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    Rainbow six siege.

    Not a lot of hype for this game? Trailers and reviews look amazing, a mates been playing this on beta ? And his review was " brilliant, puts cod to shame" I've downloaded it and ready tomorrow.
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    The Russian goes German

    Well the Megane has gone. Hated seeing it drive away :( such a great car from the 1st day of ownership with a few little niggles thrown in. Because it all happened so quick I really didn't know what I wanted, well i did, I wanted Dans 525i touring, it looked lovely perfect for me but the...
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    Gymkhana 7. Wild in the street

    1965 Ford Mustang. 850bhp Awd. He's one cool bæstard and that car is sensational. @DaveDreads, this one would be zombie apocalypse car.
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    Movie box Click the green download. Wallah. All the new movies via the app.
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    Long time needed, 225 cup cleaned.

    I've literally not washed this car since Scrooge detailed back end of May and with being in a pot (cast Rich,) for the last 5 week it was starting to get pissed off so I whipped all the gear out and cracked on. What I used. G101 shuts sills Bilberry wheel cleaner & Vikan brush Auto finesse...
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    Jacob's Inferno 225 Cup

    Decided to clean the inferno after my 1st week of ownership and 650miles on the clock. Literally just did: Bilberry on the wheels Snow foamed Washed with gtechnic g-wash Dried. Will probably do a full detail later on but Scrooge Maybe having the pleasure:) Dat ass Clean pipes...
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    My mrs 1.2 runaround detail / auto finesse sample.

    This is part 1 of the process in preparation for the winter detail ready for the rough wintery time ahead of us. Here is Some before pictures of the car ( wheels trims missing due to me taking them of and throwing them, b**ch be hitting curbs!!) So the process of today was just rid the...
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    Ph1 dyno power run.

    Had my car on the dyno near my house as I was curious of the power, seen as its 13yrs old I'd see what power it makes. I took it to Peter burgess across road from my house, him and Keith are really great guys, not that fond of modern cars as they like to tune old mg's/ rovers. They also forge...
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    Scottrallye's induction kit write up.

    Thought I'd give this a little write up to how I feel about the kit I ordered from Scott. Reason why I bought ; After deciding to sell the throttle bodies I bought of Fraser and fitting the smaller polo rad early due to a coolant leak and not being able to fit the ph1 airbox back due the...
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    A few from BTCC Donnington 2013

    Untitled by jacob clarke_MG_0097 by jacob clarke_MG_0096 by jacob clarke_MG_0095 by jacob clarke
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    Jacob's titanium ph1

    Oh hai :) Right were do I begin. After a good long talk to myself and works slacking off a bit I decided to sell me Megane 225, It hurt me to sell her after I'd spent a fair whack of money on her to get her where she was today...cheeky pic It was a really good, quick practical car for me and...
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    iPhone 6 real or fake Discuss... I think it looks awesome but not sure If its real?!? Delete of there is a thread already.
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    Not sure which thread to put this in?!? Thought you guys might be interested, as there is always someone putting a "what car should I buy thread up" I don't know him but he's just put it up on Meganesport forum, as he wants a 225/r26...
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    Photoshop me wheels please :)

    Hi could one of you photoshop wizards photoshop my wheels in the r26.r red please, and in white, dark anthracite. Thank you kindly. I have no side pics well no good ones :( example :)
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    Peacock/anchor this Thursday 27/9/12

    Having a meet with a few lads and would be nice to see members of the cliosport side:) the more the merrier :) peacock/anchor oakerthorpe this THURS 27/9/12 see you there
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    My lovely 182 gone :(and replaced with ph1 225:)

    Well after 5 Brilliant months of ownership with my arctic 182 it sadly comes to an end. The 182 is a fantastic car and it really suprised how well it handled and shifted, its one of the best cars I've owned with how cheap it was to run and modify, and will definitely buy another in the...
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    How much can be made breaking a ff182?? Help please

    Right guys seen as the "cute girl with Clio Kart racing look at me with ah omid" thread has gone, I will be posting this up for some serious talk. My car has been declared total loss (write off) even tho its not bad at all :(and have been wracking my brains out whether to sell as she is or...
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    Hit from behind yesterday :(

    Got rear ended yesterday, goin to a bodyshop later to get a quote of the damage. Heres a couple of pics
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    Air con really stinks??

    Just put the air con on and it's giving of a right musty horrible smell? Anyone got any ideas? Jacob
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    Normal 182 wheel bolts please

    I need 5 wheel bolts to fit 182 cup alloys, if any kind gentlemen would like to help me out. Thanks In advance Jacob
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    My Uno huit Deux arctic new wheels and springs :)

    Well after taking delivery of my springs last week and buying a new set of cup alloys finished in a darker anthracite, me and Gray decided to take a couple of hours out of this day and tried to crack on with it. 8.30am cuppa and bacon Sandwich 8.45am "these b*****d top mounts aren't budging"...
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    Right for the last couple of days prior to putting my springs on I've soaked the top mounts with wd every night, but they are amazing tight and not budging to the fact my Allen key is starting to bend( probably poorly made) but no sign of loosening. Any one have any knowledge and easier...
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    Arctic blue 182 in alfreton

    Seen you at nms (ford tuning place ) in alfreton looked low and clean. Anyone on here?
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    Bg 1*2 B2***

    Spotted in belper carpark, needs a good clean. ;)
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    Best bit of beading I've seen so far.

    Woke up to find my arctic looking like this, the products I use do pay off. Here you go folks what you think.
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    a few from FCS ;)

    sorry guys new to flickr so unsure how to upload the images hope you like.
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    Spotted Sunflower 172

    Spotted a sunflower plastered with frog Motorsport graphics in Alfreton. Look really good.
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    Preporation details for are you prepping your car.

    Just a thread to see what kind of preparations you are doing for the French car show. Snow foam wash De-tar iron-x clay Wolfs shine and seal followed by wolfs BW. Wheels of cleaned with bilberry and poor boys sealant. New sprayed badges fitted (rear diamond depending) New 3/4 plates...
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    My 1st attempt at spraying bullets, badge and gear knob insert

    Thought I'd post up and thread of what I've done, .Sanded down using various grit paper .primed using grey primer .sprayed using Peugeot steel grey. I must say I'm over the moon with the turn out. Heres the pics C+C Welcome Hope you like
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    i want wheels powdercoated but what colour ??? help please.

    hi gentlemen i have a arctic blue 182 and want my wheels powdercoated, they are currently anthracite atm,but would like them a really nice silver if thats possible as well as bullets and diamonds because their currently black, i need a new front badge completely as the lad who had the car...