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    Blue V6 Kirkstall

    Saw you this morning.. There was a baby seat in the front! Not the best family car lol Looked amazing! Good to see one getting used in the rain :p
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    Clean Cup Pics

    Gave the Cup a rinse off today and took a few pics :) DSC_0764 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0770 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0766 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0774 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0778 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0780 by Dangerousdealings...
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    Clean Cup Leeds (With pic)

    The one on the right ;) IMG_1169 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr
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    200 "Black Edition"

    Spotted this today at Asda Pudsey!
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    CN52CNN Burnley

    Clean looking cup at Prestige Park.
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    V6 Leeds

    Blue V6 giving it the beans through the tunnel nr the Hilton, around 8:30am this morning. It looked "driven" not "detailed" lol
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    Doncaster _K9

    Hi! Was behind you today on Selby Rd.
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    jenics Summer TOPO Evening Meet - Sunday July 22nd

    Good turnout in the end! Well done to Mike for sorting it out. DSC_0173 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0174 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0175 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0176 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0177 by Dangerousdealings, on Flickr DSC_0179 by...
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    A Few Items Ending Tomorrow

    Take a look please. Daz
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    Strange Meet Yesterday

    Stopped off at Burger King yesterday for a quick bite to eat, When entering the car park I thought this looks quite busy! The g/f had her pentax point and shoot in her handbag so I took a few snaps. Enjoy or dislike :P Daz
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    Engine Noise!

    Hi, can anyone help please! Thanks!!
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    Clean Iceberg Pics Nothing Special..

    Well, I managed to give it a quick clean at the weekend. What do you think? Comments welcome! :o Daz
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    My New Old Iceberg PH1

    Well after three years of owning the PH2, It is gone now and I have decided to replace her with a PH1..I have always had a secret love for PH1's! Picked this up off pistonheads a few weeks back! Cheap and totally standard with only 60k on the clock! Belts done ect. So first up was the...
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    Fast very fast..

    I enjoyed this, Could be a repost..
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    RB 197 crashed with pic!

    M62 heading to Leeds
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    Cheap 172 Terrible ad! Im sure you could get this for cheap!
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    Sliver V6 Scarborough Today!

    Mint example BTW
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    White197 with White wheels LEEDS

    Looked very much like leeds_182's old one. Had a private plate so could not be sure.
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    Airbag Disposal

    Just wondering how I can get this disposed of. Thanks
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    Four Hot Tottys Beeping & Waving!!

    Hai. Inner ring road Leeds, 5PM. PM me if needed ;)
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    First Clean since Sept 2009...

    Well the time had come to finally give the car some love, It was in a bad way as it had not been cleaned since September 2009.. 3hrs in and it started raining!! Only two quick after pics as I was rushing around trying to pack everything up. Hopefully finish the rest sometime...
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    F430 Scuderia Nutter If someone could do the embed thing I would be very greatfull :D
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    KTR GT-RS Carbon Bucket Seats Your thoughts?
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    Rear caliper problem!?

    Noticed today when I released the handbrake the rear calipers seem to be stuck on. Any help concering this matter would be great. Thanks! :(
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    HeavenlyDetail vs KW Rs Focus Autosport 2010
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    RENAULT CLIO - 1.2 SIDE BULLETS Grab a bargain!
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    Brookie? NL05 Leeds 8.15

    Inferno with black wheels. Passed you near TGI's on Kirkstall Rd. Car looked well.
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    Todays Yorkshire Mini Meet Pics!

    First meeting location - Colton 10.15 where i met Gaz & Jim! Second meeting location - Huddersfield Only a few quick ones here as the weather was bloody terrible! The conditions got worse over the tops! We made our way from here to Hebden Bridge! To a boozer Toby new...
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    Red 59Reg 200.. With roofrack!!!

    Nice spec apart from the three sets of ladders on the roofrack!!! :eek: Also i would not have been letting your mate eat his greasy sandwich in there!!!! ;)
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    OZ F1 Centre Cap Size?

    Does anyone know? Cheers :o