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  1. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Headphone Recommendation

    Morning all, I need recommendations for a "decent" pair of headphones that I can use for work phone calls...with the following stipulations: * 3.5mm jack as they'll be used with an iPhone 6s or can be put in my adaptor if I use my personal phone (iPhone 8) * In-ear buds, no over ear etc *...
  2. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Wipers stopped working! (197)

    Afternoon all, Last night I de-iced the car, however clearly not well enough, because I put the front wipers on, and they didn't move, so I checked and I hadn't de-iced the screen well enough meaning the wipers were stuck. Having de-iced the window and blades properly, they didn't - and still...
  3. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    200 ****XRS - Shaftesbury

    Followed you from ZigZag Hill into Shaftesbury, CS sticker in rear window.
  4. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    P777 *** BG182 on the M6 today

    BG 182 coming off the M6 at J15 around half 7. Anyone on here?
  5. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Who waved at me in Bath yesterday?

    Someone in a 1*2 waved at me, anyone from here? I was in the Black 182, heading down into Bath from Bathampton at about 18:15.
  6. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Blue 182 Trowbridge

    Driver gave me the thumbs up. I was in the black 182, near the Platinum Renault garage.
  7. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Sidelight Issue - Only 1 working

    My drivers sidelight does not work when the lights are turned to sidelights, or when on dipped beam. But when I put full beams on, all bulbs are lit. Probably not the bulb at fault, as it lights up when on full beam, fuse possibly? Any assistance appreciated.
  8. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    04 BG 182 - Westbury Train Station

    As above, spotted today at Westbury station, parked next to my BG 182, proper confused me when I walked back to the car park to see two 182s next to each other! I wrote the forum url on the back of my parking ticket & tucked it under their wiper so maybe they've come and had a browse!
  9. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    A few spotted 1*2's in Wiltshire...

    Seen quite a few 1*2's recently: Blue 182 on a road just outside of Salisbury earlier today Blue 172, again, somewhere just outside of Salisbury earlier Black 182 in Parklands, Malmesbury (seen a few times, opposite my nan's and consequently my BG 182) Blue 182 in Trowbridge Railway Station...
  10. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    ML04 Blue 182 - Portsmouth yesterday

    Whilst out in Southsea last night I saw the above 182 with a CS tax disc holder, 2 occupants. Anyone who's active on here then?
  11. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Will. (I think!) Standerwick 18.45

    Think I may have spotted our very own Willdot in Standerwick at about 18.45ish today. Black 172 03 plate, 3/4 front plate. Car looked mean mate!
  12. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Most of the South West gang!

    Couldn't understand why I was seeing so many nice looking 172's around town tonight, then I remembered it's the South West meet here in Bath. Some very nice examples guys, there was a 172 in Sainsburys car park, recessed exhaust, very smart. And another 172 with white wheels/white "clio"...
  13. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Standard Clio Aerial on eBay, anyone on here want it?

    As above, here's my item on eBay, let me know if anyone here wants it...
  14. Rowan - Mortgage Expert


    Silver 172 Ph1 - Bath. Entered Oldfield Park off Lower Bristol Road, by Hi-Q, about an hour ago. Couldn't see if there was a CS sticker not. I was in the very loud, very slow, escort. (Can't wait to get shot of the damn thing) Saw 2 black RS Megane's earlier today aswell.
  15. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Which Sat Nav?

    As above, I'm after a new sat nav, max £150, possibly a bit more. Preferably with speed camera sites, not fussed about traffic monitoring options, also not fussed on screen size, although a compact one would be nice. What would you recommend? (If Argos do it, even better, as I can use...
  16. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    I need a favour (website hosting)

    Hi guys, I need a favour, for a final year university module (yes, I know, students = c**ts according to you lot) we have to host an exhibition at a local museum, open to the public for a week or so. I need to host a 3 page website, which I am purchasing the domain name to later on this...
  17. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Personalised plate ending PGD Orange 182 Sainsburys 19:45

    The missus is dragging me round Sainsburys, so posting this now... I'm parked next to your 182, the pepper red escort...and no I didn't hit your car!
  18. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Any bass players on here? Got one for sale...
  19. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Need a new (to me) phone..recommendations please

    I am selling my iPhone 3GS 16GB to get an iPad (probably going to go for the first gen and save money!) So I need a phone! My criteria: -Cheap (under £100, under £75 if poss) -Can be second hand if necessary -Must be able to use internet as I will still be paying £28 pcm for my phone tariff...
  20. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    F*04 VLC FROME

    172 ph2 in Halfords Frome today. I was in my work (argoose) uniform with the pepper red escort. Was just about to grab a flyer from the car when you drove off....with CS sticker in the rear window!
  21. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Escort Alloys For Sale
  22. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Silver 182 on M1 at midday

    Spotted above car at above location! ClioSport sticker in rear window. I overtook you in my pepper red escort and tooted the horn.
  23. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Clio Number Plate Surrounds

    See eBay link for details. 2 for £8 plus P&P, bargain.
  24. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Various Items For Sale. Clothes/Car Parts/Football Memorabilia

    Ladies Black Luxury Cashmere Blend Coat Swindon Town FC Programmes 1993-1995...
  25. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Small crash: outcome and next steps...

    Hit a kerb pulling into a lay-by, slowing down from 60mph to about 30 as it was a nice long layby, was dark and snowy and didn't see the kerb, which was placed in the middle (??!) of the layby. Front o/s tyre blew, and drivers seat airbag deployed. (nb, the airbag that's in the seat, not wheel)...
  26. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    New Member from Bath

    Hi everyone, I'm Rowan. Student living in Bath, driving a grey 1.2 Clio 16V, only mod is the wheels. Would love to get an air filter sorted out for a nicer sound, any advice (other than read the forum :) )...