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  1. BeXE

    Can someone find me a radio code?

    Serial numbers as follows 8200367500T U640 security 000768 RNRD3650007068 RENRDRW222-01 I'd be much appreciated if someone could find it! ​Cheers!
  2. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    As the title says - I'm interested in what you paid for replacing the dephaser pulley (including labour please). Mine is rattling like a b*****d and really needs replacing. I plan on selling the car shortly, so really don't want to spend a fortune. ​Thanks :)
  3. BeXE

    Removing vinyl stripes

    Once again, apologies if this has been covered a million times - I couldn't be bothered wading through pages of search results. Anyway - removing stripes. Mine are knackered on the roof of my RB 182, and I think it's time to be done with them. Is this just a hairdryer job, or is there anything...
  4. BeXE

    Six months in

    Well, I'm now six months into my year(ish) time with the 182. It's my first RenaultSport, and was bought as a cheap bit of fun for a year or so as I got monumentally stung buying a Mini Cooper S on finance a few years back (we all make mistakes). Some of my thoughts after six months of...
  5. BeXE

    182 standard exhaust. How long until it falls apart?

    My 05 182 is coming up to 70k now, and still on the original exhaust. I'm not planning on keeping the Clio for much more than another siX months, so I don't particularly want to go blow £300+ on a new stainless system. What sort of mileage did it start to go for you lot, and realistically, how...
  6. BeXE

    182 - Temperature gauge has a mind of its own

    The last couple of days, the temperature gauge has been going mental. At normal road speeds (once warm), it sits in the middle of the dial, as it should. At anything above 65+ mph, itis constantly going up and down the dial to virtually reading 'cold', then back up to midway, then down again.Any...
  7. BeXE

    RB 182 + Stripes, Beaconsfield Services

    Saw you this morning parked up then heading onto the M25. I was in the other RB 182 with stripes!
  8. BeXE

    Mixed Tyres

    Apologies if this has been asked a million times before. My 182 is definitely going to need a set of new front tyres in the next month or so (the original Exalto's on the front are looking a little past their best). I'd like to replace them with either some PS3's or PZero Nero's - and ideally...
  9. BeXE

    A few pictures from today's clean

    Result of the days endeavours... Done! I even cleaned the Beige Box (the soon to be returned Mini) too :-)
  10. BeXE

    Thinking of insuring with Bell? You might want to read this first... this isn't me (this was taken from Pistonheads). The thread does go on for some time, but the crux of it is this -...
  11. BeXE

    iPod compatible head unit

    Can anyone recommend a decent iPod compatible head unit (by compatible I mean full control of the iPod, not just an Aux/USB connection).Budget of £200 max. I'm not fussed about anything flashy, just something simple.Any ideas?
  12. BeXE

    A few crappy smartphone pictures...

    I was trying to be all arty-farty, but a complete lack of photography talent put pay to that... Still, loving the Chavmobile (as it's been christened by work collegues and the parentals). I'll try and take some better pictures after a clean :)
  13. BeXE

    Retaining steering wheel controls and dash display

    Apologies if this has been covered a thousand times before. I'm really missing an Aux input for my iPod after coming from my Cooper S, so I quite fancy one of...
  14. BeXE

    Is this too expensive?

    Hi all, I've been looking at 172's/182's for some time now, and I keep coming back to this one. Miles are good, cambelt is done, but I'm convinced it's too expensive...
  15. BeXE

    Hi all - thoughts appreciated

    Afternoon,I'm looking to replace my Mini Cooper S (bought on a monumentally stupid finance deal) with a Renaultsport Clio. Budget is a bit limited - £3K max. I've found what appears to be a good 172, I'd appreciate some...