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  1. cat171

    Mk3 blower stopped working :(

    I've been driving my dads Clio 138 Dynamique a bit as I've had some stuff to carry around. The heater blower has died, but here's the weird thing. I turned off the a/c, turned all of the dials round, put the a/c back on again and it started working fine. It was fine after some stop / start a...
  2. cat171

    LY Clio V6 replica.. van!!

    If it was a proper van I reckon it would be pretty funky. It has five seats though.
  3. cat171

    Fake Vee, Y reg white one with a black roof. In London

    Loud exhausts, no movement. I've not seen it before. It was hilarious!
  4. cat171

    Modified Volkswagen 1.4 Golf GT CONVERTABE 210BHP CUSTOM, the end result of 300 man hours of professional labour

  5. cat171

    Last minute Portsmouth meet - this Friday evening 22nd Feb.

    Hi all, All being well I am due to collect my car from Mike this Friday, I figured that while I'm down your way I'd quite fancy to get a meet on the go. Maybe do an evening meal or something ? I'm not sure where's good to go etc as I don't live there, but I'm up for it! If you are interested...
  6. cat171

    Pistonheads SOTW - Clio 182

    £1500 Twelve owners, no service history.. but has had the cambelt, aux belt & dephaser etc done.
  7. cat171

    Silver 182, with orange sunstrip - London City last night.

    Around 6.30 last night, close to Old St roundabout. 05 reg I think, with the rear plate in the rear window. Sadly I was on a big red bus ?
  8. cat171

    Fifth Gear last night - 182 Trophy V's MCS Gen 2, V's Skoda Fabia VRS - £5000 hot hatch bargains.

    I'd love to know where she thinks she can get one for £5k, it must be a dog! Reg, SX05 EGE, car number 028 and it had a CS sticker in the rear window. On test with a Cooper S Gen II (I think the ones that go wrong, but she didn't mention that) and a Skoda Fabia VRS.
  9. cat171

    Freeview recorders ?

    As Virgin Media have lost some channels which are still available on Freeview, I'm going to have to record them from another TV, so I want a Freeview recorder. Nothing fancy (probs would like HD, but not a must) just something to record on to. What's good ? and quite cheap ?
  10. cat171

    Monaco blue Phase 2 172 - stuck in traffic close to the Polish war memorial

    On the slope stuck in traffic last night. 53 reg I think.
  11. cat171

    A couple in Rom on Friday night.. an LY R27 & a silver 'slammed' 172 /182

    Sadly while I was walking :( I saw the R27 as I was going to cross the road by Hombase, sitting right up the arse of the car in front making all sorts of loud exhaust noises, reg started off AK57 (pretty appropriate really lol!) Then I saw a silver 172 or 182 slammed on Rota's ? The reg starts...
  12. cat171

    05 reg Inferno 182 in Romford this morning.

    Reg, E*05 OXE. Sadly like usual I was on the loser cruiser :(
  13. cat171

    RB 182 with stripes & fog lights on in Rom last night

    Around 8.30pm - sadly I was walking as I had to go & collect something. Anyway, you came down the road past The Brickyard & was giving it some blips, then you went round the roundabout where Homebase is & circled back. Who are ya ?
  14. cat171

    RB 182 in Tasmania, Australia on Reddit, FAP 247

  15. cat171

    PistonHeads: Spotted, Clio V6

    A bit of a write up on the Phase 2 Vee from yesterday. Haterz gunna hate lol!! It's nice to see some CS'ers writing up :cool:
  16. cat171

    When you have a Vee, but don't like where the exhausts are..

    I saw this on eBay earlier & had to do a double take :openmouth: They're not even level! It says they have the standard one, but even so!
  17. cat171

    182 Trophy, Romford on Saturday.

    On the A12, parked on the dead-end road by the storage place / VW dealers etc. Reg, YS** MDS
  18. cat171

    A fake Vee in someones garden on the A12

    Some knackered looking X Reg white one with black side pods, nestling in nicely with the undergrowth in their front garden, just outside Romford. Nice.
  19. cat171

    A proper sheddy BG 182 - MB World Surrey, last Friday

    53 reg, no side skirts on it, really kerbed up wheels & looking very tired. Anyone's on here ? If so, what's the plan for it ?
  20. cat171

    Blue 200 in Tesco's Roneo Corner, Romford on Saturday afternoon.

    I went in to get a few bits after the gym & saw it parked up. It was a 10 reg, with Recaro's but I don't remember much else.
  21. cat171

    PH 'Shed of the week' Phase 2 Clio 172 Great ad!! 😞
  22. cat171

    Very dirty BG 182 with green bits on it, Old St Roundabout, London

    Saw this at the traffic lights on Old St 'tech hub' dog s**t roundabout just now. Car was filthy, and had bright green rub strips & spoiler on it. Me, standard practise, I was on the loser cruiser :angry:
  23. cat171

    Blue 172 Cup or 182 - Texaco garage, City Road London

    In the Texaco's with the McDonald's behind it, I couldn't make out if it was a 172 Cup or a 182 etc as it was parked against a wall & I only saw the side of it. Oh and I was on the loser cruiser :grimacing:
  24. cat171

    Clio V6 rep

    I saw this little beauty on eBay on Friday, I'm quite surprised that there's not a thread on it already! So yeah, a vented bonnet on a supposedly rear engined car!! :tearsofjoy...
  25. cat171

    LY 200 in London this morning, ** 59 VGZ

    Looked good!! I saw it near Old Street 'tech hub' (dog s**t) roundabout, sadly I was on the flippin loser cruiser!!
  26. cat171

    Help me out, I rarely use a phone etc, but want an upgrade..

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest what I should do ? I have a Samsung Galaxy something that's about six years old, I'm on a sim only o2 plan for £15 a month, I can't remember what I get with that though, just that back then I think it was a silver tariff. I don't want a phone for much, just for the...
  27. cat171

    05 Reg Inferno 182 in Romford

    At the lights outside The Brickyard this morning. Sadly I was on the big red fun bus* *it's not fun, it's a pikey commuter vehicle. Aka 'the loser cruiser'
  28. cat171

    Acid Yellow Vee on ebay

    Oh yes!! :hearteyes: and he's had it since new! :cool: I tried to buy one years ago but only a couple ever came along & they'd either had some...
  29. cat171

    182 Trophy with harnesses etc, HV5* EEN

    Saw this last night after work on City Rd, London. It sounded good & had red harnesses in it. Sadly I was walking down the road :(
  30. cat171

    French dealer number plate surrounds ?

    Do people on here still have these ? I was looking at some pics the other day of some cars with them & though they looked quite good, a nice finishing touch for the back of the car. This sort of thing on a Meg a found on Google. and some from Mr Toms thread on here. Where do you get them...