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  1. BaileyWolves

    172 Cup Speaker Upgrade

    Good Afternoon I am bored and looking at some uprated speakers for my Cup I think front and rear as something I can do at home whilst locked in. I have an aftermarket decent head unit any recommendations for direct replacements ie pioneer ect thanks as always Mark
  2. BaileyWolves

    Subframe/Rails Recaros

    Hi all what subframe / rails are recommended for the trendline style recaros to go into a 172 Cup and any advice on where is best to get them from looking at a few options at the min many thanks mark
  3. BaileyWolves

    Clio 172 Cup seat options

    Have been offered a set of 197 cup seats for next to nothing have these ever been fitted in a 172 or would they just be ridiculously big in the cabin ? Anyone know any decent seats which would compliment the interior without looking overkill ? thanks as always Mark
  4. BaileyWolves

    LY 182 Wolverhampton

    Spotted this morning by the molineux football stadium
  5. BaileyWolves

    172 Cup Turbo Conversion

    Hi All I have been offered a great deal by Engine Dynamics on a low boost conversion on my 172 Cup. I just wanted to get some opinions and feedback as I know some people have conversions done on theirs and others have great knowledge. my car is 100% sorted and everything is perfect, belts ect...
  6. BaileyWolves

    Loss of power 172 Cup and warning light

    Driving home this morning and power just dropped and these lights came on dash. Not flashing but no power over 2k revs , cars at garage waiting the call of death it cleared after turning off and reappeared on route to the garage any ideas ? many thanks Mark
  7. BaileyWolves

    Steering Wheel Advice

    I am looking at getting a Sabelt Renault Sport steering wheel for my 172 Cup. Any one know what the required boss kit is for the cup? And I presume will need the horn panel also for MOT requirements. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Mark
  8. BaileyWolves

    Seat Covers 172 Cup

    Hi all can anyone recommend a good seat cover for my 172 cup which doesn’t have to come from China and risk wiping my whole family out 👀 much appreciated Mark
  9. BaileyWolves

    The Fast Show Santa Pod 29th March

    Hi All Had this come through this morning, Santa Pod used to be my thing when I had high powered cars but not done it for ages due to lack of trade stalls and not going on the strip ect but thought maybe an opportunity to get some Renaultports together maybe have a section together not sure...
  10. BaileyWolves

    Anyone know any good driving routes Shropshire / Mid Wales

    Hi everyone I have a rare day off tomoz and weather looks decent so considering taking the cup out for a good run we haven’t drove her properly since having all the work done. anyone recommend some decent driving roads through Shropshire / welsh border? I am in Wolverhampton but not far from...
  11. BaileyWolves

    What do people spend on their cars ?

    So, I have just sorted all my paper work out for my Clio and done a folder and I know I shouldn’t have but added up what I have spent on her in my 12 months of ownership and OMG 😮 Guess looking for a bit of healing here as I bet there are much worse cases than me 😂 and to justify why I could...
  12. BaileyWolves

    Fog light on dash board when braking/ indicating 172 Cup

    Happy Christmas to everyone hope everyone had a good one !! I know this is a common issuejust wanted to share what I have tried. I have cleaned all the bulbs and connectors in the bulb casing and all connectors in the plug part, I then moved onto the earthing points under the lights removing...
  13. BaileyWolves

    Clio 172 Cup Efi final map

    Good afternoon I know there has been a lot of discussion about remaps lately so thought I would share my final map that Chris done on my 172 Cup, happy with the results as power wise just basic mods
  14. BaileyWolves

    Heavy steering Clio 172 Cup

    Morning all last few days the steering feels heavier than normal on the cup I am going to do normal checks today tyres , power steering fluid ect. Noticed when checking the reservoir you can’t really actually see what level is showing in the chamber as not transparent 🤷‍♀️ there are no...
  15. BaileyWolves

    Smaller Front Number Plate Clio Cup

    Hi I am looking at getting the smaller plates that seem popular in Clio’s and think they improve the front end so much Anyone have what the measurements are and can recommend anywhere decent to order from Many Thanks
  16. BaileyWolves

    Hot day but managed a clean on the Cup

    Been a scorcher today but managed a clean on the cup
  17. BaileyWolves

    Caffeine and machine

    Lovely day down at caffeine and machine today starting to get busy shame there are no other Clios here yet ?
  18. BaileyWolves

    Clio Cup Sports Cat

    Hi guys So my original cat corroded and started blowing and stunk so a replacement was needed. The oem cats were just stupid prices so I opted for the ktec sports cat as have a recently fitted stealth system on the car. I did this for no performance or sound gains just as it was better option...
  19. BaileyWolves

    Clio 172 Cup clean and pics

    Just a few pics after a clean ?
  20. BaileyWolves

    Creaking noise at low speed pull off 172 Cup

    Hi guys I have just fitted new cup shocks and grams lowering springs to my 172 Cup When I am pulling away at low speed there’s a creaking/ knocking coming from rear passenger side Doesn’t happen when up to speed any ideas ? Many thanks Mark
  21. BaileyWolves

    New mods to Cup

    Been busy last few weeks I have changed all the shocks for new oem Cup ones and added Grams lowering springs and put in some new oem top mounts feels loads better Had the battery cover off a member off here super quality and craftsmanship fit perfect with a bit off adjusting to the intake pipe...
  22. BaileyWolves

    Clio 172 Cup lowering springs advice ???

    I am just looking at some springs to go on with my new cup shocks and top mounts Any recommendations lads ? I have been looking at the grams ones Cheers Mark
  23. BaileyWolves

    Advice needed 172 Cup Handling

    I have noticed that the steering feels vague almost like there’s loads of play and not connected, I am planning on refreshing the shocks with genuine cup shocks and updated springs and updated Powerflex steering rack bushes as a start over next few months. Any ideas or suggestions how to improve...
  24. BaileyWolves

    Clio Cup EFI remap with Ktec Induction and cat back Stealth

    At EFI Will update figures when Scoff has finished
  25. BaileyWolves

    Cup Clean and polish

    A few pics of my Cup after a morning clean
  26. BaileyWolves

    Clio Cup sills question

    Just a quick question had the car back from body shop yesterday and noticed today the bottom of sills and the metal underneath being exposed never noticed it before it is the same both sides is this normal ? Just never noticed before maybe just me Thanks Mark
  27. BaileyWolves

    Clio Cup rust repair

    Got the car back today having rear drivers arch repaired as rusting and front wing scuff too they have made a decent job
  28. BaileyWolves

    Nismo juke RS winter detail

    With my cup being in the body shop and having some time off work thought I would treat the Mrs car to a detail and machine polish now I think it’s going to rain ?
  29. BaileyWolves

    Clio Cup Induction and Exhaust

    Just a quickie guys My cup now runs an efi map and a Ktec Induction kit, I have prob gone about things the wrong way round but hey ho wasn’t gonna mess but the demons are constantly whispering in my ear At present I have standard exhaust and the car is so smooth and responsive filter sounds...
  30. BaileyWolves

    Ktec stealth 172

    Hi Anyone heard any more about Ktec new stealth exhausts being released for 172 I was told was this week by Ktec but not seen anything yet ?