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  1. cliosport-carl

    Trax 2018 ?

    What happened I remember going to Trax and being one of the biggest stands there. This year we where supposed to have 8 cars the stand could only fit 4 realistically but had 6 there and sadly I have no idea where the other 2 cars where. as the guys on stand said (sorry I didn't get...
  2. cliosport-carl

    My old clio braking on ebay

    I will also be adding more stuff throughout the week.. Thanks Carl
  3. cliosport-carl

    breaking clio 172 iceberg

    Link to my ebay page with lots of clio stuff on.. will update later throughout month
  4. cliosport-carl

    RS Tuner with 197 help??

    Ive got my tuner and i had it running on my 172 i know i need a licence key however its to do with the initial start up of the program i find i will not connect at all unless i start my car then connect it then turn it off again i have got a 2006 197 with keyless ignition and i have tried...
  5. cliosport-carl

    nimbus 197 daily come track day car

    so few weeks ago i decided to leave my little 172 alone and see if i would be able to get on with a 197 so its a 2006 87k one owner with tinted windows and cornering lights with the 6 cd changer i paid a small amount for it its got a full service history sadly no cambelt however i have now had...
  6. cliosport-carl

    problem starting starter heat shield??

    i have changed my gearbox a few weeks ago and for reasons i have no idea i removed the starter more than i normally do then had to remove the wiring to get everything back on.. since then it started clicking like the battery was flat but this was not the case after a look and a fiddle moving the...
  7. cliosport-carl

    black PH1 red cage and wheels A46 Sunday

    I was in the iceberg ph2 wiht the blue cage and was around 1.45 ish
  8. cliosport-carl

    Waxstock clios

    Several in the show and shine Inc my caged iceberg 172.. LY 200 Titanium 182 trophy spoiler Inferno charged 182 RB 200 White 197 with red wheels Black 197 Indoor 172 cup looked new with itg Then in the carpark was a few more but only remember the ag 200
  9. cliosport-carl

    2004 Iceberg 172 cup Willi wheels Tesco Stratford upon Avon

    Just been in to do the weekly shop at about 6.15 and there was a lovely looking 172 cup with Williams wheels painted anthracite..
  10. cliosport-carl

    New PMS Porn exhaust

    The old exhaust is off and a nice smooth refit the new system is on And it sounds and looks amazing feels different to god knows why.. It fitted as it says it would very nice the only thing I didn't like was cutting my bumper but I'm so glad I did
  11. cliosport-carl

    Pure motorsport exhaust

    i think i am getting old i have had a supersprint stealth on my car for around 2 years and loved it however recently i put a oreca group N which i liked but wasnt to happy with as again its stupidly loud before FCS i put my Stealth back on as i knew it passes noise and it did at 99db the...
  12. cliosport-carl

    javelin trackday Donington Park 18/04/2016

    so i have got plenty of pics from other cars which when i get home i will post however i was given over 40 pics of my car and here are a few favourites.
  13. cliosport-carl

    172 Pure Motorsport exhaust pics needed

    I'm worried my Oreca group N might have a few issues on track because its very loud i have been looking at the PMS one that you need to cut the bumper off and am unsure what it would look like on a ph2 has anybody got any pics ?? This is mine with my home-made baffle
  14. cliosport-carl

    Changing the diff oil seal

    over the next few days im going to be changing the gearbox oil seal which sits on the drivers side shaft mine is leaking and im looking for any pictures or help on how far in the seal should sit and if there are any tricks to getting it done Its getting such a state under there now and beings im...
  15. cliosport-carl

    Bg 182 triumph factory 1 carpark

    Am on a training course today at the factory and have walked past it had a few stickers on.
  16. cliosport-carl

    Arctic blue 182 cup packed breaking lots of parts listed on ebay
  17. cliosport-carl

    Black ph1 Stratford upon Avon

    Seen a clean looking black ph1 172 on the Birmingham road around midday
  18. cliosport-carl

    Curbrough sprint track yesterday

    There where a couple that I seen only spectating though we'll at least I think they where there was a trophy with a safety device cage turned up and ph2 flamer which I only seen briefly and some form of ph2 v6
  19. cliosport-carl

    Output shaft seal leaking still help

    I lifted the car today to find a clunk however found the seal leaking again this is the 2nd one I have had that has leaked any ideas to what might be up the last time it was fitted buy the guy that rebuilt my box
  20. cliosport-carl

    Performance Friction Pads

    Right I have been looking on the net for a part number for a set of performance friction z rated pads for the clio and cannot find any can somebody please advise on what it could be thanks
  21. cliosport-carl

    PMS aircon delete kit help

    I transferred this from my other car and fitted a new belt however a couple of days ago there was a little squeak coming from there and it happens every now and then but regularly I have tightened the belt up once then it went away went for a drive and it was back so tightened it up again this...
  22. cliosport-carl

    Yozza sport exhausts

    Right im going to be on the look out for a yozza but I know people like to share there pics I am after a 172 yozza sport non recessed however 182 197 recessed I don't mind lets see what we have and yeah googles good but its nice to have a personal spin
  23. cliosport-carl

    172 cup and titanium ph1 being washed old milverton

    Seen you washing the ph 1 whilst it was jacked up and the cup had tds 1.2 and a cut out exhaust I didn't beep as I was in a van time was 11.50
  24. cliosport-carl

    black 53 plate 172 stratford upon avon western road

    I work down western road and I have seen this a couple of times its a 53 plate in black looks lowered with an exhaust just seen you leave at 17.05
  25. cliosport-carl

    alpine 6x9 speekers

    here is a link to my eBay page the speakers are in good condition but they do have a wire soldered to one of the speaker wires however works perfectly any questions please ask however they where on the car when brought...
  26. cliosport-carl

    Arctic blue 182 southam Tesco Monday

    Seen you at the petrol station and thought it would be rude not to park behind you [emoji106] car friend
  27. cliosport-carl

    Gaz Gha rear coliovers

    I am looking to upgrade my rear coilovers and have found the kit on eBay: and out of interest has anybody brought the kit and how long where people waiting and how are they ??
  28. cliosport-carl

    abs ecu

    right few things i wanna ask i have been trying to plug my 2002 ph2 172 into my rs tuner the car has no esp or cc just abs when loading the software it doesn't come up with the abs ecu only the ecu and airbag ecu.... i want to know should my reader be able to pick up my abs ecu as its one of the...
  29. cliosport-carl

    Rb 182 cup packed pizza hut cov

    We have parked behind it in a 175dci megane at 19.34 needs a little bit of a clean
  30. cliosport-carl

    rs tuner help on abs

    right i have brought my rs tuner and plugged it in for the diag tool on my 182 everything looks good but my 2002 ph 2 172 i have had the abs light on over the last few months and i thought with the rs tuner i would be able to go in and turn off the light however my 182 i can see the abs ecu and...