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    The DUF williams

    Drove round you friday eve i think it was, in middle of westbury.
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    few pics of my R26

    havent posted any in a while, took some the other night after a clean to put on meg sport thought i would post them here too :)
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    my 172 on pistonheads... need it gone so open to sensible offers, would rather it went to a CS member though. Ash
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    Rally Day @ Castle combe

    anyone going on sat?
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    1.2 brakes..

    where's the cheapest place to buy standard or equivalent discs and pads for a 53reg 1.2 clio? is eurocarparts any good?
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    Black 172 - Warminster

    Stunning parking all round :cool:
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    clio stealth sub box and 10'' sub 99p start...
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    Few last pics...

    Well the Clio's up for sale so i washed it and took a few new pics now its looking different to how i had it most the time.. i am going to miss it, the difference getting back in it after driving the R26 for a month is vast though! Ash :cool:
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    Dash inserts.. No reserve. other clio bits for sale in my other items.
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    blue 52 reg cup? Bath

    let me down milsom st last night about half 9ish. I was in the meg, sounded pretty loud when you booted it off after lol :cool:
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    Another converted.... LY R26 content!

    Picked it up today, liquid yellow :cool: first impressions are its awesome! cant fault it yet, much easier to drive than my 172 in gear changes and power delivery. took a few snaps, its not clean as i have been driving it all day, im hooked :approve: Ash :cool:
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    quick question Re: OZ F1's

    hi guys, someone will be able to confirm this i hope, is the 43 on the end of this stamp the et? and will they fit a 182 fine? thanks Ash
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    selling mine... any q's just ask Ash :)
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    Fog light covers...

    smashed a fog the other day and havent time to buy and fit a new one before FCS so made some covers, i say made i mean cut out two circles LOL only thing was i only had this colour left in sticky back plastic..... bit of a laugh, they wont be staying on for long tho.
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    blue 200

    in westbury this evening, cup spoiler, speedlines i think. so cool :cool:
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    Recaro owners...

    Just put a set in the 172 and was wondering if people left the pretensioner uncovered or can you buy covers for them like the trophy had as standard? as mine looks now.. the cover on Dad's trophy...
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    Picked up these from Tom @ west renault in the week (thanks mate :cool:). Fitted them the day after but because of the rain i haven't been able to get any pics up, so today i treated her to a £3 jetwash session and took a few quick pics. also fitted the green inserts my dad painted up for me...
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    Few cheddar meet pics...

    Early start... words cannot describe this detailing effort... thats it Tom cover it up... Perfect black Ph1?? onto the beach all before 8am...
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    silver 182 M6 yesterday

    ##54 OSB near Sandbach services on the m6 about 6pm
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    Trophy meet pics....

    A week late but meh.. pics from the meet at Heritage motor centre, was a top day out!
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    Few new pics.....

    Took a few pics on sunday havent put any up for ages, most recent addition is a cup spoiler! few with Marc's Astra VXR... Thanks for looking :cool:
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    LY 182 - longwell green

    Friday night undercover parking had a CS sticker in the rear window.
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    Ford lovers! what a collection :eek:
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    opinions needed....

    Hi all I have just got a cup rear spoiler, it needs painting, do i get it done iceburg as per or get it done black and get the roof done black too? Im thinking it may look good and tie in with the carbon mirrors but may be too many colours with the ampha wheels etc let me know what u...
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    Black 1.4, westbury

    had a set of neglected white turinis on it! :rasp: tut tut Will!
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    Went across the bridge......(56k)

    Went for a trip to south wales yesterday with a couple of mates, thanks to guppy for some advice on the best roads cheers mate ;) I took some pics,here are a few, warning im no pro photographer! Started at Abergavenny bus station all nice and clean cars! on the way grrr caravans...
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    RB 182 - longwell bristol

    parked in the undeground car park bit at vue tonight, looked dirty like mine :cool:
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    Valver - warminster bypass

    saw this morn at about 8.30 gunning it towards longleat :cool: Seen it a few times, blue so poss a williams, orange mirrors, stripped out and buckets.
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    Sunflower 172 - fratton

    Sunflower ph1 172 - X... OBP around 1.50pm in the traffic goin to footy was a few cars behind then u turned off.
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    LY 197 warminster

    saw ya Parked outside Woolies this evening Matt, havent seen you around for ages!