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    Nimbus Silver 197, Bracknell

    Spotted this morning on the way to work probably 8ish next to the big Mercedes garage, looked real nice... Def wasn't @Typhoon
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    Loudest Exhaust noise!

    Hi Chaps, There is something seriously wrong with my exhaust on the 197, I drove it home and it was fine, then the next time I started it up it sounded like the car was underwater and spluttered (blowing) badly when setting off, only happened in 1st gear and a little in second then after when...
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    New Member and Owner

    Hi Guys, New owner of a 197, totally in love with the car. R eally impressed with all the info on here and given me ideas of what to do with the car. Thinking of heading to french car show in a couple of weeks just wanted to know what to expect and if anyone else would be displaying with this...