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  1. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Interesting 172 Cup info
  2. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Cat C Williams on Copart
  3. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Copart - 197 track/rally car
  4. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Utter B****cks..

  5. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Integra hot lap shot in VR? <<

    Fullscreen the video and drag it around with the mouse!! How is this even a thing!
  6. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Clio Cup Race Car Manual

    Sure this isnt new information but found this and enjoyed looking through it. Interesting to see some of the parts that differentiate the road car from the race car. Milk nearly shot out of my nose when i saw the catch can setup!! Simple solution for the win. Also the engine mounts look...
  7. MonkeyKnifeFight

    RetroPower Mk1 Escort Build

    Well worth a watch
  8. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Best MOTORing!! [Eng Sub]

    For those that haven't come across Hot Version! Check out the channels its got loads of great footage.
  9. MonkeyKnifeFight

    500bhp N/A 4 cylinder...

    Serious eye opener, cant help but be impressed with what Honda's are capable of!!
  10. MonkeyKnifeFight

    172 ad made me lol
  11. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Help identifying Cam

    Hi guys I'm hoping someone might have an idea if this cam is standard or not? Taken from a 172 Cup it's the exhaust cam. Pics are shocking but the writing on the cam runs around rather than along th length. Numbers on the cam are F4rE 853 240 05.23 then 112315(6)c it's either a 5 or 6...
  12. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Cam belt + Aux belt on a Cup?

    Hi guys I'm looking to do the big service on my 172 Cup. Cam belt, Aux belt, water pump and dephaser. Is this kit right for the 172 Cup...
  13. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Top 5 Boring cars!

    These are my thoughts. what are your top 5 most tedious vehicles?
  14. MonkeyKnifeFight

    How far can I lower subframe?

    Halfway through a clutch change just wondering how much I need to lower the passenger side of the subframe. I've loosened the driver side sub frame bolts and I've dropped the passenger side around five inches. Anyone know how far is too far? Cheers ta
  15. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Locking wheelnut key needed W-S-M

    Hi i recently got hold of a Clio and i dont have the locking wheel nut key. Im hoping someone in Weston super mare area might be able to lend me a key so i can get them off. Some pics I put some chalk on. Didnt really help much The key i need looks like this (taken from the internet)...
  16. MonkeyKnifeFight

    700hp Supercharged V8 Fiesta!

    Its upload onto YouTube under the category Comedy! After watching a lap I tend to agree. Insane!
  17. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Evo - Renault Battle!

  18. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Renault Engined Rally Car

    Insane!! On so many levels.
  19. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Removed Manifold now i dont know what order my HT leads go!

    As above pretty standard r****d move can anyone offer any help? Can someone help? cheers ta
  20. MonkeyKnifeFight

    CN53 WRC Clio 172 Cup Looking for previous owner or any info..

    Hi recently got my hands on ^^^ me and a mate are turning it into a hillclimb/trackday type thing. Bought form Copart it came with coilovers, bonnet pins, solid top mounts, polybushed dog mount.. Probably more have only looked at it for 10mins. Just interested to see if I can track down any...
  21. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Breaking Bmw 330ci Auto All questions welcome
  22. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Aaahaha 172 Cup.. on an 06 plate!...

    Dont know where to start with how wrong this advert is! Enjoy
  23. MonkeyKnifeFight

    320bhp 890kg.. Williams Renault Works collection?

    Skip to about 3.10
  24. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Cheap Dci much?

    Sub grand seems pretty crazy to me. Its not the most desirable spec but still a bargain shirley?
  25. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Boosted Clio 200bhp?

    Ok so over estimating your cars power is one thing..
  26. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Weston blue ph2 big sticker on rear window

    I was in the storm grey 200 followed you down the bypass to Mcdonalds. Nice to see fellow members about, i often see clio's and wonder if they are cliosport members.
  27. MonkeyKnifeFight

    200bhp Ebay Clio!!

    Seems like a modest estimate if you ask me.. i spect he means 200whp
  28. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Dead 200

    Thats 1 less white 200
  29. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Rally Mazowiecki 2012 Osowiecki Clio Crash

    This first clip is before things went wrong for this Polish duo. The next clip is after things have gone wrong. Wouldnt fancy much of that myself.