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  1. hostler

    Damaged head camshaft surface

    Had my springs removed by a shop a few weeks ago but today I noticed that the part where the camshafts rotate on is damaged on both the inlet and exhaust side! Pissed!!! Is this savable? Will be talking to a machine shop but really want to know if it's even worth getting repaired. The engine is...
  2. hostler

    Damaged 5 puck clutch

    Sadly I found that my 5 puck engine dynamics clutch got damaged some how. It's my own doing since it has been in the back of my car for quite some time. However, I'm unsure if the clutch is still safe to use. Can anyone shed some light on this? There's 1 puck where the material sticks up a bit.
  3. hostler

    I keep boiling brake fluid

    For some reason (I think) I keep boiling my brake fluid. I can't really get my head around it. I've changed brake fluid plenty of times now and tried a few different ones. Latest one was Motul RBF600 but after 4 20 minute sessions on track (Assen) the pedal has gone soft again. There sessions...
  4. hostler

    182 head with phase 1 valve cover

    So I've found someone selling a very low mileage bottom end and a 182 head. To overcome the problem of using a 182 plenum they installed a phase 1 valve cover. Can this be done? I'm guessing its the valve cover from the head that came off the low mileage block. Would this give me problems? The...
  5. hostler

    Oil catch tank & stock inlet

    As I want to go turbo it might be a good idea to fit a catch tank some day, but the valve cover has a hole in it which goes straight to the oem inlet (phase1) (i stole this image from someone else) To fit a catch tank, I've read that you can use the fitting marked in green. But won't this...
  6. hostler

    Subframe not aligned correctly causes alignment to be off

    A little over a year ago I've had my local garage change replace the gearbox. They removed the subframe for this job. About 6/7 months after that I took the car to a proper alignment shop (with a Hunter system if I'm correct) for some more camber.. After aligning the car they told me there was...
  7. hostler

    Hostler's 172 ph1 track/weekend toy

    I’ve been around this forum for a while, but never really started a project. I’ve owned a Clio before my current 172 ph1 but it was nothing special. My ph1 is now my track/weekend toy. My history with French cars I’ve only owned French car. My first car was a Citroën Saxo 1.1i. Great car but...
  8. hostler

    172 cup wishbones on 172 ph1

    I've read quite a few topics regarding this but I wanted to know 100% sure before sourcing some 172 cup wishbones. Are the 172 cup wishbones a straight swap with my 172 phase 1 wishbones? I'm after a little more caster that's why I am asking.
  9. hostler

    High pitched noise at high revs ph1 172

    So a couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I revved the car up to about 6k RPM a high pitched squeel(?) noise was present from somewhere near or in the engine bay. It's a 2001 phase 1 172. Made a little clip (Car not moving, in neutral): I found this thread which might apply to my...
  10. hostler

    Quick tunnel run (clio 2 ph1 rs)

    Don't expect much. Stock exhaust (for now) and been mapped by Fastchip. Also rocking the amazing CUP filter. The sound is from my phone and the video from my dashcam.
  11. hostler

    It's all upside down!

    No joke. My brake calipers seem to be installed upside down. Are there any downsides to this? Recommended to switch sides asap? My front ones are like this: And it should be like this: (img stolen from here)
  12. hostler

    Why hello there

    I've joined recently but I've been reading the project topics for a while. Decided to make an account and perhaps one day post in the projects forum myself. Little introduction; My name is Joey, 20 years old, from the Netherlands and I own a Clio mk2 Phase2 Dynamique 1.6 16v. I've had a Saxo...