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    MK3: Lights come on when indicating!

    Urgh, I hate french electrics. When I indicate right the headlights flash on for a split second. I feel like a right plonker driving around town flashing everyone :dapprove: Indicating left is fine though! I was posting here in the hope someone knows a DIY fix (maybe some kind of switch is...
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    Nutter following clio

    WARNING: Naughty language :o That clio belong to anyone off here ? flol :p
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    Rockingham today

    Spotted the burpspeed crew! I was a bit too shy to come and say hi :o Also spotted an inferno 182 with a CS sticker in the back. Had jamsport stickers all over it. Also a gold? PH1 with a CS sticker in the back in the car park.
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    Office 2013 activation

    I'm the guy at work who builds the PCs for our company. I've made a system image for Windows 7 with Office 2010 preloaded on it. 1) Restore the image to a new PC 2) Activate windows/office 3) Done Now we have Office 2013 I cannot work out how to activate it WITHOUT making a Microsoft account...
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    Headlight washers and MOT

    I heard that people last year only got advisories for non working headlight washers as some legal stuff wasn't implemented yet, now it's 2013 has this now changed to a fail or is it still an advisory ? As you can guess mine don't work lol :dapprove:
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    Battery fault ? (Dan@519)

    Car wouldnt start today, just had a clicking sound from the relay (tried starting it for around 30mins!) when the key was turned. Called out RAC who then took the keys out of my hand to start it and it started perfectly first go!! pff!! :mad: He then checked the battery and he said it was in...
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    B&Q Kettering

    Spotted about 10mins ago, was needing some ant powder so was on my way to B&Q lol. Was a RB 182 with recaros! :eek: following an iceberg silver 182. Saw you both on my way to B&Q and again when I was coming out lol. (Was walking)
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    Blue 172 A43

    Blue(?) 172 spotted this morning at about 8:25AM. Saw the cliosport sticker in the back window. You flashed me with your hazards :) Overtook you when you got stuck on that crappy roundabout, hate that one in the mornings :dead:
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    BG 182 - A43 towards Geddington

    Spotted just now! Waved to me, only noticed at the last moment so just managed to wave back :S If you are on here what have you done to your car ? Same as mine but yours looked so much better :dapprove: Didn't get chance to look it over :o
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    Trophy Asda Corby

    Just spotted a trophy at Asda car park in corby. I was sat in my BG 182 having my lunch, sorry for staring at you as I was quite jealous! :o Reg was: M2 ***
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    Speakers crackling

    Hey all, I'm a massive audio noob btw. On low volume say, 5-10 my speakers sound perfect. When I need to turn up the volume to about number 16-17 because I'm on the motorway my speakers crackle like mad!! especially if it's something with base. I have no idea where to go with this, sounds like...
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    Newbie: Dull finish

    I'm a detailing newbie,and was wondering if I could get some help with my really dull black gold 182. Just purchased some Poorboys black hole and poorboys nattys blue paste wax for my new BG 182 and whenever I've finished the wash it's always dull looking, doesn't really have a shine. Well it...
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    Kettering leisure village

    Spotted just now going towards the gym ? Black 182 FF with CS stickers in the side windows. Sounded awesome, had a nice deep rumble to it. Can't bloody remember the reg :/
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    182 Seat height for passenger

    Hey all, I was wondering if the passenger seat in a FF 182 can be height adjusted ? Went for a test drive in one, and my other half is only 5ft 3 her head was nearly touching the roof :dead: I'm hoping it was just a bad example, probably a broken example lol. I did a quick search and found the...
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    New sexy girl here...

    ...nah not really I'm actually a hairy bloke. Wonder what the view count will be on this thread :rasp: Just thought I would say hello as I'm looking into getting a FF 182. I currently have a lovely BMW 3 series 3.0l coupe m sport! Trouble is money is getting tight and with my kind of car...