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  1. Matt e

    coolant chamber

    Does anyone the torque for the bolts the hold on the coolant chamber which houses the thermostat and temp sensor to the head?
  2. Matt e


    looked like arctic blue 182 but might have been a 172 going past tesco towards the police station, about 2.30 today
  3. Matt e

    blue 172 A1M

    Blue 172 going south on the A1M near stevenage early this afternoon
  4. Matt e

    Painting interior trim

    I've got a few bits from my interior that I'd like painting, is there any companys like that spray shack where you could post them and they paint them for you? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  5. Matt e

    RB 182 A1M stevenage

    spotted a racing blue 182 southbound on the A1M this morning
  6. Matt e

    Cracks on tyres

    Giving the wheels a clean yesterday and noticed these small cracks on the shoulder. Date on them is 5117 so not even 2 years old. Do they need changing or are the fine. Pressures are checked every week so that isnt the problem Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  7. Matt e

    paint protection film

    i want to use PPF on my rear arches, does anyone know where you can get decent stuff on the web? i dont need masses, probley just need 2 A4 sheets sizes
  8. Matt e

    Brake fluid

    Was tidying up my shed the other day and found a couple of cans of brake fluid. I was wondering it this was still ok to use as the cans have rust on them. the fluid hasn't leaked out Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  9. Matt e

    2D CAD drawing

    is anyone able to help, i need a couple of sketch's drawn up in cad, there 2D obviously id pay you
  10. Matt e

    Renault Symbioz

    how well do you trust renault electronics
  11. Matt e

    speaker foam

    when you buy speakers sometimes you get a roll of soft foam to go around the speaker when mounting. does anyone know where you can buy this from? all i seem to find is the harder foam tape
  12. Matt e

    197 hitchin

    Spotted a red 197 in hitchin this morning anyone on here? believe it was a R27 if they make them in red?
  13. Matt e

    wheel nut turns

    does anyone know the minimum number of turns the wheel nut should turn to be safe ive fitted spacers and fitted longer studs, im getting 12 complete turns buts theres about 3-4mm left of the nut when done up all the way theres 18mm thread of the stud engaged with the nut 12 x 1.5 = 18mm
  14. Matt e

    action cam with external mic

    does anyone know which action cameras take a external mic? ive been looking but cant one or most cams dont list it in the spec list
  15. Matt e

    photoshop request

    could some one please change the colour of the wheels to anthracite for me? cheers 16106937_10155713124160760_836080152_o by matt eaton, on Flickr
  16. Matt e

    Clio racer - finishline graveley

  17. Matt e

    RB 182 MJ54FUF

    Letchworth gate last night going on the A1 southbound
  18. Matt e

    Stevenage old town silver 172

    Parked down by king George's park
  19. Matt e

    BTCC silverstone

    few pictures from the weekend (sorry about some of the angles) DSC_2016 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_2014 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1977 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1806 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_2151 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_2045 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1929 by matt...
  20. Matt e

    World series by Renault

    few pictures from today, wasn't as big as when it was last here i thought. loved the RS.01 DSC_1476 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1484 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1494 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1499 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1517 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1519 by matt eaton, on Flickr...
  21. Matt e

    oil filter

    am i right in thinking purflux make the genuine renault oil filters?
  22. Matt e

    cliosport chester facebook

    does anyone know who this is?
  23. Matt e

    R200SAA white 200

    Looked really nice with the cage and clio cup roof scoop
  24. Matt e

    Rb182 with interesting wheels

    Baldock Tesco and apparently there disabled?
  25. Matt e

    Letchworth gate RB 182

    Racing blue with stripes letchworth gate about 12.20 today
  26. Matt e

    Ph1 Clio V8

    just watching motors tv and saw this go to 16.10 for the clio
  27. Matt e

    albi blue 197 baldock

    albi blue 197 parked in tesco baldock about 12pm
  28. Matt e

    HN05EUJ & j44***

    seen the 172 J444 in tesco baldock petrol station a couple of mornings this week around 7am saw HN05EUJ this afternoon, stripped out and had a cage fitted with mark fish logo. looked very nice! anyone on here?
  29. Matt e

    Honda CBF 125

    my brothers CBF125
  30. Matt e

    Photshop request

    i know it's not a clio, but can someone please change the wheels to turini's in silver and anthracite. and also in the top picture lower it about 20mm Thanks! 18/02/2015 by mattageaton, on Flickr Front driver close by mattageaton, on Flickr