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  1. Andy93

    My phase 1 172 on eBay

    As per title selling one of my clios; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Andy93

    Tyre shoulder wear

    Hi all, I'm on to my second track dedicated Clio after stupidly selling the first one as soon as I'd got it to a level I was happy with. The new car is all standard bar eibach sportlines and camber bolts set at -2 degrees. I've done two days at knockhill and both days I absolutely killed the...
  3. Andy93

    Trackday tow car

    What are you lot using? I need something that's not a chore to use every day which kind of rules out a transit or similar. £3k max budget has got me looking at S60/V70 D5s, any reviews on those? All other suggestions welcome.
  4. Andy93

    Lightweight battery and relocation

    Thinking of getting a lightweight battery and relocating it out of the engine bay. Can anyone provide an idiots guide of everything I'll need and how it's done? Is it best to relocate to the boot or under/behind the seats? Thanks in advance
  5. Andy93

    AVO GTX coilovers

    Is anyone using these? I've currently got Bilstein B14s and I now agree that they're too soft for pure track use. Budget is about £1k max and for that money the AVO seem like the best option. If anyone has any reviews or other suggestions please let me know! Cheers
  6. Andy93

    My Monaco after a bath, 2118s fitted

    Gave the Clio a wash today and fitted my 2118s ahead of a trackday at Knockhill.
  7. Andy93

    Couple at Nissan Sunderland

    Parked behind a black 172 and saw an arctic on turinis in the row in front.
  8. Andy93

    Andy's Monaco 172 Fast Road/Track Project

    Hi all, Picked up this Monaco Blue 172 from a former member in Edinburgh last week. This is the second 172 I've owned, I had a Pearl Black 172 while I was living in Australia and I've definitely been bitten by the Renaultsport bug! It's currently on 85k and it's current spec is; -Cooksport...
  9. Andy93

    My new 172

    Picked up this Monaco Blue 172 from a former member last week, it's currently on 85k with a few choice mods such as Silvervisions, Cup spoiler, Turinis & Cooksport springs. Plans are as follows; -New PAS pump and Aux belt kit to be done by DTM Cars -New Discs and pads all round thanks to G172...
  10. Andy93

    [Urgent] Intermittent Brake Failure Ph2 172

    Keeping this brief as I'm in a rush. Just changed Rear discs and now I'm getting intermittent total brake failure, feels like the ABS is pushing up against my foot, not pulsing at all, just feels rock solid. Took the car for a drive after changing the discs and about 15 mins in the ABS & SERV...
  11. Andy93

    172 from Down Under

    Following on from my Intro thread;!&p=9094159#post9094159 Here's my progress thread for my 2001, Ph2 172. Summary of improvements/mods; Powerflex dogbone insert Magnecor (Blue) leads K&N 57i Gen II intake (I know, heatsoak etc...
  12. Andy93

    Fake Aussie!

    Hello CS, Been lurking around on here for a while now but haven't done an intro thread. I lived in Newcastle UK up until 2006 when I moved out here to Sydney, Australia. I have a 2001 ph2 172 that I've owned since about March this year. Bought it stock with 105,000kms on the clock (60k miles)...
  13. Andy93

    Venom Motorsport

    Hi Guys, Anybody got an e-mail contact for anybody at Venom Motorsport? Pretty keen to talk to them about ordering a coilover kit but don't want to be paying a massive phone bill at the end of the month due to calling from Australia. Thanks in advance, Andy