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  1. boomerbang2006

    Clio 200 question

    Hi guys I've been to look at a clio 200 today as I'm spending too much on the ph1 and I'm looking for a more reliable question is as I've lifted the bonnet while the engine was running I felt a rush of air on the right hand this normal.
  2. boomerbang2006

    Car history check please

    Hi..does anyone know the history of a clio 200 reg ...SM10 XXL please..nothing in the paperwork says its had a cam belt change...any info would be much appreciated..thanks.
  3. boomerbang2006

    Btcc Donington

    Just a general shout out as I'll be going to this at the end of the month if anyone wants to arrive/drive up together then let me know.
  4. boomerbang2006

    Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club

    As the title says..I'll be attending this Sunday and taking my grandson for a hopefully nice day out...Would be good to park in the bays with a few other ph1's...or ph2'
  5. boomerbang2006

    Back in a ph1

    I pick her up on Saturday..147k..belts done at 139k..alloys are pretty good,hankooks all round.. aluminium bonnet... brilliant
  6. boomerbang2006

    Radio Code

    Hello, Not quiet sure this is the right thread but does anyone know a radio code for my ford mondeo 6000 cd...serial number is V033396....Muchos gratias...
  7. boomerbang2006

    My ph1 in odyssey

    Phoned a dealer today to part ex my clio against a volvo t5 and was surprised that he only offered £120 off the list price.I was expecting at the very least £400..yes its 16 years old and yes its got 143k milage and the odd small dent but was dissapointed on the price.I had to cancel the...
  8. boomerbang2006

    Apologies but in need of help

    Hello all,......I know this isnt the place to ask this but i`m only left with this option at the moment.Does any one know of a sprayer who will colour my bonnet to odyssey blue(d44)...i only need the top half doing as i can colour the underside anytime..i have got cash waiting(about £100) and...
  9. boomerbang2006

    Donington Park Btcc 16-17 Apr 2016

    Hello....Anyone going to the sundays races and want to arrive in a convoy...I`m coming from Walsall so will be doing the a38 route up..will be arriving about half 8 with the other half. Just thought it would be good to arrive and park together,then separate our ways once we get inside the venue.
  10. boomerbang2006

    Holidaying In St Agnes

    Me the mrs and our chocolate lab will be in st agnes cornwall from this saturday(26/09/15)for the week...keep a look out for a lost clio 172 ph1
  11. boomerbang2006

    Ph1 Outer Front Arb Bushes

    Hello.....Just a quick request,i`m needing some outer front arb bushes for the ph1 but i`m unsure about sizing as the middle bushes are different to the outer ones....Any help with inner and outer would be a great help...thanks in advance.
  12. boomerbang2006

    Btcc Donington Park 18/19th April

    Hello......Anyone going on the sunday?? and the mrs are travelling from jct10/m6..would be good to drive in a convoy and park next to each other...
  13. boomerbang2006

    Brean Stages Rally 24/25th jan

    This weekend at brean leisure park...costs £5 entry,and £5 to park....gates open at 8am.According to the website there are 109 entries currently,ranging from evo`s/subaru`s/escorts/peugeots....but no clio`s:sob:.I`ll be going on the sunday as i feel the need to run the car for more than 20...
  14. boomerbang2006

    Clio ph1 Looking good?

    Ok....cant afford to get the bonnet resprayed so ive spent £8 on some wing mirrors to give it some sort of match?...What do people think.
  15. boomerbang2006

    Can I Get £1000 for my clio 172?

    Right...ive been considering selling my clio for ages now and i was thinking who better would know than you lot.Here are some of the details of the car so you can have a educated guess. Odyssey blue 5 ozf1`s all with some scuffs 2 new hankooks on front,michelin and budget on back all with loads...
  16. boomerbang2006

    Drive and camp to Normandie....France.

    Leaving Portsmouth for the 6 hr sail to ouistreham/caen. Au revoir England Wife posing... Bonjour France... Just a small stop off on the way to do the talking.. Home for a week.... The next day,we went to Sword beach,D-day landing site for the british......Very...
  17. boomerbang2006

    Headlight Benders

    Hello,i`m off to france on monday and ive bought the headlight benders as its law to have them,But!!!......there is no information on the paperwork for phase 1 projector headlight for fitting......anyone know exactly where they go??.....any help will be appreciated.;)
  18. boomerbang2006

    Btcc Donington Park 19/20 April

    Hi,is anyone else on here going to this??..We will be there(me mrs stepson step-grandson)...just going on the sunday,looking forward to seeing the new clio 200 turbo`s racing....see if i like them or not.Going in my ph1 odyssey with titanium silver bonnet if you spot me.
  19. boomerbang2006

    Black 197/200 Donington Park Circuit 16/02/2014

    Stripped out track toy,going round the track with a load of caterhams,mr2`s,racing vw Beetle`s..
  20. boomerbang2006

    Red Kite Rally Wales 1/2 Feb

    Red kite rally this weekend,llandovery the start town then two spectator stages just up the road...go to the redkite website for more details.Look out for a oddyssey ph1 parked somewhere near the stages sunday morning.
  21. boomerbang2006

    Rally in Brean 25/26th jan 14

    Does anyone know if this rally is on this weekend???,the phone number i have no-one is answering and i have conflicting dates on the website.
  22. boomerbang2006

    Clio mk2 Lexan Polycarbonate Windows x4 Hope this link works..And it you can see they were bought for £170.....i dont want to lose money so no offers please.....can deliver to a 40 mile radius of jct 10.M6.
  23. boomerbang2006

    A511 Clio 172 Near Ashby

    I was in the ph1 odyssey 172,flashed you and you waved back.....looks like you had a yozza or similar.
  24. boomerbang2006

    Polycarbonate Windows To A Roadcar?

    As the title says really,bought a set of door and quarter windows for the clio 172 and was wondering if they infringe the mot or are illegal for my roadcar.They are MSA approved type with the sliding window.....if they are illegal they will be up for sale soon.
  25. boomerbang2006

    Upper Manifold

    Would an upper manifold for a ph2 172 still fit a ph1....obviously the throttle body is different but is anything else??? A quick response would make me very grateful as i have seen a ported one very cheap.....thanks.
  26. boomerbang2006

    Leon And Boomer Dont Build Sandcastles

  27. boomerbang2006

    Mid Wales Camping Trip

    ​There are some random pics here....The spec in the sky was a wave of 4 F15`s flying over the camp site and down the valleys...awesome sound.
  28. boomerbang2006

    Donington BTCC 13th/14th April 2013

    Me and the mrs are going to this on sunday...first time seeing the BTCC and really looking forward to this.If anyone else is going keep a look out for a odyssey 172 should get there about 8.45am....It is fairly cheap too,£25 per person on the gate...and obviously you get to see several race...
  29. boomerbang2006

    James Dixon

    Hello,Does anyone know what he`s doing at the moment,he was driving for scuderia vittoria last year in the clio cup uk championships,but he`s not this year.......Was just wondering where he is as i met him once at 2011 cliosport saturday?
  30. boomerbang2006

    Newtown Historic/Classic Car Rally

    As the title says really,its on this sunday 3rd march,i know it starts from the town of Newtown in mid wales but as yet nothing has been posted on the website......anyone going or been in the past.