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  1. jimmy_b

    Acoustic valve

    What purpose does the acoustic valve have on the cold air feed on the std airbox?
  2. jimmy_b

    F4R dephaser removal

    Hey, I part own a 172 cup with my brother for the pure purpose of having it on track to save my 182. The issue is that the engine has now covered 115k in the cup and the dephaser has started the usual rattle do obvious route to take it to replace it and the belt as normal. Due to it being...
  3. jimmy_b

    Front brake pads

    I need to upgrade the front brakes on my 182 as I cooked them at last track day. I'm going for brembo hc discs but can't decide between ds2500 pads or carbone Lorraine? Its my daily driver so I want something that is suitable to run daily and work well from cold
  4. jimmy_b

    Brake caliper mounting

    Hey. Does anyone know the bolt hole spacing for the front calipers on a 182? The spacing between the bolt which mount it to the hub Cheers
  5. jimmy_b

    urgent rear brake problem

    hey ppl, ive just put a set of rotas on my 182 while my turinies are getting a refurb. when i put the rears on they hit the rear caliper and locked the brake on. i have removed the wheels but now the rear brakes will not turn freely. they will turn approx 3/4 of a rotation then lock solid...
  6. jimmy_b

    ph1 titanium silver forsale
  7. jimmy_b

    non-runner ph1 172

    hey ppl, ive got a 2000 ph1 172 which doesnt start. the previous owner connected the battery the wrong way and reversed the polarity to the ecu. i have no fuel pressure (pumps not working) and no spark. all fuses are ok and first thoughts were ecu as the engine still cranks just doesnt fire. i...
  8. jimmy_b

    car prices??

    hey ppl. ive recently purchased a ph1 172 in very clean condition as a non-runner which i am fixing atm. its silver 2000my with 115k on the clock and some history. what do ppl reckon its worth if i was to fix and sell on?? idea was to keep it for a track toy but since i got it to my workshop...
  9. jimmy_b

    Who's clio have I bought??

    Hey ppl. I've just bough a non-running ph1 172 off a mate ashe connected the battery the wrong way and killed the ecu. I noticed it has a cliosport tax disc holder and it's in very clean condition. Reg is w948 nwp. Anyone know who it belonged to? I believe my mate bought it from essex James
  10. jimmy_b

    exhaust alignment issues

    hey ppl, just fitted a ktec supersport system to my 182 today and cant fault it, although i am having problems lining it up propperly. the std system never sat right either which drove me mad!! any tips?
  11. jimmy_b

    silver 182 in bury

    hey, anyone know whos drives the silver cup packed 182 in bury? i keep seeing it about on moreton hall. just looks 100% std james
  12. jimmy_b

    quick pic of my 182

    just a quick one, 37k, titanium silver, satnav, cup packs, eibach sportlines and turinis
  13. jimmy_b

    high level brake light fault??

    hello people, i have a 182 ff and the high level brake light has stopped working. i have checked the light unit itself but thats ok. are there any known problems for these not working or am i just going to have to get down and dirty with the wiring? cheers james
  14. jimmy_b

    gd04 ubx? silver 182 cup packs, b.s.e

    seen it a few times now, silver 04 plate 182 with cup packs in bury st edmunds
  15. jimmy_b

    suspension choices

    hello ppl, im planing on using my 182 on track, but it is also my daily driver. i have different wheels and tyres for track but i what should i do about suspension? i want it to be comfortable but better for track than the std suspension any advice? james
  16. jimmy_b

    loud screeching noise ??

    before ppl sale about speeds etc, i know i shouldnt be doing more than 70mph, but has anyone ever had a problem with a very loud screeching which can be heard at 100mph?? when you drop below 100 then it goes. ive not pushed it above once its made the noise. sounds metal on metal screech but no...
  17. jimmy_b

    eibach pros vs sports

    anyone got any pics of clios running both eibach pros and sports? im undecided on which to go for on my 182. i want to reduce the arch gap but not looking to go stupid low cheers james
  18. jimmy_b

    noise from warm

    once my 182 is warmed up, you can here a slight tapping/knocking noise on idle. its easier to hear inside the car, altho it can be heard coming from the drivers side of the engine bay. it had a cambelt and aux belt in 2010 at watford renault i tried to get a video of the sound but you couldnt...
  19. jimmy_b

    jms motorsport van

    as title. there was a jms motorsport van sat outside my work this morning, mazda in bury st edmunds, was that jms from here?
  20. jimmy_b

    nite photos

    finally got some good nite photos of the 182. camera is old and only 2mp but its done well over the years fri nite and then sat nite i hit a munkjack at 60mph, typical that the cup splitter only lasted a few days :mad: new fog and splitter on order. the paint is...
  21. jimmy_b

    cup suspension on a 182

    im thinking about maybe getting some cup springs for my 182. i dont want to lower it much neither do i want to spoil the ride comfort. what is the main difference between cup and std suspension, or would i be better off looking into some eibach pro's? cheers james
  22. jimmy_b

    tuner list

    hello ppl, my 182 has a tuner list headunit and satnav. is it possible to get an ipod connecter for my current setup? i was given a jack lead by my bro but it didnt fit the tuner list in my otherhalfs dci? any ideas? cheers james
  23. jimmy_b

    i said i would leave it standard ..............

    well ive had my 182 for 2weeks now and love it to bits. handles soo well and drives spot on. anyway, when i bought it i "said" i would be leaving this one std. only problem is that i havent already. first up is a cup spoiler. convindence the missus it would look alot better with a cup spoiler...
  24. jimmy_b

    cup spings?

    whats the difference between std 182 springs on a ff and the cup springs from the cup pack?
  25. jimmy_b

    interference engine?

    a friend has a 2000 reg clio 1.4 (unsure if its 8v or 16v) but its a phase2. the cambelt has snapped on it, but the question i ask is are these engines valve safe or is it likely to of bent the valves? i havent had a chance to take alook at it yet so after a heads up really cheers james
  26. jimmy_b

    heater and mid panel removal

    my missus has a 2004 clio dci. the bulbs in the multi-info display and the heater control panels have all blown. how do you get these panels out?? many thanks in advance
  27. jimmy_b

    centre console removal

    please delete
  28. jimmy_b

    centre console removal

    please delete
  29. jimmy_b

    speedline turinies

    i fancy a set for my 182 but how much should i expect to pay for a set? i can get a set of 4 brand new from my local renault dealer for £610 rims only (tyres arent important really)
  30. jimmy_b

    my new 182 - cleaned

    well ive owned it only a week and absolutely love it. only thing that really bugs me is the exhaust sits wonky. just needs a trim and adjust i think. anyway, afterwork on sat i put it in the vallet bay and gave it a really good clean. photos are before the polish, as its still sat in my garage...