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  1. Josh-197

    few more pics

    that looks spot on mate, love it :)
  2. Josh-197

    Another Wednesday Waxathon.....

  3. Josh-197

    Late in the day Wednesday Waxathon

    Re: Late in the day Wednesday Waxathon...... 410
  4. Josh-197

    Recaro Trendlines - £1,666.66 (Guess who)

    This is the reply i got when I offerd him £800 and he turned it down, i just said good luck with the sale but they sell for around that price on the forums. "Dear joshbray1991, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah we know that, just like sayin u can get a loaf ov bread frm aldi budget buyers...
  5. Josh-197

    Auto Finesse Wednesday Waxathon

  6. Josh-197

    Exhaust for 197 with a 200 diffuser

    when i had an exhaust on it i had a 200 exhaust, the only differance in a 197 and a 200 exhaust is the 197 system has slash cut tips.
  7. Josh-197

    Easter Special Waxathon

  8. Josh-197

    Just picked up my 197

    im glad to see your enjoying the car mate, ill keep a look out for any updates :)
  9. Josh-197

    Project OCD Inferno

    yeah im sure it is :) yeah the one in essex in racing blue full fat with a ktec exhaust :) we will have to have a good drive one weekend i need to see what these 182s are like aha
  10. Josh-197

    Project OCD Inferno

    aha i love the colour. yeah see you tomorrow its a sad day for me watching my pride and joy drive away, im the upside im picking my 182 up :)
  11. Josh-197

    Project OCD Inferno

    looks really nice mate i like what you are doin :)
  12. Josh-197

    Speed Awareness Course

    i did this corse last wednesday and i asked if i had to inform my insurance and he said "im not telling you to lie if your insurance asks but the insurance companys DO NOT have access to our dater base"
  13. Josh-197

    Kchristmas in Mexborough?

    Kchristman im sure i have seen you around asda near dalton, car looks well by the way :)
  14. Josh-197

    mk3 on porsche wheels!

    Looks well mate, were the recaros a straight fit?
  15. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    Cheers fellas. I think turini's look good on anything to be honest.
  16. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    haha thanks James I love them
  17. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    Thanks mate I'm not to sure as I do love an ag 200 and probly would sell my 197 if the right one came Along. Thanks Dave. yeah the skirts are abit marmite and yeah it's a 200 diffuser. Cheers Ry each to there own these alloys won't be everyone's cup of tea. Cheers buddy Thanks Ron, you can...
  18. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    thanks buddy, this will be the last black car i own they are so hard to keep. cheers feirny cheers james you will be able to have a look when we meet up im clueless when it comes to camber. thanks fella cheers buddy, what were you exspecting?
  19. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    thanks for the nice comments fellas. funny you should mention spacers i have jsut sold a set of 25mil h&rs as i dint think it needed them. Knuckles positive camber? its only lowerd on h&rs.
  20. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    Got myself some new alloys last night thanks to ashtons99, I love them and think they have transformed the car.these are just some quick photos taken on my iPhone I will try and get some better ones up when I can.
  21. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    thanks for the idea but im getting them sprayed Anthracite or getting some 18inch speedlines turnises. Cheers but cup spoiler all the way :)
  22. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    yeah i think your right red may be abit in your face aswell. thanks buddy :)
  23. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    funny you should say that alot of people on said the same ill have to get it photshoped
  24. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    thanks fellas, i like the black idea but im not a fan of black on black i think it hides the alloys. and rich i live in thrybergh across from the golf corse, and its british weather for you always rains after i clean mine.
  25. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    cheers lads :) and yeah kangoo i have be thinking of having them done in Anthracite ill have to get a photo shop.
  26. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    It's been a nice day today and I had abit of time on may hands so I gave her a quick clean. The alloys are going in for a respray when i decide on a colour, but that's if I don't buy some oz ultras. Thanks for looking :)