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  1. alexessex_7

    What exhaust hanger is this ?

    I have searched on the internet but can’t find a replacement. Anyone ?
  2. alexessex_7

    Dash strips

    My dash strips have got some marks on them. I am going to get them painted but looking for abit of inspiration. Be good to see what others have done....
  3. alexessex_7

    Silver 182 driving out of Elstead

    Saw you earlier as I was driving into Elstead. I was in the white Megane.
  4. alexessex_7

    Renault Sport meet at Goodwood yesterday

    A few pictures from yesterdays meet.
  5. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    So once again, I am...and proud of it, an owner of a Clio 182. This is my third 182. The first I had for 6 years 2010-2016. I lived away for a few years during this time, so my mum looked after it (kind of). Looking back, I wish I’d never sold it but needed something a little more mature for...
  6. alexessex_7

    RB 182 overtaking on Farnham to Elstead road

    It has white wheels! I was in the cooper S driving the opposite way.
  7. alexessex_7

    Do I need new dampers ?

    I took a drive over to Europe this weekend and my mate who has been following me said that every time I go over a bump or am on a bumpy road the right side of my car is all over the place. He suggested it could be the shocks ? i was away from my Clio for a few years and since coming back to it I...
  8. alexessex_7

    Any ideas what this is?

    Noticed this has snapped under the bonnet, the washer and screw is still in tact ( just behind the battery ) makes a very slight rattle when I go over a bump. Will look for another one when I know what the part is called ? Or maybe just put something imbetween to stop is making a racket ?
  9. alexessex_7

    Itg or ram air ? Panel filter for 182

    As above, just noticed the garage who last serviced the car kindly through away my k&n filter and put a cheap standard filter in. Is it worth paying for the itg or is ram air just as good ?
  10. alexessex_7

    Engine oil

    Just about to purchase some oil , is ELF Evoloution SXR 900 5w40 the correct one to get ?
  11. alexessex_7

    black 182 with purple wheels , haslemere

    saw you driving through the town, think you waved
  12. alexessex_7

    Black 182 m25 anti by m3

    Just drove past but wasn't in the Clio
  13. alexessex_7

    Silver 182 in Elstead surrey

    As above , think I've seen you twice now! Driving towards thursley.
  14. alexessex_7

    Recaro'd Artic 182ff Mint

    Im currently in the process of selling my car, but some of these show off the great condition the cars in so thought i would share them. Recently just had the wheels refurbed which im really happy with, very close to the standard colour but slightly darker when in the sun light. Anyway comments...
  15. alexessex_7

    Recaro'd 182 FF Artic Blue, 44k Miles MINT

    Take a look
  16. alexessex_7

    Artic ff 182. Wheel refurb coming soon...colour ideas?

    Getting my Wheels refurbed on the 16th. Thinking of getting a slightly darker anthracite which is abit shinnier. Anyone got any pics of there 182 wheels they've had done in a different colour?
  17. alexessex_7

    Recaro Treadline cleaner

    Just brought a pair and want to get them sparkling...can anyone recommend any products?
  18. alexessex_7

    My Arctic gunna miss it !

    Well i have decided to sell! So needed to take some pictures to show her off. These were my favourites... Cheers Alex
  19. alexessex_7

    female trophy driver in farnborough today

    not much else to say really.....
  20. alexessex_7

    wanting to tighten up the front end

    Ive currently got a 182 with cup packs, i have eibach springs and strut braces fitted but recently feel that i need more from the car round the bends. Seems to be abit of play developing when sharp corning aswell. Without spending mega bucks what can i do? cheers for any suggestions.
  21. alexessex_7

    Artic 182 non cup in farnham center 16.00

    Drove past me at my work, was just getting in my 182 but you wouldnt have seen my car behind the wall
  22. alexessex_7

    corbeau boss x 2 seats

    How much would you pay for these second hand? I know someone selling both for £200 ono ?
  23. alexessex_7

    RB 182 in M3 traffic today

    Had white renault sport stickers on the side, Drove past you in the outside lane.
  24. alexessex_7

    172 cup elstead (surrey)

    parked just down from the post office, never seen it round here before?
  25. alexessex_7

    3/4 plate silver 172 in farnham ktec sticker

    Was outside sainsburys tonight and saw you drove past, seen you quite a few times round farnham! anyone?
  26. alexessex_7


    Was coming out of guildford about 22.00 tonight and followed you onto a31 to farnham
  27. alexessex_7

    blue 200 in elstead surrey

    Parked outside the beauty salon!? havnt seen it around before, anyone on here?
  28. alexessex_7

    A18 ESX (My 182)

    So here is my Renault Sport 182 with both cup packs. Brought it in October 2010 with only 15,000 miles on the clock and completely standard. Was an absoloute steal! Just clocked onto 30,000 last week!! Whats been Done So Far: Carbon Wrapped Bullets Carbon Wrapped Diamond Carbon Wrapped...
  29. alexessex_7

    BG 182 castle hill, about 3pm E6 ***

    castle hill farnham - Flashed, didnt know whether you saw me or not?
  30. alexessex_7

    trophy - farnham to elstead b road chase ha

    I was the arctic which over took you then you chased after me ha