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  1. RMDavis

    White 200 Basingstoke

    Seen this lovely 200 a couple of times now, and both given each other a wave! ? Just had a good blast together, on the dual carriageway leading down to black dam roundabout! ?
  2. RMDavis

    Black 197 Boosted? Basingstoke

    I regularly see a cracking 197 on the way into work (I live on Brighton Hill) it has to be boosted, possibly Megane conversion? As it has a bloody great Intercooler behind the front bumper! ? Either way it's a lovely thing and goes like stink! It's always nice to have a 'spirited' drive and a...
  3. RMDavis

    Illiad blue Clio V6 Basingstoke

    As above... Spotted on the way home near festival place in Basingstoke, you were sat near the roundabout, and It looked incredible! It's the first V6 I've actually seen on the road. Nearly broke my neck driving past! [emoji23] Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  4. RMDavis

    Well overdue meet!?

    As title really chaps. Who's up for a meet? @TimR26 you game bud? Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  5. RMDavis

    Rob's 220 Trophy

    Got it home this evening, and I'm over the moon! Only driven about 50 miles, but so far I'm really impressed. The gearbox is certainly going to take some getting used to, but there's a very capable car out of the box and I can't wait to get it out on track! It's 17 plate car, and I'm the first...
  6. RMDavis

    1996 Renault Megane...

    I don't know about you guys, but the want is strong with this one! It's got plenty of potential, but maybe that's just in my mental opinion. Firstly I'd get rid of those horrendous headlamps...
  7. RMDavis

    Rob's R26

    So after the saga of my Impreza (Details here: ) I knew that I wanted to get something a little more modern, and that still excited in the twisty's, track etc I've always liked the Mk2 Megane, it's a quirky looking car...
  8. RMDavis

    1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type RA

    Here's an eBay link to my RA for anyone that might be interested! Thanks, Rob.
  9. RMDavis

    Hispec 4 pot brake calipers for Clio 172/182

    Here's my listing if anyone's interested? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  10. RMDavis

    Rob's 1995 Impreza WRX STI Type RA

    After a sad farewell to the Trophy, and a car that really will be hard to replace I knew that a move away from the Clio was needed simply because I haven't the heart nor the energy to start again with another Clio constantly comparing it to the Trophy just didn't interest me. I wanted a...
  11. RMDavis

    Aerocatch fitment

    As above really chaps... For those of you who have fitted them, whats the best method, and whats the preferred location for the pins? Any tips you can pass on would be most appreciated. Before I get drilling and ruin everything! :wink: Even some photos of your cars with them fitted would help!
  12. RMDavis

    Uprated Clutch options

    As above really chaps! You may or may not know, that my gearbox is rather poorly and will be removed next week for further investigation and rebuild. So whilst its out I'm going for a Quaife LSD, and a lightened flywheel courtesy of @NorthloopCup But regarding clutches there seems to be a...
  13. RMDavis

    Coilover Options

    Afternoon chaps! I know this has been covered on other threads, and I have been using the search function which has answered many of questions. Now I just want some advice, and people opinions! Here's where I'm at. I want change the suspension setup on my Trophy which currently is:- Front...
  14. RMDavis

    Oil sump removal

    As above really chaps. Is it a straightforward unbolting? Or requires removal of other components to gain access?
  15. RMDavis

    Clicking noise... Possible drive shaft or gearbox issue?

    As title chaps, Recently I have started to hear a clicking noise coming from my n/s/f Its not very loud and only heard with the passenger window down. It seems to be a rotational noise and gets faster with vehicle speed not the engine rev's. It happens whilst driving in a straight line, and...
  16. RMDavis

    BG 182 in Basingstoke

    As above. Saw you by the Brighton Hill roundabout about 7ish last night. We both then drove down the A30, shame about the traffic!
  17. RMDavis

    Rob's Supercharged Trophy

    Hello gents! I thought I'd start a project thread for my latest acquisition, and my third Clio! The last two where both ph2 172's which I also created separate project threads for... My first Clio a Monaco blue: The...
  18. RMDavis

    Light painted Trophy

    My mate who's a keen photographer in his spare time wanted to practice with some light painting and here's the results...
  19. RMDavis

    World Of Tanks 360 Edition

    Awesome game, and free to download! It's a lot different to the PC version but still very good. It helps if your a tank geek like me but anyone can enjoy it. Download it now! Especially if your bored if the constant crashing from BF4.....
  20. RMDavis

    Iceberg Paint!

    Fellow Berg owner's! Have you ever had any issue's with getting something sprayed, and it then not matching the original colour!? Silver in general and particularly Iceberg seems to be a bloody nightmare to colour match! I worked in a body shop for 5 years and they always caused issues. I...
  21. RMDavis

    SMI tie rod's

    Gent's Just for your information if you are looking to replace your tie rod's on your phase two 172 (non cup) here is the euro car parts part number. (the correct one!) part no: 606745470 Please ignore all other part number's they list, as they are actually for a non sport steering rack. How...
  22. RMDavis

    K&N Typhoon on a phase 2

    Fitted this yesterday. To be fair was a bit of a mare, as it's meant for the ph1. But a really good quality bit of kit. That sounds fantastic, and the car feels really responsive. I know there's a lot of hate for induction kits on here, but If you are looking to get one IMO it's a better system...
  23. RMDavis

    More new Powerflex Products!

    Well chuffed about these as I need new rack bushes! You're receiving this newsletter because you are an existing customer. Not interested anymore? Unsubscribe. Having trouble viewing this email? View it in your browser. Why not Forward to a Friend ? 29 NOVEMBER 2013...
  24. RMDavis

    Rob's Iceberg Project

    Hi guys thought I'd put together a project thread for my Clio. This is my second phase two 172 my first being a Monaco with pink wheels... People may remember that little beauty (I think the project thread is still on here haha) I bought this standard car at the beginning of the year with...
  25. RMDavis

    Hampshire Members

    This isn't a meet but I wasn't sure where to put this thread other than In the most relevant county! I work at Eurocarparts in Basingstoke and if anyone needs any service parts, performance bits or just about anything for their Clio please ask for me and I will make sure I look after you with...
  26. RMDavis

    H&R Coilovers anyone run with them?

    As the title says really. Anyone that has these what are they like? I work at eurocarparts so with staff discount I can get these bloody cheap. Any help would be appreciated. My current setup is Koni dampers and Eibach Proline's which I'm very happy with. Until looking on here though I...
  27. RMDavis

    New Powerflex Products

    I work at Eurocarparts, and deal with all the performance parts and just got this email! Not sure id anyone is aware of these yet? You're receiving this newsletter because you are an existing customer. Not interested anymore? Unsubscribe. Having trouble viewing this email? View it in...
  28. RMDavis

    Yet another spacer thread....

    I will keep this brief as I don't want to repeat others. I've searched loads on this and had many of my questions answered. I've fitted H&R spacers front and rear (10mm) non hub centric with longer bolts. Now here's the issue I get wobble at speed and I've come to to find out it could be s**t...
  29. RMDavis

    Phase 2 Cup Spoiler

    I've got a phase 2 172, and really fancy a cup spoiler. Obviously It will need repspraying as they never made an "iceberg" cup, but is the spoiler a straight bolt on swap? And I assume the wiring for the high level brake light is the same? Any help would be most apreciated cheers!
  30. RMDavis

    Two in Chineham

    A couple of times now I've seen a blue 182, and a silver 182. The silver car is parked on its driveway near the scout hut, and i was driving behind you the other week! I literally live just down the road by the Chineham Arms! Keep passing you two on the Hanmore road Anyone on here!?