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  1. alexessex_7

    Surrey Rolling Road Dyno Day 23/11/19

    on route in the clio ! Eta 10.10
  2. alexessex_7

    Surrey Rolling Road Dyno Day 23/11/19

    I should be there mate. However, I can't confirm if I'll be running the car just yet.
  3. alexessex_7


    FFS, I almost bought some in March. My GF said the new ones were coming out so I waited and waited. Bought some 3 weeks ago ( still not had to charge them). O well...
  4. alexessex_7

    Best in the UK!

    The previous owner is on this forum. He sold me a retrimmed steering wheel and had it up for a lot less a few months back.
  5. alexessex_7

    Caffeine & Machine 17.11.19

    If the weather is ok, I’ll come along
  6. alexessex_7

    Surrey Rolling Road Dyno Day 23/11/19

    I will definitely come along. I was there on Sunday having the Megane done (258.3 BHP, standard apart from a panel filter). Will most likely bring the Clio and see how its running.
  7. alexessex_7

    cs_rich's RS250 Megane

    Sorry to hear the news. Gutted for you. At least it wasnt on the way home once you'd paid for the map etc. Are you planning on getting another megane?
  8. alexessex_7

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road Day

    I’ve booked today for the 19th october, however, will still come to the meet.
  9. alexessex_7

    Ash's Megane 265 Trophy

    When I was younger, it was the Monaco blue 172 that made me want an RS clio. That looks great with the turinis etc. I have a Megane 250, based about 5 minutes from hindhead. We should get a meet sorted at some point. Megane looks great (apart from the sticker 😉).
  10. alexessex_7

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road Day

    Both of these are good for me
  11. alexessex_7

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road Day

    Do you have to book?
  12. alexessex_7

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road Day

    You can go there any Saturday now and it’s only £40
  13. alexessex_7

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road Day

    Just noticed it says 6th of october 2018!!
  14. alexessex_7

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road Day

    I’ve been wanting to get the Megane done for ages. Are you going tomorrow ? If so what time ?
  15. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    @MrBlonde @0ss @Jon46 & myself went to Wales this weekend. Met in Ledbury on Thursday evening, travelled over to the Brecon Beacons Friday morning then onto Snowdonia Saturday morning. It was a great weekend, we will be back next year! (if not before) ;) I took loads of photos, here are some...
  16. alexessex_7

    The trophy weekender's.

    #shouldhavetakenthetrophy 😜
  17. alexessex_7

    Black mountains Friday 13th

    We remember seeing you. Not everyday you see a sierra.
  18. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    eBay! 😂
  19. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    I went to the PistonHeads Sunday service over at barons Farnborough last weekend. As it was at BMW, my dad came along in his M5. Sorted the horn insert out the day before. I only saw three clio's on the day. My 182, a friends 172 Cup and a very nice liquid yellow V6.
  20. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    All over.... starting near Hereford Thursday night, Brecon Beacons on Friday then snowdonia on Saturday. Four of us all on this forum. Come along if your free.
  21. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    One week tomorrow I will be travelling to Wales for a long weekend to explore the welsh roads. I've only driven through wales once, in a ford transit!!... so this was going to be a completely different experience in the Clio. I gave into temptation and ordered myself an OMP steering wheel. I saw...
  22. alexessex_7

    RB 182 Cup tidy up

  23. alexessex_7

    Clio 172 Owner - Dubai

    I lived in Dubai for 4 years. Two years of that I lived in one of the buildings behind the autodrome, in sport city. Never knew there was an RS community. I only saw one black 182 in all that time, looked out of place with all the supercars ?
  24. alexessex_7

    Continental premium contaxt 6 xl or Pirelli p zero nero?

    As Gez said, save your money, run them down , then replace ( when required ) with PS4’s ??
  25. alexessex_7

    Alex's BG 182

    Quick update. Had all the new bushes, wish bones and top mounts fitted. Tracking now done. The car does feel sharper although, if I’m honest , the top mounts, neither the bushes needed replacing but it’s good to know it’s all new and driving well. The wishbones were a bit of state .... I’ve...
  26. alexessex_7

    andy_coops - Iceberg 172

    Just read through the whole tread. Very nice car with some subtle mods ??. Your local to me, I’m in Farnham.
  27. alexessex_7

    What exhaust hanger is this ?

    I have searched on the internet but can’t find a replacement. Anyone ?
  28. alexessex_7

    Dash strips

    I might get them hydro dipped ?