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    2x RB 182 - A1 Ferrybridge and Allerton Bywater

    Both seen today while out and about. Not seen an RB in ages, now seen 2 within a few hours! Anyone on here?
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    Black 182 - Micklefield

    Nice BG 182 with good wheels and a few other mods in Micklefield this morning.
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    Clio Trophy - Saltaire

    Cycled up to Saltaire today and saw a 55 plate Trophy parked outside some flats by the canal.
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    LY and BG 182s - Amble

    Nice pair driving through Amble, Northumberland today. LY182 with Recaros BG182 that looked mint.
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    Monaco 172 Meadowhall Sheffield

    03 reg Monaco driving past Meadowhall around 8.15 this morning. Looked nice.
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    Red 200 + Blue 197 - Snake Pass

    Saw a pair of Clios parked in a field near Ladybower, just off Snake Pass this lunchtime. Looked to be some sort of photoshoot perhaps? Anyone on CS?
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    A few in Sheffield today.

    LY200T on the A57 heading towards Snake Pass. White 60 reg 200 with a lady driver and an 04 BG182 with a few mods, both near Hillsborough.
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    LY200 Cup, M1 @ Barnsley

    Spotted on Bank Holiday Monday, early afternoon heading south by Barnsley at Jct 36. Black cup spoiler and looked very nice indeed.
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    RB182 - Ross on Wye - A40

    Heading back from Wales on Bank Holiday Monday and saw a lovely RB182 near Ross-on-Wye. Anyone on here?
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    2x RB182 - Inshes, Inverness

    One RB182 (GU55SSY) was pulling out of Inshes Retail Park as I arrived last Saturday evening and another one on a 54 plate was parked by McDonald's. Like buses!
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    RB182 Heckmondwike

    '04 plate RB 182 outside a house in Hecky this evening. Looked good!
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    RB 182 - A1 - Booroughbridge

    '05 reg. Southbound A1M, near Boroughbridge about 11AM today.
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    XCL10X Silver V6 Ripponden

    Saw a silver Mk1 V6 with lots of mods parked in Ripponden this morning. First V6 I've seen in ages!
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    A few 182s in Scotland

    I've been touring round Scotland for the past week and seen a few 182s around: - BG182 around Inverness a few times, mainly around Inshes. - Blue 182 with a few nice mods on the A9 through Inverness. - Blue 182, various mods and a CS sticker parked on the A830 somewhere around Locheil area...
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    Modified RB182, Wakefield today.

    A very nice looking RB with a few choice mods on the A638 through town this afternoon. Was an 04 plate I think.
  16. V


    Passed me this morning about 6.30am heading towards Queensferry. @Knuckles
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    1*2s in Formby today

    Black 182 with gold wheels and various other mods. Flamer Ph2 172. Both in Formby village this morning.
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    BG 182 with black wheels, Armley, Leeds

    Heading down through Armley a few minutes ago. Looked very clean!
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    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Thought it might be easier to stick up one thread rather than posting individual ones all the time! Apart from seeing @leeds2592 regularly, I haven't seen many nice 1*2s around recently. Followed a black 200 Cup with tinted number plate down the mad mile towards White Rose on Friday. Also saw...
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    Silver '04 182, CS sticker, Leeds

    Down by the Jeep garage headed out of the city centre in rush hour tonight.
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    Silver 182 - Birkenshaw

    I've seen this one a few times, silver '05 182 parked in Birkenshaw. Pistonheads sticker on the front and looks to be standard.
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    CL10 OMG Morley, Leeds

    White Clio, OMG! Seen this a few times recently around Morley area. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Few 1*2s around Leeds

    Moved back to Leeds recently and have seen plenty of nice 1*2s around in the last couple of days: Liquid yellow 172, 02 plate near Elland Road. Inferno 182, 05 reg, Gildersome area. RB182 around Armley Gyratory. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Silver 1*2 Replica Kingston MK Tesco

    55 plate silver 16v Clio with sticker in the back window. Had 182 wheels and twin exit exhaust. Looked nice!
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    Orange 182 in Milton Keynes today

    Just saw a stunning orange 182 being trailered on the A5 through Milton Keynes. Not an inferno either, actually resprayed in bright orange! Looked bloody awesome.
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    White 197 Cup, Bletchley

    Regularly see a 58 reg 197 Cup outside a house in Bletchley on my drive to work. Just noticed the sticker on it today.
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    White Valver M1 Midlands today

    On a trailer on the M1 northbound this morning. Looked absolutely mint!
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    Trophy, Fenny Stratford

    Spotted a 55 plate Trophy in Fenny yesterday. Had a Frozen sticker in the back window!
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    Very distinctive Inferno 182 - Milton Keynes

    Spotted a very nice looking Inferno Orange 182 with black bumper inserts and some other nice mods. Saw it last night by Newport Pagnell Services near Milton Keynes.
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    Blue 172 Cup, Woburn Sands, MK

    Followed a very nice 172 Cup on an 03 plate from Kingston along through Woburn Sands last night. Must be local as you seem to know where all the potholes are!