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  1. Dr Jekyll

    Speedline 2118 centre caps

    Made some center caps for my 2118s using some "Renault" caps off ebay and some 60mm x 2mm perspex tube. I measured the gap between the hub lip and the edge of the wheel, which is 9.5mm. I aroldited the rear of the caps in rings once the tube was cut at 9mm (wanted a little gap) Filled and...
  2. Dr Jekyll

    Caffeine & Machine meet

    Following on from @Bubbles thread ?
  3. Dr Jekyll

    Custom show plates on cleaned RB182

    Few months back i made some "custom show plates" which was plain plates, wrapped in white vinyl and the front cut in 3/4 size. I had some Renault Sport stickers made up also. The white vinyl lifted in places so i decided to spray them. I did them again but with rattle cans, but had a reaction to...
  4. Dr Jekyll

    New years pics of the RB.

    Chucked them on the Facebook page and thought I'd share on here too. The roads was quiet and I didn't drink much on NYE so got out in the morning for a few snaps. Also hit 130k today too. Happy New Year!
  5. Dr Jekyll

    Renault Sport Colours

    Met up with @Ricardos @Sash and @.Joe to go to a couple of local spots down Richards way for a few pics and also for a catch up and some chips and ice cream on the southend sea front. Here are the snaps of the car shots. As always, comments and criticism welcome.
  6. Dr Jekyll

    Recommend me a set of wireless headphones for under £100

    Tired of using in-earphones and fancy a change. Been looking at the JBL E55's but open to recommendation.
  7. Dr Jekyll

    Cat mod

    I have just bought a ktec ultra exhaust system. It comes with a sleeved decat. I have spoke to ktec asking if the sell the adapter for the system which allows you to use the standard cat but I've not had a reply yet. Was just wandering, if the adapter is not available, then I'd modify my cat...
  8. Dr Jekyll

    Few pics from Snetterton

    Went to Snetterton on thursday for the eveing session with a work friend and 2 others. We was in a black R26 and the 2 others was in a white DC5 and silver R26. I took my camera as i wanted to have a go at track day pics. Some are not fully in focus but happy with the attempt. Thought i'd share...
  9. Dr Jekyll

    Dirty/Clean, Liquid/Racing with white wheels

    Had a small clio tinker day with @Ricardos yesterday which included a McDonald's breakfast, fitting some wheel studs, lots of coffee, general check over, car cleaning in the rain and a few pics. Here are some of the pics.
  10. Dr Jekyll

    Mondial & Racing Blue: Pt 3

    Met up with Steve @MrBlonde today after the South East/North Weald meet and got some pics on our 1*2's in a car park. It stank of piss and was a bit grotty, but good for taking pics. Full set is here: As...
  11. Dr Jekyll

    PMS top mounts with Bilstein B14 coilovers.

    Who runs the above setup. I've fitted mine and they feel great when on the road, but when I'm on loose ground the knock. It's a wobbling sound, like there loose but everything is tight. I know they have added washers, but I'm just wandering if others with the same setup have had these issues...
  12. Dr Jekyll

    Clio 182ff powerflex anti roll bar bushes.

    Can anybody recommend me the best place to buy road series anti roll bar polybushes clio my clio 182 ff. I've measured the roll bar and it's 25mm so I've found a set of inners on euro car parts website. This is good as I can use a discount code and there is one branch that is local to me...
  13. Dr Jekyll

    Chance to own a piece of max power history.....
  14. Dr Jekyll

    A few pics of Scott's Spec-C RA (With my own review on the day and the car)

    I normally just add pictures into a thread a post them on here but this time i thought i'd share my experience on the car from throughout the day as it has a fairly big following. I know Scott would like this as he has been very excited for the pics to be published and mentioned that it would be...
  15. Dr Jekyll

    Coolant bottle swap - Clio 182.

    I snapped my top coolant pipe of the expansion tank this morning when removing my breather pipe. I took a pic of how it is below. The car has not been started at all. I've ordered a new bottle from euro car parts which I'm picking up tonight. My coolant is decent enough so is it a case of just...
  16. Dr Jekyll

    Mk1 Ford Escort pics

    Had the pleasure of taking some pics of a workmate's friends Escort. Thought i would share them on here. And the full set here: As always, comments and criticism welcome, both on the car and on the pics...
  17. Dr Jekyll

    Few pics of MrBlonde's 172 Cup

    Met up with Steve @MrBlonde to grab a few snaps of he's 172. Hope you enjoy and as always, comments and criticism welcome :smile: And the full set here:
  18. Dr Jekyll

    Bilstein B14 rear shocks (172/182)

    Does anybody know where I can get just a set of rears? I have the full b14 coilovers kit on. I think my OSR is going but the rest of the kit is fine, so I just want to buy a pair of rears.
  19. Dr Jekyll

    1987 Escort RS Turbo

    Only on 27k, looks mint. Big dollar though...
  20. Dr Jekyll

    Supercharged, full resto, E39 M5.

    Lot of dough but an amazing car. (And a decent advert for once!)
  21. Dr Jekyll

    Lovely S2 Peugeot 106 GTi Turbo 240bhp

    £6000 and a decent advert. Looks lovely and I bet it goes well...
  22. Dr Jekyll

    Lovely R5 GT Turbo Raider on eBay
  23. Dr Jekyll

    Breakfast meet: The Hare, Roxwell. 06.05.17 - 8:30am

    Another breakfast meet is happening here. It's a great location with nice food and a vast array of great cars. Some pics can be found here: It officially starts at 9am but I would recommend you get there...
  24. Dr Jekyll

    Nissan 370z Nismo Black Edition

    Through a mutual friend, i was approached to take some pics of this for the owner as he'd seen of my pics and like them. After arranging to date & time to meet him, i drove to Ely (1.2 hrs away from me) yesterday to take some pics. Its a very nice car and has so much road presence! It looks...
  25. Dr Jekyll

    Mondial & Racing Blue: Pt 2

    I met up with Steve (@MrBlonde) this morning for a few early morning pics as the roads and a little industrial estate that is not far from us that was empty. The cars have changed a tad since we did Pt 1, which can be found here:
  26. Dr Jekyll

    My friend's modified ED30 (Love/Hate)

    Took some pics of my friends Golf the other day. Its a pretty mad spec and love it or hate it, it goes really well. It has a big spec, but the current figures are 399bhp and 398ft lbs and it goes like a scolded cat!:openmouth: I'm sure it will divide opinions but i thought i'd share on here...
  27. Dr Jekyll

    Photography in London.

    Am going into London over the weekend to use the camera and practise more, however I don't know London a great deal. I know it's a big place, but im looking at interesting places to shoot, without being too touristy, if that makes sense? I found this website that has given me some ideas but...
  28. Dr Jekyll

    Various City Settings (Clio Pic Heavy)

    Met up with @Ricardos yesterday to get some pics of the RB and LY. Wanted to try the city of London as it offers some variation and its not that far from us both, plus i wanted to use my camera more. We met in Beckton, and hit The Docklands, Helsinki Square, Hackney, and a few others and we...
  29. Dr Jekyll

    Where is the best/cheapest place to get new Bilstein B14 kit for the 1*2's?

    As above really. Not sure what the cheapest place in the UK is? I know the German site has gone up in value now.
  30. Dr Jekyll

    Best place for rear aero wiper blades.

    I'm sure I've seen someone on here have some for the rear. Where is the best/cheapest place for aero blades in 12" for the rear of a ph2.