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  1. The Hoff

    Back... Any of the old gang still kicking about?

    Haven't been here in like a decade. I was spotted on another forum (HUKD) using the same name and reminded of my CS addiction of old. Anyway, just a quick message to say "Hi" to any of the old forum users that used to make life so interesting around here. Hope everyone is doing well and their...
  2. The Hoff

    Contract opportunity - London - Contains work...

    I started a new contract at the BBC last week, we're looking for 4 more candidates to join the project. Ultimately it's a W7 deployment project, but with a lot more in addition. If anybody is looking for a 3 month (probably more) contract, and can commute to White City easily drop me a PM...
  3. The Hoff

    Nexus S

    Looks and sounds very nice!!/features
  4. The Hoff

    (West) London Togs, Wedding Photos

    Hi all, I've got my (little) big day Dec 11th over in Richmond. Basically a small wedding consisting of almost purely family, 30 people. Is there anybody on here that's looking to earn a modest amount for some shots of the day? Or failing that I'd welcome recommendations. Not massive...
  5. The Hoff

    PS3 Lovefilm

    Don't bother if you're thinking of subbing... absolute dogsh*t! Stutters over WIFI (10Mbit), DIVX quality, clunky UI, very very limited selection of movies. Don't bother. That is all.
  6. The Hoff

    Gingerbread? Hi
  7. The Hoff

    HTC Desire HD - Finally!

    Well as per this thread I managed to happen upon a somewhat unexpected Desire HD. Never used Android before but I have to say Froyo is fking awesome, coming from my 3G it just feels liberating and that I don't need to hack ny phone to fk to get it to do what I need! On to the phone, the...
  8. The Hoff

    New phone, decisions decisions

    Well I'm going to have to forcibly retire my 3G shortly, I had dead pixels, a split back and a painfully slow JB experience. I'd planned 6 months ago to jump on the iP4 bandwagon, probably just as a logical progression but I find myself more and more disillusioned with Apple's nanny stance on...
  9. The Hoff

    Good browser games/sites?

    Looking for some decent quality browser/flash games to kill a few hours, know any? Ta
  10. The Hoff

    PS3 Move

    It's out tomorrow, anybody here getting one? I'll be waiting for the Xmas offers and for the games to be patched/released to utilise it. Looks really impressive though from what I've seen, and at the risk of offending the Xbox contingent on here, a lot more accurate than Kinect. If I had a...
  11. The Hoff

    FIFA vs PES - 2011

    I've now played 5 games each on the respective demo's. My reckoning is that FIFA seems the better demo (game) by some margin. The slickness of the menu/UI, the fluidity of the gameplay, physics, commentary... actually, everthing in FIFA is just better! Agreed?
  12. The Hoff

    iPhone 4 and Enterprise via Exchange

    Question aimed at those who are currently using their iPhone 4's in an Exchange (2007) environment. Basically since the introduction of iOS4 and the iPhone 4, I've been reading and hearing about a number of pretty big issues surrounding use in an EAS environment. The company I'm now working...
  13. The Hoff

    £600-800 on a TV

    Was looking at upgrading the TV from my 37" to a 42". Been hovering over the buy button on a Panny Viera P42G20B, which according to all reports is a great TV. However, if anybody has any recommendation over others in the same price range I'm all ears.
  14. The Hoff

    Virus - W32.ChangeUp.X - Network Infection

    Just a heads up... Our network has been infected by W32.Changeup (lots and lots of new variants around), which managed to sneak past Symantec Endpoint Protection, according to Symantec they're patched it into yesterdays last definition, but, there's still a number of variants unpatched. The...
  15. The Hoff

    iPhone albums displaying duplicates?

    Had this problem from time to time on both mine and my girlfriends iPhone, in the past I've fixed it by multi-editing the ID3 info, making sure it all matches. But I've never really understood the actual cause of it, anybody any the wiser? This isn't my pic, but it's the same problem: It...
  16. The Hoff

    Macbook updating + Win 7 - Query

    Thought there's enough fanboys on here to pop a question at ;) The GF has an intel Macbook which currently is running Tiger, today I was planning to update it to Snow Leopard, and via Bootcamp install Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. Is there anything I need to be wary of? From my understanding I...
  17. The Hoff

    IT job market - salary related

    Well I've been back in England for just under 3 weeks now, and am having quite a lot of calls regarding availability [I'm unemployed], however despite the jobs market being very buoyant it seems salaries have taken a knock. What money would you expect for working a 3rd line support/senior...
  18. The Hoff


    Was just reading that Sprint are launching it in the US on June 4th. The spec looks awesome tbh, certainly be waiting to see about a UK launch before commiting to the next iPhone. On my iPhone so CBA digging out specs, but Google it :)
  19. The Hoff

    VW BlueSport Concept

    Right, when is this German porn-star-in-the-making getting unleashed on the UK public? I've had my eye on it since I first saw it plastered in the media, but only tonight realised just how fking good it looks... seriously, seriously good looking motor! Anybody got any inside track on it? All I...
  20. The Hoff

    Engine Remapping - R26 / 225

    With reference to the various methods of remapping an R26 [RS Tuning etc], is there any data yet on whether the work adversely affects the longevity of the engine [increased wear rate]? If you were buying an R26, would you be put off from buying a premapped car? Has anybody heard any horror...
  21. The Hoff

    O2 Joggler - £50

    Spotted one of these on HUKD, figured why not and bought one. They got mixed reviews when launched, but have since improved. Basically a 7" touchscreen with WIFI, Internet Radio, streaming abilities (DivX, AVI usual codecs), can function as a photo frame (via local USB, HDD, NAS or Flickr...
  22. The Hoff

    Flickr uploading woes

    Does anybody have any tips, or better tools for uploading video to Flickr. Trying to upload some heftyish video's that keep failing at various points [which is doing my bone in]. Was hoping they'd be a tool that supports resumable uploads or something mildly intelligent, longshot for Flickr, I...
  23. The Hoff

    3D TV, discuss!

    Well I'd followed the CES show blogs and post events write-ups and I have to say I can't wait to see these in action. Seems like all the bigboys (Samsung, Sony, Panisonic, JVC, Sharp, LG) are bringing them to market from spring 2010, and in various sizes (47"+) and tech (LCD, LED, Plasma, DLP...
  24. The Hoff

    My travelling Flickr photo diary

    I'm now 2 months into my 6 month trip, so thought I'd share my photostream. Nothing has been edited in any way, so there's lots of chaff, but some wheat in between. Anyway, if anybody has any questions over any of them (I haven't done any description), feel free to ask away. Camera is a...
  25. The Hoff

    Help - Travelling - Few questions!

    Right starting my 6 month trip in little over a week, so I need to buy some new kit to document it all. I have a DSLR, but am NOT taking it, too big, too heavy, and shouts "rob me!". Questions: - I'm looking for a good compact P&S with a decent optical zoom (10x ish), and that takes decent...
  26. The Hoff

    SE Aino (NOT Anus) Wasn't sure whether to post this in Phones or Gaming chat, but a few die hards may be interested in the PS3 Remote Play/Play TV functionality of this.
  27. The Hoff

    PSN down?

    Just booted me off and can't get back on, same for anybody else?
  28. The Hoff

    STAR - Business ISP

    Anybody on here use these?
  29. The Hoff

    New laptop, recommendations welcome

    Replacing my Vaio FZ31Z (well, I'm keeping it, but it stays on a desk), for a new portable. The failings of this one basically amount to diabolical battery life, buggy touchpad and it's too big (15.4) and heavy to lug around. I do like Vaio laptops, so am weighing up the Z21, and the TT11 range...
  30. The Hoff

    Have 2Mbit Virgin broadband? Read me.

    Well you probably heard already that Virgin were apparently upgrading all 2mb customers to 10mb, and so on. It seems they're not doing it as quickly as they first promised, but you can jump the queue it seems by signing up on the link below: