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  1. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    Back in Jan 2015 I bought a standard 172 in red with 110k off ebay. Over the next 12 months I got carried away with the idea of a track car and ended up with a completely stripped, lightened, ITBd, caged car that made 204BHP at EFI and weighed in at about 865kg. Another browsing session on ebay...
  2. Matt555

    Is this a pro race wheel?

    Can anyone confirm which Team Dynamics wheel the below is? It can't find a match for it - doesn't match the current pro race apart from number of spokes and doesn't appear to match the cheaper wheels either. I'm being told it's a pro race and would like to know for sure.... Cheers, Matt
  3. Matt555

    CL6 pads or 4 pot upgrade?

    Unsure which direction to go with my brakes.... I'm currently running CL5+ pads with Brembo HC discs and considering upgrading. The car is primarily for track - from what I've read on here the CL6 eat discs and produce a lot of dust which doesn't bother me, just interested to know which option...
  4. Matt555

    fitting rear quarter lexan windows

    For those who have fitted rear quarter lexan windows - did you keep the rubber seal between the window and the bodywork or just bolt/bond the lexan straight onto the body work?
  5. Matt555

    for those who have fitted ITBs..

    I'm on the process of fitting a set of KTR throttle bodies I purchased second hand off here. The car is a 2003 172 - what have people done with the breather that goes between the top of the cam cover and the inlet manifold? blocked it off? if so with what? Thanks
  6. Matt555

    headlight issue

    I have an issue with the passenger side headlight on a 2003 172. The entire unit has stopped working yesterday, so no indicator, no dipped light, no main beam. All other lights on the car are working so the only issue is the entire passenger headlight unit. I'll be having a look at it tonight...