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  1. Clart

    Android Notifications

    Been using the Huawei P20 mate pro for a week and i've got mixing feelings coming from apple. The notifications are no where near as good as IOS, possibly because you have to configure them all manually. I cannot get any notification detail or preview to show on the lock screen. So if i have a...
  2. Clart

    BJ05 CCZ

    Anyone know this car? Has it been in the forum?£2950.822993/
  3. Clart

    Nimbus 200 - anyone know this car?
  4. Clart

    The new TV thread

    Be nice to keep all TV experiences and opinions in one thread so here goes. Looking for a 55-60" 4K HDR, budget of £1000. Any recommendations? So far I've found in this bracket with good reviews Hisense 55M5500 Samsung UE55KU6000 Panasonic TX58DX700B Sony KD55XD8005 55"
  5. Clart

    Cycling jerseys and bibs + nike air max Open to offers
  6. Clart

    Renault Megane Scenic 2.0l VVT Dynamique - £1500 Great car - no issues at all, very reliable. Family owned for 6 years.
  7. Clart

    KTM Revelator di2 road bike Please contact me for further information if required.
  8. Clart

    Racing Blue 182 Sheffield M1 9/8/15

    CS sticker, spotted joining the M1 Sheffield at 6pm ish. I was in the ST. Reg number was something like M80 XC?
  9. Clart

    Streaming Radio

    So I'm stuck at work today doing pretty much fcuk all. I want to listen to the football and the F1 on the radio but I can't seem to stream anything as all the sites are blocked (including proxies) yet I can access youtube and facebook. Any ideas?
  10. Clart

    2007 BMW E90 335D M SPORT BLACK AUTO Selling up after 2 months of expensive ownership - all the right bits done for the new owner.
  11. Clart

    Oak Dressing Table
  12. Clart

    ebay clearout will be listing some more stuff later today, kids clothes, car parts, camera bits
  13. Clart

    Need help with a Batch file

    I need to create a dos batch file that will move text files that contain specific characters to another folder. Help please!
  14. Clart

    HTC one lens issue

    Just noticed this weird effect on the lens. I have just been running and it was warm and sweaty.
  15. Clart

    Xbox Live - July Sale

    Some decent games here. Xbox 360 (for both Gold and Silver Members) July Ultimate Games Sale From 8/7/14 to 14/7/14 Street Fighter X Tekken Games on Demand 75% off - £7.49 Skyrim Games on Demand 67% off - £8.25 Dishonored Games on Demand 67% off - £4.99 Amazing Spiderman 2 Games on Demand 33%...
  16. Clart


    Quick wash using RDS (seems much better than snow foam), hubikote shampoo, and C2V3. Imperial and iron out on wheels and Crystal on the glass. Love a clean arctic. Was probably more like an hour and a half actually.
  17. Clart

    Insurance claim - Fire/electrical damage

    Had some electrical issues with my touran - interior light fuse kept going and one day it melted the fuse and there was some smoke out of the interior lights. I took it to the garage to get the lights fixed and its not good news. They've taken the dash out and the wires right down to the fusebox...
  18. Clart

    Cheap Nilfisk I've got this - decent value!
  19. Clart

    VW Touran

    Now on ebay
  20. Clart

    Cabasse Aux link

    I need a cheap product to play my HTC one through my cabasse radio. Any suggestions?
  21. Clart

    Nike Free Run, Adidas Freemont Size 11
  22. Clart

    Speedline turini spiggot rings

    Just had some tyres fitted and I've got terrible wheel wobble. The fitter said the spiggot rings are fcuked. Without me going outside to remove the wheel anyone know what size I need? I know the hub is 60.1
  23. Clart

    BMW Forums

    I've got my heart set on a 330d but i want one thats been looked after - are there any forums that i might find a decent car on?
  24. Clart

    Rear Windows - strange marks

    I've got some strange water like marks on the rear windows only. I've tried lots of different cleaners (AF crystal, AG fast glass, AB Clear Vue) and nothing can shift them. Any ideas? Would machine polishing work?
  25. Clart

    Front end Refresh

    New fog surrounds, standard diamond, new bullets, headlight restoration - Quick wash and a going over with Finale. Just need to do the grill now.
  26. Clart

    Fujifilm X100

    Now on ebay
  27. Clart

    Arctic 182 lovin'

    Clayed, Black hole applied via DA and finished with some Gtechniq C2v3. Hubikote Guard on the wheels. Not bad for 105k miles - currently owes me £1500. #winning.
  28. Clart

    Number plate velcro coins melting

    Anyone else having this? Every time i leave the car in the sun the rear plate has slipped where the adhesive has melted.
  29. Clart

    Brap n tingy
  30. Clart

    Projectors and smartboards

    We currently have a projector on our shopfloor displaying various bits of info from an excel document 24x7. The screen is 3m x 2.5m and the projector is hanging from the ceiling attached to a PC which is 5m away from the screen. The problems we have are: the image is too small the bulbs are...