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    What's the worst car you have owned and why?

    I see a few people hating the civic ep3! Add me to the list lol. Only because it was a lemon with everything going wrong! Only had it a month before I sold it for what I bought it for. LOVED the gearbox/engine though.
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    New Family Bus - Mk3 Octavia vRS

    Awesome, would love one of these. Well done!
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    Rob_SRi NA/T Supra Build + Restoration..

    Awesome, just awesome. Makes looking at all these clio pictures on here seem like a waste of time. If I won the lottery a turbo supra would be my first buy I think :P
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    My R53 Mini Cooper S.

    A quick question!! The R53s have 6 gears right ? Was just wondering at what RPM you are at around 70mph in 6th ? I know it's a wierd question lol :o
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    South Park: Stick of Truth

    One of the best games I've ever played!!! So funny. I'll try and not spoil it, but my favorite bit was when you become small and see your parents doing stuff. People who have played this bit will know what I'm on about. Loved that entire scene :o
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    Wednesday Waxathon BIG PRIZE...

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    My R53 Mini Cooper S.

    Looks lovely! :)
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    New Wednesday New Waxathon!!!

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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Nooooo don't say that :o . I have LTC that I bought at $10, but tempted to convert them over to BTC tbh! I need more monnies!
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    Ward's car history

    Lol, I recognize that picture with the water. Geddington is a nice place :)
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    MK3: Lights come on when indicating!

    Urgh, I hate french electrics. When I indicate right the headlights flash on for a split second. I feel like a right plonker driving around town flashing everyone :dapprove: Indicating left is fine though! I was posting here in the hope someone knows a DIY fix (maybe some kind of switch is...
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    Stealthy clio is no more.. Head on crash :(

    OMG! awesome! glad you finally managed to get one :) I need to own a supra at some stage in my life!
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    M3 race car parked up in sainsburys?!

    I got all excited when I saw the thread title...I AM DISSAPOINT!
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    Car tax

    My tax is £30 for the year lololol :cool:
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    Updated pics of my replica 172

    Looks great! Oh just a quick question if I may. What colours are the same between the non sport Clios and the 172s ? I think it's only flame read and pearl black like yours ?
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    My DCI

    Sorry I'm a bit thick! but what is this billabong edition thing ? :o Whats the difference ?
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    New Wednesday Waxathon!

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    Long shot... Pokemon?

    FFS! I'm now downloading the ROM/emulator. I REALLY hate you lot :o edit: The old GBA versions I mean ;)
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    Long shot... Pokemon?

    Yeah same here. Was my favorite game as a kid. I would just be a laughing stock if I was caught playing it at my age :(
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    Clio mk2 dci 65,80 or 100?

    Everyone normally says the 80 is the best as it's the most economical. I'll be watching this thread as I'm thinking about getting one too! :)
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    Flame Red DCi 172 Rep.

    Such an awesome car. I'm looking into getting a DCI to save money but all I can find are the 65's in my area! Hopefully I can find a nice flame red 80 and turn it in to an amazing car like yours! It will feel a tad slow coming from a 182/Civic type-r flol.
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    My New Blue Oval Project...

    Gally, in the OP you said you are getting 40mpg+ , I take it this your average mpg ? If so *goes to browse the PH classifieds*
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    Honda civic type r

    How much did you guys pick up the AEM V2 for ? Just wondering what they go for 2nd hand ;)
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    172 to civic type r

    Re: 172 too civic type r Yeah I agree lol. Type-r-owners seems to be a nicer place :)
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    Win free detailing goodies in the Waxathon

    Yay CS won!! Was getting tired of bookface people winning.