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    My Full 2x2 Twill Carbon Fibre Clio 182 Cup

    Heres a few pictures...
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    ESP and Serv coming on only on moterways or duel carageways after driving in a strain

    My ESP and Serv lights only come on after driving in a strait line on duel carageways or moterways... Its not my brake pedal switch thats been replaced and turned of the esp abs and serv light... But now the above has started...
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    Saturday 26th Feb Inferno Orange 182 Cup with Black Wheels on the A64 to Scarbrough

    I was going towards York on the A64 going down the hill/drop were the copers always stop at the bottom for speed checks... I was in my RB 182 Cup around 2:00/2:30pm ish, when I saw a lad driving an Inferno Orange 182 Cup with Black Wheels on the A64 going towards Scarbrough... You looked at us...
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    Wirring up a horn on a momo steering wheel and boss

    * Is it just a case of wiring up the red wire that comes out of the steering column (boss) to the red wire on the back of the horn and then the black wire that comes out of the steering column (boss) to the black wire on the back of the horn??? The boss kit also came with a meatal ring that goes...
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    172 Cup Altornator Belt Part Number

    What is the part number for a 172cup Altornator belt...? Without Air Con...
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    What Stalk Controle Do I Need..?

    I have a RB 182 Cup. Alpine CDE-112RI. What Stalk Contole Do I need... Can somone link the one I need..?
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    Which Heator Resistor????

    I have a 182 cup which I have converted to non air con a while ago. The heators have now stoped blowing. Renualt tell me theres two types one with air con and one without air con. My previsuse one is an aircon one that costs over £100 for a new one, but now that my car has no air con can I just...
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    What Autoleads do I need..?

    Hi I have an Alpine headunit but have no leads. I also have a clio sport 182cup what leads do I need to wire it up to my existing clio radio plugs without cutting wires etc. and to use the stalk controle. My Alpine headunit had a 16pin plug in the back. Also what arial adaptor. Can somone link...
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    Drive Shaft or Wheel Bearing...

    After hard ecceleration I heard a loud crack/bang noise... A mile after I hear a low huming/whining noise then it gets louder and turns into a banging noise duh duh duh kind of noise gets louder when im slowing down or lifting off the gas and goes under acceleration... Makes the noise in a...
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    Cold Air Feed

    Does anyone now where I can get this cold air feed?
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    V6/Trophy Struts

    What length struts do I need for the V6/Trophy spoiler 264mm 364mm 464mm Si
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    Can't Decide What Colour Calipers...

    Im thinking Orange or Red... Can't decide which one... :( Your opinions please...
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    My New Bracing Blue 182 CUP

    Here are some pictures of my new RB 182 CUP :approve:
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    My Dead Clio Sport, Before & After

    Pictures Before :D Picture After :dapprove...
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    !Pulls from Side to Side!

    Hi When I accelarate hard, it pulls from side to side, realy snatchey. Also when I brake, it also pulls from side to side. This is when going over bumps. I have owned the car for two years and not had this problem. This problem has graduley got worse over the past week or so and now its...
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    Sum people just dont have eny taste! Why would eany one do that to a clio sport?
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    Clutch Squiking

    If on idol the clutch squikes. Theres a dead spot, before the clutch ingages, its that part were it sqikes. Do i need a new clutch cable or is it the clutch relise baring on its way out! Also I thort they were hydrolic cluches? Please help. Si
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    NGK spark plugs

    Are these the correct spark plugs for a 172 NGK pfr6e-10 Si
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    Black 172 Role Cage in Pool Sunday

    At about 5-6pm turning towards Leeds. Was staring at my car as I drove towards Harrogate.
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    My car sound like a diesel

    Wen my Clio 182 is tiking over it makes a tiking noise! Its blaging my head! Had new ignition leeds fited not that. Coming from front sumwere and is quite loude. Hellp needed plzzzz
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    Top Drivers Side engine mount

    Were can i get one next day as mine is nakerd and cant drive the car! Renault say satday they can get one! But need one 2mz!
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    My Clio Sport 182

    A few pics of my Clio Sport 182, hope u all like!
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    My Recaro Seat Has Broken

    Orderd them from Deamon Tweeks mounths ago. They sed they would take about 4 weeks to arive, 4 weeks past and I recived no seats, rang them up and they sed there on there way, one week later and Deamon tweeks call saying they have racived the seats but one sub frame was missing and would take...
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    Compatition Car Battery

    Were can i buy one from! Dry cell! How much?
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    What stering wheel!

    I whant a momo stering wheel for my recaro'd 182, but dont now wich one to get. Help! Trek R but dont now!
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    Induction Kit Viper or ITG Maxogen

    Dont no which to get and which has best performance! Eny advice...