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  1. The Hoff

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles] add me. Built a new PC this year for the first time in like a decade, really enjoying getting back in to PC gaming, it's moved on a lot! Partly got in to it as my mate showed me Star Citizen... immediately went shopping! Ryzen 1700 Asus...
  2. The Hoff

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    I bought one of these, ended up complaining to Amazon last night about some store credit offer they had listed (it expired in June, but they still listed it), told them I was sending it back as I was after the credit, gave me £80 in gift cards to shut me up. It's great tech though, was playing...
  3. The Hoff

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Any of you group up on duo/squads? I'd be well up for a game with folk - Steam profile is here if anybody wants to add me? I'm about probably 4-5 nights a week at some stage:
  4. The Hoff

    Back... Any of the old gang still kicking about?

    Haven't been here in like a decade. I was spotted on another forum (HUKD) using the same name and reminded of my CS addiction of old. Anyway, just a quick message to say "Hi" to any of the old forum users that used to make life so interesting around here. Hope everyone is doing well and their...
  5. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    Do you actually have a Touchpad Tom?
  6. The Hoff

    New Speakers

    Daz, you're suggesting that you cannot use superlatives if a product isn't the very best on the market? You CAN have 'excellent' products that cost £200, they're usually the ones that sound better than others at £500. AV equipment is fickle, if you want real VFM get some decent second hand kit...
  7. The Hoff

    Show Your Home Theater

    Lounge: Sony KDL-40NX503 KEF Cresta 2 Sonos ZP90 CA A5 BT Vision Man Cave: Optoma HD700X Onkyo SR603 AVR Sonos ZP90 Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 HP Miniserver/NAS PS3 Love my man cave, love my Sonos <3
  8. The Hoff

    Anyone use a projector rather than a TV

    I've got an AV room, HD600X with Boston Acoustics 5.1 through an Onkyo NR609, I use it purely for movies and gaming via PS3... it's fantastic! That said, I wouldn't use it for normal viewing. You need an unlit room otherwise the contrast reduces pretty quickly. I can certainly recommend the...
  9. The Hoff

    Finally its here - Nokia N9

    Read it again, and then once more... nope, still not reading it any other way than "what the fk were they thinking going with Windows!"
  10. The Hoff

    Finally its here - Nokia N9

    It's Meego, not Windows... :nono: The N9 is about 12 months behind the competition, it's going to sell about 7 units worldwide. The biggest mistake they've made was releasing the N8 with Symbian, if it had been Android or WP7 they'd have sold them by the bucket - I'd have had one just for the...
  11. The Hoff

    [PC/PS3/XB360] Battlefield 3 Official Thread

    Part of me really isn't a fan of BF3. I played the beta and whilst I appreciate it's a step forward in terms of realism and simulating a warzone, it seems to just lack the simplicity and fun factor that BFBC2 has in spades. My biggest gripe (and I know many won't agree) is the fact you can go...
  12. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    Time to update: WebOS: 3.0.4 Cyanogen: Alpha 2.1 -
  13. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    You can see the Google code issue list, battery drain has already been fixed for release in Alpha 2. For the full Market you'll need to install the market fix, otherwise many of the apps will be filtered. HP released WebOS 3.0.4 yesterday too, lots of great changes and worth an update. If...
  14. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    Apparently HP are making more of these temporarily. Stock allegedly available from the end of October. HP have also announced that they will be pushing out an OTA update which will add a host of new features.
  15. The Hoff

    [PC/PS3/XB360] Battlefield 3 Official Thread

    The video Geddes posted (to me) looks shite from a gameplay POV, no liking that at all... but could just be the level design. The video J0sh has posted looks sweet as though, everything I love about BF2 is there. Still not 100% sure on this proning though... can imagine it getting a pure campathon!
  16. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    I'm also very very happy with it. I couldn't ever justify spending £400+ on a tablet, however, if they can make usable tabs for £200 I can see them flying off of the shelves. Cyanogen have a working alpha of Gingerbread on the TP now, they're working on a dual boot between Android/WebOS...
  17. The Hoff

    OSX Lion Thread

    It's an 11" base spec with 128gb. Ta
  18. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    The reviews were mixed. The FW it was launched with (3.0.0) suffered from a few issues - mainly performance related. Gladly, the latest version fixes much of that. Fairly sure performance wise there's not much in it between this and the iPad 2. Then when OC'd I'd imagine this is quicker still...
  19. The Hoff

    OSX Lion Thread

    Anybody used this on a 2010 MBA? Was going to update it, but after reading the reviews on iTunes I decided to hold off. Thoughts?
  20. The Hoff

    [PC/PS3/XB360] Battlefield 3 Official Thread

    Another Yank with no geographical knowledge, at all. Capsian? lol
  21. The Hoff

    Bt vision unlimited

    I use it. Unlimited + SS1 & 2. Only negative for me is that it's not FreeviewHD. Aside from that, it was the cheapest and least contractually binding way to receive Sports (1 month contract), and I definitely didn't want to give Sky any cash!
  22. The Hoff

    HP Web OS devices.

    I managed to get two 32GB Touchpads from CPW after trying Comet, Currys, PCW, Amazon, Bestbuy... most of the sites went down and then Amazon decided to cancel all orders. Thankfully CPW pulled through for a change. For anyone that's got one, update it to 3.0.2, then get Preware on it. There are...
  23. The Hoff

    Contract opportunity - London - Contains work...

    If driving a Megane and living alone in a pokey flat is all I have to aspire to, I should get out of IT I suspect DK. Maybe you should PM me about the positions ;)
  24. The Hoff

    Contract opportunity - London - Contains work...

    Thanks for reviewing of the position you know absolutely nothing about DK. :rolleyes:
  25. The Hoff


    Just me or does this look fking terrible?
  26. The Hoff

    Contract opportunity - London - Contains work...

    Happy to fill in with detail via PM, as per OP. But essentially, yes, whilst I can't promise it will run past 3 months, I'd be very very surprised if they manage to get the project completed on time. It's a huge project and I'd anticipate it running for a while yet... £65,000pa / £250 a day...
  27. The Hoff

    Contract opportunity - London - Contains work...

    I started a new contract at the BBC last week, we're looking for 4 more candidates to join the project. Ultimately it's a W7 deployment project, but with a lot more in addition. If anybody is looking for a 3 month (probably more) contract, and can commute to White City easily drop me a PM...
  28. The Hoff

    Apple TV any good?

    Get a better BD player!
  29. The Hoff

    Best 2.1 system for under £150?

    Normally wouldn't recommend Bose, but you could do a lot worse than getting some Bose Companion's, you may need to increase the budget slightly though! Otherwise, take a look at some of the Edifier stuff.
  30. The Hoff

    Windows Phone 7 or iPhone

    WP7 is a POS, had some demo units at work for enterprise eval. They need another year of development to be anywhere near the market leaders.