon lights

    Cheers, nah probably won't be able to do it without removing it (no doubt I'll get called in to do it lol)
  25. cat171

    Unimpressed by 182, what do you love about it?

    Lolz at one being that old & still on the original cambelt. FML!! Mmmm crispy!!
  26. cat171

    Noob question, replacing xenon lights

    Thread bump time, Got the same on my dads Phase 2 172, found out over the weekend that the drivers side bulb has gone pink. What bulbs are we buying to replace them with ? Is it deffo a bumper off job ??
  27. cat171

    Big Steve's RB Clio 182 Cup Restoration

    This is proper!! I'm loving this resto!
  28. cat171

    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    I've seen a Pumaspeed wide arched Fiesta knocking around. It kind of looks like this car, but blue with a couple of white stripes down the side. It's kind of funky, but kind of s**t at the same time! I also saw a J Reg burgundy Mk5 Escort convertible last night on Escort GTI five spokes with...
  29. cat171

    106 turbo winter project

    The engine bay before, I do wonder what some people are thinking!? It's miles better now!!!
  30. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    I think they look fantastic!