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    Alternator issues

    Hi guys, I'm running 172 cup alternator setup. The car died on me suddenly lost all power and drained the battery (Odysey pc680 in the boot). Changed the alternator for brand new valeo from RPD Voltage output is very high using Odysey pc680 ranging from 15v-19v on tickover Used the original...
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    Battery relocation gone wrong!

    Hi guys, Bit of a strange one. So I have very recently relocated my battery to the boot using an Odysey pc680. Did a nice neat job and using a thick wire. Not had any problems. It's done about 80 miles. However almost got home today and the dam thing was firing on 3 cylinders and in the end...
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    Want to try Boost!

    Hi guys, Been a member for a fair few years floating about in the dark. I'm curious to try a boosted clio or passenger ride in one. Is anyone localish to me wrexham/North Wales with a boosted clio that would be kind hearted enough to take me for a spin in theirs? (Pretty please)! My current...
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    EPAS conversion cable thickness

    Hi guys, Wanted to see who has used what size cable for power to wire in epas column? I'm about to do mine and not sure on cable thickness. Hoping people can shed some experience/advice Many thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys, I changed my steering wheel for aftermarket and my airbag light is on which I'm not fussed about but my abs/Serv lights on and I have an iobd2 reader to read it but I'm running a gen90 ecu, it won't connect to pick up fault codes for abs. Is this because I need to connect using gen...
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    Camshaft change

    Hi gents, I'm currently in the process of fitting itbs and have also purchased 421 cams. I am pretty handy with scanners but no expert, would people tackle a cam change themselves? Bear in mind I have genuine renault timing tools and the de phaser was only changed last year and has done about...
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    itb spec input

    hi guys, Ive recently purchased some k-tec DTH ITB's and I am slowly collecting parts the spec I will be running is as follows Gen90 90/120mm trumpet length with smaller rad and slam panel removed ARP rod bolts 421 cams im looking for some advice on the fuelling setup and what people advise? I...
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    15" alloy wheel advice

    Looking to buy some 15" wheels, car is a 182 cup in racing blue I definitely want anthracite and am stuck between 3 wheels Pro race 1.2 15x7 anthracite Speedline turini 15x6.5 anthracite Speedline 2118 15x7 anthracite ( don't like the fact there's no centre caps) I was planning to run on...
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    Carbon exhaust trim

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased streamlines carbon exhaust trim for my 182 however they seem to be a poor fit? They do not cover the locating holes in the bumper for the originals. It's as though the carbon parts were produced/made over the originals so could do with being bigger? Has anyone...
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    inner tied rods?

    hi guys, I think i need new inner tie rods on my steering, it feels a little vague, was also an advisory on the mot, my car is a 182 cup. Are 182 inner rods different from 182 cup ones? hope someone can help thanks
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    182 cup with black wheels

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    182 ecu map

    I'm curious does anyone have the 182 pop and bang map I could try? Likewise I have the 182 98 map if anyone to wants to try that?
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    Laguna gearbox

    Hi guys, my brother has a 2000 laguna 1800 16v petrol, he's only gone and blown the box in it! Does anyone know what the code is on the box or what other boxes will fit as we're struggling to source one
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    new member with new car

    just wanted to say hi and show my new wheels some people may know annies car RB 182 cup, im the new owner and very pleased with the car, Annie kept it in excellent condition It now has a garage to live in and not a daily driver so will only be coming out on dry days im not going to change...
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    cup springs??

    hi guys, does anyone know if there is a difference between the 172 cup and 182 cup springs? Ive had a good look and always known that the cup packs/models were 10mm lower and stiffer. any thoughts or comments welcome!
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    Hi guys, not that new to clios, i had a 172 cup back in 2007, no clio at the moment but looking for a clean 182 cup!!