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  1. JamesBryan

    XBOX App on Windows 10 - Weird connection issues

    Asking for a mate. Brief outline is, he's got a game called Sea of Thieves on his laptop which runs Windows 10. It's an online game i believe, so it needs an internet connection to run in conjunction with the Xbox console app. The problem: It runs fine at his house on his wifi network. It...
  2. JamesBryan

    Suspension misconceptions - Preload and height adjustment

    Been reading a bit more about alignment and suspension setups recently. One thing i came across was some posts from guys who setup race cars, like LMP2 and such like. They had a few interesting things to say which i couldn't quite get my head around until they linked to this video. Pretty...
  3. JamesBryan

    Clio being driven like a dick at Croft

    Seen this pop up on a few Facebook pages. What an absolute bell!
  4. JamesBryan

    Snap On ATECH3FR250B

    Anyone got one of these? Looking to get one mainly for the angle torque tightening feature.
  5. JamesBryan

    Time Attack - Cadwell Park

    Anyone else on here go to this? Could watch this car go round all day!
  6. JamesBryan

    PBS Pads Halloween Deal

    Just seen that PBS are doing free rears with every order. Picked up another set for mine.
  7. JamesBryan

    Mysterious Clicking UCH

    For a while now I get the odd clicking sound from the UCH/relays, a bit like if you were to activate the wipers for one cycle. I doesn't do it all the time either. I did think it was linked to my rear wiper which started having a mind of its own when i turned the ignition on, so i pulled the...
  8. JamesBryan

    Megane R26 430bhp (500bhp+ potential)

    A lad over on RSMegane has built this up over the past year, a lot of money gone into it. I've seen it in person and the engine is a work of art. Full build thread can be seen on the RSMegane forum Has the potential to...
  9. JamesBryan

    Europe's quickest FWD car

    Was at Santa Pod for the Doorslammers event over the weekend and this car was one of many that caught my eye. Mega quick. Still a B18 engine but with a big turbo and about 45psi of boost on E85. Around 1400bhp!
  10. JamesBryan

    British GT at Oulton Park - Live Stream

    Live stream for today's race at Oulton.
  11. JamesBryan

    Wheel Alignment - String Method

    Found this handy DIY alignment calculator for anyone looking to do their alignment via the string method. Possibly make this a sticky, mods? @Knuckles @James
  12. JamesBryan

    Autosport 2018

    Saw @M.C.. black gold track car looking clean at Autosport today!
  13. JamesBryan

    Pissed off drivers/Motorsport crashes

    Saw this on another forum and thought it was quite funny. Driver didn't seem too happy and slung his helmet into the air 😂 Anyone got any other moments captured on camera? Look how far it goes 😂
  14. JamesBryan

    Good news for AST fans

    No more dealings with Curtis at AST UK. As of today AST UK is being run through Cooksport with Josh Cook himself.
  15. JamesBryan

    Clios at Oulton today (28th Jan)

    Few clios today at Oulton. Boosted silver 182 that was really quick on the straights. Silver 172 driven really well, brakes were glowing coming into Old Hall corner!
  16. JamesBryan

    Rear wiper has a mind of it's own

    Bit of a weird one, but recently when i pull the stalk back to spray my front windscreen the rear wiper also activates. It goes on for about half a dozen wiping motions before it stops, and when it stops it finishes short of it's normal resting position. I'm guessing it's a wiring/UCH issue...
  17. JamesBryan

    Wheel/Tyre Suspension Clearance

    Just fitted my camber bolts and had them dialed in to -1.5 deg. I'm now thinking the inside edge of the tyre might be too close to the suspension spring, especially on track under hard cornering. I can just get my fingers in the gap between the two, so say roughly 10mm +/-. Is that enough...
  18. JamesBryan

    Android M

    So, the developer preview of Android M has been out for a few weeks now. Has anyone installed it on their Nexus devices yet? I'm thinking about it. A mate of mine has had it for a while and he's happy with it, he says the battery life is very impressive now. Left overnight with everything...
  19. JamesBryan

    Dragster breaks in half!

    Don't you just hate it when you're going down the drag strip at nearly 300mph and your car breaks in half!
  20. JamesBryan

    Christmas present help

    The parents have hinted for a camera for Christmas this year, for when they go on holidays and such like. Me and my dad already have a 5d mk3 and various lenses, but they don't want to be carrying that around with them. So what i'm really looking for is a decent compact/bridge camera that has...
  21. JamesBryan

    Tow Strap Fitting?

    Wasn't sure which section to put this in... Anyway, back in March I had a trackday at Oulton and a slight collision with another car (he hit me). The only real damage was to the tow eye. This resulted in it being bent upwards and to one side slightly. I have another trackday coming up and i'm...
  22. JamesBryan

    ATE Super R Blue Dot 4 Brake Fluid - 1 Litre only £10!

  23. JamesBryan

    Bleeding Brakes

    Does anyone know the diameter of silicon hose required to fit on the bleed nipple? and also, will 1 litre of fluid be enough to flush and replace the current fluid?
  24. JamesBryan

    Panel Wipe

    Just a few questions regarding panel wipe. Is it meant/safe to be used straight out of the tin i.e. neat? Or do you dilute it like you would with IPA? I intend on using it for bodywork/glass. Can it be used on plastic trim or is that a no no? Last question. Could i use it to wipe down during...
  25. JamesBryan

    750WHP Homemade Monster

    Sounds good :approve:
  26. JamesBryan

    Juke-R + Street Race

    Reckon the other cars are trying.... or is it really that quick?
  27. JamesBryan

    RSTuning RR Day Thanks to Jon.G for organising this meet today and for Paul and the team at RSTuning for running it all smoothly. I'll not post up all of my pics.... so just a few, and i'll link the rest to Flickr...
  28. JamesBryan

    V6 YEL - Acid Yellow v6 - A49 towards Oulton Park/Tarporley...

    First time i've seen one in the flesh. Anyone on here?