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  1. DomP182

    Fuel tank foam

    The black plastic wrap around my fuel tank pad has disintegrated, I think if I put just the foam back it would sponge up water and hold it against the floor pan. Would wrapping it in a black bag work, any other ideas?
  2. DomP182

    Refitting fuel tank

    I've had the fuel tank out of my 172, is there a procedure to reconnecting it all to purge air out of the system or will that not be a problem?
  3. DomP182

    HEL discount

    Does anyone know of a discount code for HEL Performance?
  4. DomP182

    Electrox over hydrate 80

    I'm doing some under body restoration, is in necessary or even advised to cover hydrate 80 in electrox or would it be acceptable to go straight over hydrate 80 with dynax ub?
  5. DomP182

    Braided brake lines

    I'm just looking for some clarification, I'm in the process of refurbing my rear beam and need to replace a few bits. One of these is the rear brake lines and the short flexis, can these be done away with altogether and just run new braided lines from the caliper right up to the rigid lines...
  6. DomP182

    Rusty beam

    I've stripped off my beam and mounts to powdercoat but I'm wondering if it's too far gone, the threaded studs for the brakeline clips are corroded to thin barely usable spikes. Is there a good solution to this or would I be best sourcing a better condition beam?
  7. DomP182

    Rear beam bolts

    I'm not getting a reply from RPD, does anyone know where else I can get the 6 rear beam bolts and nuts or whether using standard 130mm high tensile bolts is ok? I'd like to keep it standard really.
  8. DomP182

    Beam bushes

    I'm torn between Febi standard rear beam bushes and whiteline, is there much to gain with upgrading them?
  9. DomP182

    Brake hose part

    Before I strip the rear beam I want to get all the parts I'll need to replace ready, one part I cant seem to find is the metal clips that the flexi brake hoses attach into where they meet the beam bracket. What are they called and can they still be got from Renault?
  10. DomP182


    Can anyone link me to the guy or anyone who can make stickers?
  11. DomP182

    Washer problem

    Got a bit of a strange one with my screen washers, they are only working once every one and then and when not squirting I can hear the drivers side headlight motor run when the jets should be. I've stripped it all down, cleaned and trimmed the pump rubbers back but no change
  12. DomP182

    Rs badges on p2 172

    I'm bored and no cash to pump into the flamer but I do have a 200 style rs boot badge, I'm torn as to whether to fit it in place of the standard badge or over the clio badge holes. Standard, 197 or 200 badge? What are peoples opinions?
  13. DomP182

    C4 gone wrong

    A few weeks back I began treating all back plastics on my 172 but after they have cured the more heavily textured plastics like wing mirror edges and mounts have almost white/grey colouration in the textured dimples. Can I simply scrub clean dry and retreat of is a more radical approach required?
  14. DomP182

    Cleaning cast Aluminium

    Short of vapour blasting or similar is there anything I can use to clean up the white corrosion on cast alloy parts? The parts I want to clean are too fiddly to rub down with fine wire wool or auto sol really, I wondered if vinegar or a similar acid would work.
  15. DomP182

    Battery tray mounting

    Just a quick query, replaced my battery tray as it was cracked, is there meant to be anything like a rubber washer between the tray and the suspension turret? The hole in the tray for the bolt is pretty gappy and doesnt seem correct that it just mates up to the painted surface of the turret...
  16. DomP182

    Wet footwells again!

    This is doing my head in now! Car is parked pointing up hill, after I quick lunchtime investigation it seems water IS getting in through the bulkhead somewhere. All 3 scuttle drains are clear and not losing coolant so in guessing it's getting in through a bulkhead grommet. Attached a pic of...
  17. DomP182

    Poor mpg, low temp

    I've noticed my mpg has got pretty poor, around the low 30s and my temperature gauge sits a bar sometimes two below the halfway that 1*2s always sit at. Is this a fault thermostat, CTS or both/neither?
  18. DomP182

    Dynax ub

    I'm in the middle of an underside restoration (car is still on the axle stands after all the wind!) Where I've had to get back to bare metal I've coated with 2x hydrate 80, 2x electrox and was going to finish this off with Dynax UB. Will this be sufficiently robust or should I be putting a stone...
  19. DomP182

    Ren Breakers

    Has anyone used Ren Breakers on Ebay? I'm tempted by a bonnet they are selling. Delivery of a bonnet seems risky but they are offering it
  20. DomP182

    Rear caliper part

    What's the flat connecting bar that connects the sliders on the rear calipers called (yoke?) and what is its purpose? Mine are pretty rusted, are they still a available?
  21. DomP182

    Rear brake lines

    Wheres the best place to get rear brake lines? The union on mine has seized to the pipe meaning I've had to rotate the caliper to get it off
  22. DomP182

    Blow torch

    I need to get a blowtorch to free up caliper bleed nipples, which gases get hotest or rather which would be best for this purpose? Any recommended torches
  23. DomP182

    Front end respray

    My 172 is now mechanically sound after nearly a year of sorting various issues, I have had to replace a few lacquer peeled trims but what's really letting it down now is the bonnet and front bumper. The bumper if just stone chipped where as the bonnet is both chipped and dented from being shut...
  24. DomP182

    Bleed nipple length

    I'm gathering bits to overhaul my calipers but cant find a length for the bleed nipples, from searching on here I've confirmed what I thought from when I last did this that they are M7 x 1mm.
  25. DomP182

    172 handbrake cable

    I've done a bit of reading up which suggests using a 182 offside handbrake cable as they are a fair bit cheaper, is this still recommended?
  26. DomP182

    Stub axle bolts

    Is there a good reason for one of the four stub axle bolts on a 1*2 to be an M8 when the other four are M10s, theres room for it to be M10?
  27. DomP182

    Gearbox mega leak

    Well it's not a drip anymore! Topped up the box with rather more oil than I was hoping for only to be met by it lapping at my feet. It's too dark and cold for me to be bothered investigating further but it must be pretty bad. I thought it was coming from the selector bush but surely it cant...
  28. DomP182

    Battery drain testing

    I think ive got a battery drain problem, if left for a couple of weeks without being driven it will often struggle to start or worse. So with a few days off before Christmas I've tried to test it with a fully charged (new last year) battery and my multimeter inline between negative lead and...
  29. DomP182

    Spacers and shims

    I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and get some spacers to throw my cup off set turinis out a bit. I think I've decided on 15mm hubcentric fronts and 10mm rear hub spacers for the rear but I cant decide whether to get them with a bit of camber to go with the 1.5° I'm going to put on...
  30. DomP182

    Plugs under seats

    How the hell do these little buggers come apart? Fiddled around for ages while trying to swap my seats over, any tips?