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  1. Short Legs

    transferring photo's from iphone to laptop

    I'm trying to transfer 7000 photos from an iPhone onto my laptop, however when I connect the iPhone to my laptop it only shows 600 photos. I've watched a few how to videos on youtube and changed a few setting but can still only see and transfer the same 600 photos. any ideas?
  2. Short Legs

    merge PDF

    anyone know how to merge PDF files without having to buy acrobat pro at £15 a month!!
  3. Short Legs

    Snow foam only works on one car?

    Right just washed our cars and used the snow foam, but for some reason it only worked properly on one of the three cars. On the other two it loosened the dirt but didn’t allow it to be removed with the pressure washer. any ideas why it would work on one but not on another.
  4. Short Legs

    Portal TV Facebook camera thingy

    anyone got one of these. My brother lives in Canada and regularly facetimes my parents. Just thinking about getting them one for Christmas. They currently use their iPhone etc to video chat with him. I'm wondering how does the Portal camera work does it connect via you iPhone/iPad and use the...
  5. Short Legs

    Planning a Euro Road Trip

    just starting to plan a Euro road trip for around next June. Currently thinking of Portsmouth to Bilbao on ferry Barcelona Monaco Alps /Lake Como up through Switzerland (via Furka Pass area etc) then onto either Nürburgring or Spa (trying to arrange this for when there's a race on) possibly...
  6. Short Legs

    recommend me an aftermarket head unit

    can anyone recommend me an aftermarket head unit that provides phone hands free and music streaming facility (single din).
  7. Short Legs

    Gap insurance help

    I want to get some gap insurance for my wife’s car which is coming up to five years old. We’ve found that because we’ve owned the car for over six months (just) it’s difficult to get cover. We bought the car in mid January this year. Anyone else had this issue and git any recommendations
  8. Short Legs

    email issue, quick question

    just realised that I'm not receiving emails from two of my customers. Emails are coming in from other companies but anything from these two aren't coming through. Coincidently they are both located within half a mile of each other. Could it be something to do with a hardware network problem...
  9. Short Legs

    Dip s**t lost his only 182 car key

    My lad has lost his one and only 182 key. He parked on our drive got something out of his boot and came in the house. He didn’t leave the house until he started to look for his key. So it’s either in the house or in the boot (if that’s possible). Two questions 1. Is it possible to lock the...
  10. Short Legs

    Tyre age code

    Wonder if someone can confirm the age of some tyres. I think they are 2002!!!! My lad recently bought a 182 with two sets of wheels. We’ve sealed the tyre round so the best four are on the car. However the front of the car seams to pull left/right too much under acceleration. Some I thought...
  11. Short Legs

    White (cosworth) Kangoo Doncaster

    For my sins I’ve just had to pay the Yorkshire outlet in Doncaster a visit. While there I saw a Kangoo sporting some large white alloys and big Brembo brakes. Then when driving past it, i saw it had a cosworth sticker on the back door. Now looking at its stance it could well have had rwd or 4wd...
  12. Short Legs

    Show us your 1*2 gear knobs

    Just bought a 182 and the gear knob is still the original one and needs replacing. Since they are a b**ch to get off I think this one will be cut off. Thinking of an OEM replacement, but unsure what else would suit the car.any one know the cost of an OEM knob? Is the phase 1 knob an...
  13. Short Legs

    Tatton classic and Perfomamce car show

    Anyone been to this or going tomorrow. Looks to be a fair large event. Only wanted to put a post up about the event not sure what I’ve done here...
  14. Short Legs

    Outlook keeps asking for password again and again

    just come back to my laptop and there's a window open in outlook asking for my password. The password is there so I click ok and the window disappears but then it immediately reappears. It will not stay closed. I've goggled the issue and one resolution I've found suggested going into credential...
  15. Short Legs

    Blue 182 plate ending in XEE Doncaster

    I was in traffic next to you this morning and I'm sure I'm sure I've seen you a few times over the past few weeks. Just wondered who it was :tonguewink:
  16. Short Legs

    Classic car rally on now in North Yorkshire

    I'm sat in a pub in Hawes in the Yorkshire dales and there have been loads of classic cars coming past all rally prepared. Can anyone find any information on the event. I've failed. We we're supposed to be doing some waking tomorrow but the other half has suggested finding out where the rally...
  17. Short Legs

    Cumbria international car show

    Anyone been to this in the past, I was thinking of going but it's a two hour drive.
  18. Short Legs

    compacting outlook data file

    need help. My outlook data file is at it's maximum capacity. So I've deleted a large amount of emails and although they have been deleted and cannot been seen in outlook they are still held in the data file and will not go until the data file has been compacted. I've tried manually compacting...
  19. Short Legs

    IT Help, certain web page will not open via wi-fi

    I use various online storage website through work to upload our drawings to (4projects, conject etc). Today while I had conject open (but not using it) it timed out, so as usual I refreshed the page to log back in but the log in page wouldn't open. Now it will not open at all, I have links for...
  20. Short Legs

    restoring iphone messages/conversations

    first of all what a w**k button to have in imessages - delete conversation, pick it once and boom all your texts messages to that person are gone, none of this "are you sure". Just bang they are gone. I was deleting a couple of messages from my brother and picked delete conversation by mistake...
  21. Short Legs

    Driving lessons on uk roads at 16?

    I was told the other day that when my cousins daughter recived her provisional driving license, it was marked as being valid from before her 17th birthday (obviously she is still 16). Once her driving instructor knew this he took her out in the car saying it was legal. ive googled it but...
  22. Short Legs

    quickest way to transfer my contacts onto my wife's iphone

    while updating my wifes iphone my son managed to totally wipe the phone. Whats the quickest way of transferring some of my contacts to her phone (both phones are an iphone 4).
  23. Short Legs

    Movie2k - talk to me.

    Apparently it's a website from what you can watch all sorts of movies including new cinema releases. My kids have said that quite a few kids at school are using it. My questions are is it a safe website and is it legal?
  24. Short Legs

    Snapfish 1p prints - ends 13-01-13

    Up to 75 6x4 prints from Snapfish for 1p each. Promo code 1PRT2013 ends tonight 13-01-13
  25. Short Legs

    iPhone on virgin mobile

    Anyone on here use a iPhone on virgin mobile. My son wants a new phone for Christmas and he is thinking of either a HTC or an iPhone (this week he prefers the iPhone). He's currently on a blackberry contract with virgin, so I was thinking of getting him a new iPhone 4 and asking VM for a micro...
  26. Short Legs

    Do windows ring to tell you your computer is infected.

    Just had a phone call on the house phone from some foreign bloke claiming to be from windows (not Microsoft). He proceeded to tell me that they've had notifications that my computer has been infected and that the bad guys are using it to get all my personal information. I hung up on him. The...
  27. Short Legs

    iPhone 4 will not turn on

    all of a sudden my iphone 4 went dead yesterday, blank screen and will not turn on. I've search for this problem but all the posted seam quite old, just wondered if anyone had any updated info regarding my problem. There was plenty of power left in the battery, but I plugged it in to see if it...
  28. Short Legs

    iPhone 3G restriction passcode help

    I'm just about to sell my sons iPhone 3G but need to reset it, and to do this we need to know the restriction passcode. He never set the restriction passcode and in the short time he's had the phone he's never sync'd it to his laptop. We got the phone off his auntie who has told us what her...
  29. Short Legs

    Anyone still got their winter tyres on?

    Just wondering if anyone who has got them still have their winter tyres on? I was going to take mine off during that hot spell a couple of weeks ago, but with a holiday coming up (last week) around snowdon I decided to leave them on. Glad I did as there was still plenty off snow about when we...
  30. Short Legs

    Seatbelt locking with car parking in sun???

    my seatbelt has started playing up, the other day no matter how I pulled at it (slow/fast/up/down) it would only move half an inch then lock. It took bleedin ages to get it out to put it on. Then the day after all was fine. Then the next afternoon same again locking up at the slightest pull...