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  1. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    CSF19 CSF19 Raffle Prizes

    Best of luck everyone, as I said to Kirsty, one of these days I'll get along to the show and part with more money than just a few prizes ;)
  2. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Headphone Recommendation

    Ta for the info, and I may well do that!!
  3. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Headphone Recommendation

    I feel that over-ears will be a bit bulky to carry around with me regularly, and I'll be taking them on/off constantly in the office...nothing to do with a poncy haircut either...(much). I don't want to stick with what I've got as I feel that there must be a set of in-ear buds that have a decent...
  4. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Headphone Recommendation

    Morning all, I need recommendations for a "decent" pair of headphones that I can use for work phone calls...with the following stipulations: * 3.5mm jack as they'll be used with an iPhone 6s or can be put in my adaptor if I use my personal phone (iPhone 8) * In-ear buds, no over ear etc *...
  5. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    I'm thinking of having a Clio clearout

    Keep them all, remortgage and buy an M2... my god they are beautiful examples! ...I'm kidding, I don't actually advocate remortgaging for an M2...much....
  6. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Mr JWW is my favourite personally. Used to watch all of his associates channels too like Supercars of London, Seen Through Glass, Seb Delaney, Archie Hamilton but they all annoy me now, I think JWW is just a bit more grown up in his attitude and video making skills. For bikes, I've followed...
  7. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    The New Phone Thread

    Christ on a bike, the Mrs has got the One Plus 5...I may have to commandeer it for a trial run. Cheers buddy, this could be rather straightforward...
  8. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    The New Phone Thread

    So, probably a few months later than everyone else, I've discovered that some new phones have dual sim capability, and this got me thinking about how this could benefit me as I currently have an iPhone 5C for work and a 6 for personal, and whether I could just have 1 phone with 2 sims. I'm not...
  9. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Call forwarding to an 'app'

    I could be wrong but I think your network might be able to do this for you... My work phone can, and has a Vodafone client website for me to arrange the diverts but that's through a business contract, but I feel sure I did this on my personal phone too, years ago...
  10. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    What Bluetooth speaker for a 14 year old?

    The Mrs has a UE Boom 2 - very good!
  11. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Haynes Motor Museum Breakfast Meet

    No photos of my 197 then?! Shocking. Just kidding, it was in their overflow car park because I took a slow drive down with my mates original Mini. (and it was also filthy so glad it wasn't in the public eye too much!!) Not been out to Haynes for a while and couldn't believe how busy it was!
  12. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Alternative to usual ISPs?

    I'm aware this isn't an overly helpful response but some areas in Bath have terrible internet connections/options, I lived there for 6 years in various different areas, during and after Uni. Talk Talk delivered about 5mbps from memory back in circa 2012, I did get Virgin at one address and that...
  13. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Who still drives a clio or moved on

    On my fourth Clio, had 3 x 182's previously, and now in a 197. All 4 Clio's were interspersed between various other cars that didn't live up to the Clios for one reason or another!
  14. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Wipers stopped working! (197)

    Sounds potentially like my issue...! Unfortunately whilst I may claim to be a "mortgage expert" I am not a "how to fix a broken clio expert" so I will attempt to see what the issue is & how to fix it !!!
  15. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Wipers stopped working! (197)

    Thanks for all replies, so effectively I guess the motor is trying but the mechanism isn't able to move - I will have a look tonight and see if I can work it out!
  16. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Wipers stopped working! (197)

    Afternoon all, Last night I de-iced the car, however clearly not well enough, because I put the front wipers on, and they didn't move, so I checked and I hadn't de-iced the screen well enough meaning the wipers were stuck. Having de-iced the window and blades properly, they didn't - and still...
  17. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    What Clio's have people owned?

    1.4 Mk1 Silver (written off on own driveway!) 1.4 Mk1 Black 1.2 Mk1 Blue 1.2 Mk2 Grey (crashed, sold for spares/repairs) 182 FF - Black Gold 182 - Black Gold 197 (current) - Red (official colour name unknown!) With a variety of other cars in-between!
  18. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    The Apple Watch Thread

    I've just been offered an Apple Watch Series 1 for £150 (box, charger etc) - from a friend. Image attached (if I've done it correctly), I'd prefer a black one but I believe you can buy watch face 'cases' so guessing I could get a black one, and I'd probably change the strap. Wondering whether...
  19. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    The New Phone Thread

    Best place to post this I guess... I've got a Samsung S7 Edge, 4 months old. But I'm getting the itch to go back to an iPhone...considering just swapping it in with someone like CEX but the iPhone that is price comparable is the 6. I don't keep up with release dates etc but I believe this...
  20. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Silver ph1 V6 Trowbridge

    A V6 in Trowbridge? Must be stolen... (disclaimer, I used to live there, it's not all bad...)
  21. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Need a new phone, and a new contract, what do people advise? No Apple!

    Just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Vodafone, phone is huge, brilliant for watching videos and the camera is superb.
  22. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    200 ****XRS - Shaftesbury

    Followed you from ZigZag Hill into Shaftesbury, CS sticker in rear window.
  23. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    The Fatty's KTEC alternative induction setup that works just as well!

    Ordered the set up from page 1, thanks for the heads up!
  24. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Looking for a cheap track car

    Depends on your definition of cheap, mine:
  25. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    [Feb 4, 2015] New Forest Pub meet. (West Wellow Hampshire)

    Ah man, I've just logged into CS for the first time this an alert for this thread and just knew I'd missed it!! Next time!
  26. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    **** South Central Mailing List ****

    Please add me to mailing list, just moved to Bournemouth.
  27. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    [Feb 4, 2015] New Forest Pub meet. (West Wellow Hampshire)

    Just read this thread, have also just moved to Bournemouth, might be up for this meet!
  28. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    An old friends car for sale ST170

    I've been looking at ST170s, and that's good mileage (as above) but crap advert does not entice me!
  29. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    P777 *** BG182 on the M6 today

    BG 182 coming off the M6 at J15 around half 7. Anyone on here?
  30. Rowan - Mortgage Expert

    Who waved at me in Bath yesterday?

    Someone in a 1*2 waved at me, anyone from here? I was in the Black 182, heading down into Bath from Bathampton at about 18:15.