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  1. Pricey98

    Burning smell?

    Recently I've noticed an odd smell from my 172. If I accelerate past around 4.5k I get a slight whiff of burning. It smells like clutch, however there is no noticeable slipping at any revs, no smoke, etc. I'm potentially looking to sell the car soon, so would like to get this sorted if I can.
  2. Pricey98

    Would you swap a ph2 for a Ph1?

    Ice owned my ph2 172 for nearly a year now. Had a few initial problems (mainly due to previous owners neglect) that I've paid a fair few quid to sort out. As it sits, other than an occasional notchy down change into third and a tiny paint blister near the rear bumper/arch, the car is now sorted...
  3. Pricey98

    Trip computer resetting itself?

    For the last week or so with these cold mornings, the trip computer/mpg, etc have been resetting themselves to zero most times that I start the car. After doing some research on here I read that it's likely to be the battery on its way out causing it, however I replaced the battery in May, so it...
  4. Pricey98

    Temperature gauge

    So I had my thermostat and coolant temperature sensor changed a couple of weeks ago along with a complete coolant flush and change due to my temperature gauge dropping a notch or so from halfway, before rising again. This was usually happening on cold or wet mornings down a long hill. I noticed...
  5. Pricey98

    Enlighten me please ?

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a complete noob when it comes to car detailing. I've washed car cars using a bucket and shampoo in the past, along with the odd application of Autoglym wax, etc. I currently wash the car using a petrol station jet wash every week or so, which I know isn't ideal...
  6. Pricey98

    ABS/ESP lights on

    Pulled into work this morning, and when I glanced at dashboard my SERV, ABS and ESP lights were on. Turned ignition off and restarted and they cleared. Had a quick search and can't find a definitive answer so I'm guessing I'll prob need to get it plugged into diagnostics. I did have my rear...
  7. Pricey98

    Yet another curveball...

    In the six months or so I've owned my 172 I've always thought the engine sounded a little 'tappety', but put it down to the fact that the F4R isn't exactly the smoothest or quietest of units at the best of times. Had the car in the garage yesterday for some other work and mentioned to the...
  8. Pricey98

    Lambda sensors

    Are the pre and post cat lambda sensors the same, ie same part number? Thanks.
  9. Pricey98

    Doors making cracking sound?

    Both the doors on my 172 make a cracking type sound when opened past about halfway, with the passenger door being worse. I've sprayed the hinges with WD40 to no avail, could it be loose bolts somewhere? Thinking back my old valver was the same, as was my R11T, although the doors on my brother in...
  10. Pricey98

    Traction controls /Serv light on

    Just when I thought I'd managed to fit my aftermarket steering wheel without any issues, the baguette throws me a curve ball as usual ? Fitted resistors in the two airbag wires which has prevented the airbag warning light from illuminating, and when I turn the key and start the car all the...
  11. Pricey98

    Fitted aftermarket wheel

    So I fitted my Momo race steering wheel today and even though I'm yet to test drive it, it looks and feels awesome. Put some resistors in the airbag connections, so no warning lights on which is good. Currently don't have a horn connected as will be getting a ph1 stalk, and I'm wondering how I...
  12. Pricey98

    Very slow coolant loss

    I've noticed that the coolant level on my 172 has dropped very slightly over the last few weeks. It was on the maximum line when cold, and now its maybe half a centimetre or so under (checked on level ground). There's no cross contamination between coolant and oil that I can see by checking...
  13. Pricey98

    Aftermarket steering wheel and horn

    I've just bought a momo steering wheel to go on my 172 and am wondering what to do about my horn. I've read plenty of horror stories on here about the push button horn shorting out on aftermarket wheels, so the popular alternative seems to be a ph1 stalk. Obviously people have cottoned on to...
  14. Pricey98

    Ktec induction kit or not....?

    So after a couple of months of having a fatty induction set up I upgraded to a ktec kit and finally fitted it yesterday. Whilst it sounds like nice, if I'm honest it doesn't really sound much if any better than the fatty kit. I'm a little bit underwhelmed tbh. I'm also not impressed with the...
  15. Pricey98

    Ktec induction kit air filters...

    I can confirm that Ktec induction kit air filters are definitely made by Ramair, as has been suspected. Noticed this on the bag of the replacement one I bought. @imprezaworks you were right lol...
  16. Pricey98

    What would you do?

    Purely hypothetical question at this stage, but if you had 5k to spend and you already owned a 172 that you'd already spent a fair bit on, would you: A) Spend money on improving said 172, renewing and replacing parts, upgrading, sorting bodywork, etc. Maybe even an engine swap. Better the devil...
  17. Pricey98

    Petrol Blue 182 in Asda Tonypandy Sunday 22/7

    Never seen one in the flesh before. Nice colour ?
  18. Pricey98

    Gear knob similar to a ph1?

    I really like the look of the ph1 gear knob over the one in my ph2 172, however I don't really want the hassle of swapping over the entire gear stick just to get one. Are there any aftermarket gearknobs available that look the same/similar to the ph1 alloy one? Had a look on ebay with no success...
  19. Pricey98

    ITG filter oil

    I need to get a cleaning kit for a used ktec induction kit and have been looking at the itg one. It looks like they do two different types of filter oil though: a light duty dust retention spray and a heavier duty filter oil. Which one do people usually get for general use? Thanks
  20. Pricey98

    Who says you can't commute in a 172?

    I've been doing some cover shifts on a different site this week and instead of my usual 14 mile round trip to work it's been more in the region of 40 mostly motorway miles. I'm actually pleasantly surprised how pleasant the 172 has been to commute in tbh. Averaging over 36mpg (whilst not...
  21. Pricey98

    New exhaust gotten louder?

    I had my pro speed non resonated cat back exhaust fitted about a week ago, and at first was surprised that it was quieter than I expected. It had a nice raspy tone, but was not overly loud. I've since gone through a tank of v power, so just under 250 miles, and it's definitely gotten louder. I...
  22. Pricey98

    Why do most people rave about polybush dog bones?

    As title really. Had one fitted to my car when I bought it and I hated it. Vibration was ridiculous. Gone back to a standard one and the difference is night and day. Car feels smoother, no horrible vibration and just a whole lot nicer. Am I in the minority? ?
  23. Pricey98

    Solid front brake discs?

    Thankfully my 172 passed it's mot today, however it needs front discs and pads. I'm getting them done whilst it's in the garage, rather than ordering the parts myself as need it sorted today. Garage is using TRW brake discs, which I've heard are decent, however he's ordered solid rather than...
  24. Pricey98

    Stoplock Pro?

    Looking at getting one of these as they have pretty good reviews. Does anyone here use one on a 172/182? Just want to make sure it will fit around the spokes of the bus sized standard steering wheel, as they are pretty thick.
  25. Pricey98

    Thicker oil in a 172?

    I've noticed my 172 has been using a bit of oil recently. No obvious leaks, smoke, etc, although I have been driving it a bit more 'enthusiastically' shall we say. I had the oil changed around a thousand miles ago when I first bought the car, and the garage used 5w40 (although it was Renatec in...
  26. Pricey98

    Uch unit not responding to key fob

    My central locking won't work off the key fob (or the spare key), so I have to lock/unlock the car using the passenger side door lock and central locking button on the dash. Not a huge drama, but unfortunately because of this I can't arm the alarm. I've previously had the AA out who confirmed...
  27. Pricey98

    Exhaust options?

    So just to carry on my recent run of Clio related bad luck, my exhaust has started blowing it's t*ts off a couple of weeks before MOT time ? I don't have access to axle stands unfortunately, but from crouching and having a look underneath it looks like it has a scabby looking standard system...
  28. Pricey98

    DIY dent removal?

    I have a really annoying shallow little dent on my tailgate. I've tried removing it using a cheap suction puller off ebay (pointless), and also by heating up with a hairdryer and using compressed air, again with no luck. As much as I'm starting to like iceberg silver, it really does show up...
  29. Pricey98

    Lambda sensors?

    I'm looking at replacing my pre cat lambda sensor to see if it solves my car's hesitation when cold. Where is the cheapest place to get a decent one? I've seen Bosch ones on ebay for just under £50, while euro car parts want nearly £100 ? Also, are both the pre and post car lambda's the same...
  30. Pricey98

    Removing brace bar between ecu and slam panel?

    In the interests of tidying up the engine bay a bit, is this bar necessary? I'm sure Renault must have put it there for a reason, but are there any negatives to removing it?