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    Clio Mk3 washer jet not working

    Hi So a my washers seem to have stopped working. I've filled them up and no luck. When I pull back the stalk a little comes out of the right one, but not enough to reach the screen and nothing out of the left. I can hear the motor, one thing that is strange, if i twist the stalk for it to wash...
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    STOLEN Clio 200 Gordini

    My friends Clio RS has been stolen in Wednesbury, west midlands yesterday (8/3/18) It is a Gordini so it is quite unique so it has a few stand out features that will hopefully make it stand out more; white details, no white stripes as seen on many Gordinis, built in TomTom (quite rare on...
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    Interior light change

    Hi, I've tried to change the lights on the interior but they are not budging. The middle one seemed easy but the outer two won't come out, I've used pliers, taken the section out to try pushing them out from behind, but I can't due to the little metal conductor. This may sound stupid but it's a...