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    auto finesse deal

    eurocarparts have an offer on at present and with the discount code it takes a 5l tub of auto finesse avalanche from £30 to £20 ish depending on the code oh and free delivery may be of use to some :up:
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    auto finesse deal

    eurocarparts have an offer on at present and with the discount code it takes a 5l tub of auto finesse avalanche from £30 to £20 ish depending on the code oh and free delivery may be of use to some :up:
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    detailers hull area

    Hi all did a few google searches but would be good to get your opinions. Does anyone know of any detailers in the hull area ? a garage managed to make a hash of my friends car and it needs correction . thanks in advance
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    spare needed

    its not for a clio but for a toyota. its for a friends dad thought a quick thread might help. its a 2008 the pcd etc is as follows I have been told : 5 x 114.3 ET 45 and the standard size is 17" . he just wants to get rid of the tyre repair for a proper wheel. if anyone knows anywhere or maybe...
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    looks like a minter

    MK1? always like to see old cars looking better than alot of more modern ones...
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    New Trophy

    My brother decided to get a clio so I took it for a few shots and here she is. I did not expect it to be as good as it is handling and feel wise, bloody brilliant cars
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    My EP3 up from hibernation

    Had this for a while but it has been tucked away over winter, got it out and gave it a well deserved bath. 2 bucket method , washed twice, agsrp twice and sealed with auto glym wax for now until I have more time to do more. EP3 milano red anniversary mods : Tein suspension mugen racing...
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    sky help

    does anyone know of any deals or codes to get the best deal? trying to help my folks out and I know nothing about them thanks in advance
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    astra 2.2 SRI

    looking at these as a daily runner anyone had one ?
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    clio dynamique dci 100

    does anyone own one as this one looks like a really good one! read the old threads just wanted to know is the price right etc?
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    £35000+ spent on this Gti6

    well here it is.....
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    oddest bike crash's

    was sent this link not sure if its been here before but several crash's from one. oh and I think mika was a bad choice
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    LY French v6

    Pretty much loved every bit of this car, very subtle changes that suited the LY perfectly
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    Love this advert!!! hopefully not a repost
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    Too good to be true?

    found this its along way from me but might be worth a trip
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    anyone in the know

    has anyone had one a good friend has his heart set one one. I have heard they are quick looks like a sleeper. anyway any help would be great
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    Veyron body kit?

    well kind of
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    Is this engine a good price?

    as title, a friend is selling this engine and i just wondered if anyone on here knows much about them ? if its over priced or if its about right? thanks in advance
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    best place to sell

    got a two month old fish eye but apart from ebay any other ideas ? maybe a more specialised forum any of you guys might know of thanks
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    found a few nice cars in alien/porsche green anyone else seen any good ones?
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    RB Mustang

    possible re post but if anyone has a few pics of this car in this colour please post them up x
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    Stillen GT R

    Impressive thing did search incase its a dreaded repost
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    help on a track car

    first off sorry if this is in the wrong section. Trying to find a good track day car something fun but quick also. budget £30,000 if anyone has a picture of possible cars please post them. thanks guys. was thinking clio v6 supercharged
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    200 request

    Saw a Racing Blue 200 today with black gloss wheels and the cup spoiler anyone on here got one if so post a few pics interior also very tempted to trade in
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    Pictures of useless stupid additions on a car

    Saw these on an astra 1.4 quizzed the owner who said stops the wipers flying off . I dont know what he was thinking
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    what do you think to this? :dead:
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    M5 loon

    Saw this yesterday they get worse the further into the video you watch
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    Many rb 197 cup's?

    just wondered how many there were as i havent seen one yet. if anyone has one a few pics please