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  1. Josh-197

    197 with speedline Turinis fitted :D

    Got myself some new alloys last night thanks to ashtons99, I love them and think they have transformed the car.these are just some quick photos taken on my iPhone I will try and get some better ones up when I can.
  2. Josh-197

    Quick clean :)

    It's been a nice day today and I had abit of time on may hands so I gave her a quick clean. The alloys are going in for a respray when i decide on a colour, but that's if I don't buy some oz ultras. Thanks for looking :)
  3. Josh-197

    Josh's Black 197 from 08/07/2012 till now

    ​I have had the car for almost a year now so I fort I best start a progress thread, as my 197 has changed quite a lot from when I first picked it up.She had full service history 1 previous owner with just 33k on the clock. This is how she stood when I got her. And after her first clean...
  4. Josh-197

    Quick snaps of my 197

    I was waiting for my partner to finish in the bank, and I got bored so i took a couple of photos while no one was looking haha This car park has seen better days I would not like to be leaving my car in it.
  5. Josh-197

    Blue 200 white Speedlines Leeds?

    Near the cinema looked well :)
  6. Josh-197

    White 200 Doncaster road

    About 15 minutes ago near the asda look clean :)
  7. Josh-197

    Custom sub boxes and boot builds

    I fort i would post this as i have seen quite a few people talking about subs etc on here. I met up with a nice bloke today and he made me a custom sub box to fit in the boot, I was quite surprised with the end result. I think the job is spot on and is a lot better then just sticking a box...
  8. Josh-197

    Photos of my cleaned 197 pic heavy

    Photos of my cleaned 197 pic heavy Last bit of sun before the snow come so I cleaned her and took some pictures These are iPhone pictures to excuse the quality I'm loving how she is at the minute just a few more mods and she will be perfect in my ayes. I have just ordered some 197 wing...
  9. Josh-197


    I have a 197 and I am debating what spacers to get I like the look of 25mil spacers but I'm not sure if they make the front wheels stick out to much, but the 25mil is perfect on the back. so I was thinking 25mil on the back and 20mil on the front would that effect the car is it a bad idea lol
  10. Josh-197

    Photo shop request please 197

    Will some please help me I'm wanting my badges yellow and the door bullets yellow aswell please thanks Trying to make my mind up weather to ditch the yellow theme or not lol cheers
  11. Josh-197

    Sun came out so why not ;) 197

    The sun came out so I went a took a few pictures Comments and advise welcome cheers Sorry I could not chose whitch pictures to put up so put them all up lol
  12. Josh-197

    My new 197 :)

    Hi i have not long since bought this 197 quite happy with it very fun car to drive I got the recros a week after I bought the car My plans are To get the back of the recaros raped in carbon fibre to match the dash I fancy a spoiler but I am stuck between the cup one or the Ktec stealth I...
  13. Josh-197

    Number of owners on a 197

    Hi I'm thinking of buying a 197 f1 in ly with recros and all the extras like f1 body kit etc it's done 36 thousand miles and he want around 8000 for it it's a 57 plate it has had 3 previouse owners should I be weary
  14. Josh-197

    Jase splitter

    I am thinking of gettin a jase splitter ffor my Clio mk3 I just want to know if it is the same one that is on the Clio mk3 sx as I have the sx kit on mine apart from the frunt splitter
  15. Josh-197

    Photoshop request please

    Will someone do me a quick photoshop please wanting my alloys in graphite grey or is it atharite grey please
  16. Josh-197

    What to do next pics inside

    I'm looking for ideas on what to do next as I am getting bored with my car but a ly 197 isn't an option ATM as my insurance it to high so I'm looking for idea on how to make my mk3 look better and help me love it agen. Apart from getting an Sx frunt splitter I'm stuck lol Mods up to yet its...
  17. Josh-197

    Clio mk3 coils or not ?

    I'm thinking of getting a set of ap coilovers it's lowered 45mil on h&rs ATM I think it looks well but could go lower what do you think Also wanting to get my alloys sprayed not sure what coupler tho any ideas?
  18. Josh-197

    clio mk3 boot buld

    i am thinking of doing a boot buld like the one in the picture hat do you think good idea or bad?
  19. Josh-197

    renault clio mk3 boot build

    thinking of doing somthing like this in my clio should i or should i not?
  20. Josh-197


    i have a jbl an vibe and an alpine sub and i dont know whitch one to keep and use in my car what would you chose?? cheers
  21. Josh-197

    Spray or wrap

    What do you all think? I have An sx body kit that needs fitting and spraying but one of mates said why don't I get it wrapped it is cheaper and does not chip... So I was thinking of geting my sx kit and door and bumper moulds wrapped what do you think is wrapping a good idea or is spraying better
  22. Josh-197

    25mil spacers all round

    Hi I am thinking of getting some 25mil spacers all round for my Clio mk3... What do you all think and what make would you recommend
  23. Josh-197

    photo shop request please

    hi im just wanting a photo shop doin as im unsure what to do. i want wanting my alloys and renault badges in a gloss black (shiny black) also want the bits on the doors and bumpers silver and finally the grills gloss black thanks
  24. Josh-197

    clio mk3 lowerd

    hi i had my clio mk3 lowerd this week on 45mil h&rs witch i am happy with the ride hasent reli been effected much but the performance has takes corners alot better. also got the origional alloys back on whitch im happy about thanks josh :) i am now looking to get it couler coded and the rear...
  25. Josh-197

    16inch canstasts of the dynamic s

    how much are they worth as i can get a set with tires for £225 plus vat jw if thats the goin rate
  26. Josh-197

    the start looking for advise on what to do to my mk3

    do the alloys suit the car as i may be geting some cancast ones? also in 2mind wever to get coiovers or 45mil H&Rs
  27. Josh-197

    k&N induction kit for mk3

    i am thinking of geting a K&N induction kit for my 1.4 Mk3 i was just woundering if it will make a differance in sound and does it gobble petrol like people have told me?
  28. Josh-197

    Rs grill

    i have a 2007 dynamice s and wanting a rs grill for it were do i get one from?