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  1. Sash

    Non sport mk3 A406 Palmers Green

    CS sticker in rear window. Nice gaffa tape 😁
  2. Sash

    Older persons car insurance

    Afternoon all, I know this group is for mainly Clio insurance but I feel many of you will have older (80yo+) parents/grandparents etc that might be able to help. My Nan (90yo) is due to renew her car insurance in a weeks time. Are there any elderly friendly insurance companies out there that...
  3. Sash

    North Weald Brunch

    A little last minute but what the heck, if anyone’s around and fancies a little catch up!
  4. Sash

    North Weald Christmas Brunch and Crimbo jumper competition 22nd December 11:00am

    Pre Christmas catch up? Usual place, usual drill... @Sunglasses_Ron @Rob @Scrooge @c4pob @TheEvilGiraffe @Cookie @Dr Jekyll @MrBlonde @Ricardos @rs 1an @mintno1 @Vicky. @Kyle 86 @RyG @Brian @RSsprint etc... Feel free to tag anyone else.
  5. Sash

    Lost TV channels

    I’m probably being a dumb girl here but I’m gonna admit I’m a bit stumped. I’ve got freeview built into my tv and yesterday it said I needed to retune to get new channels or something, so I did this using the automatic channel scan. Upon completion all I got was a completely messed up screen...
  6. Sash

    Liquid Yellow 200EDC £8k Someone do a buy!
  7. Sash

    Coffee & Cars - Museum of Power, Maldon 25th Aug 2019

    Any one up for this?
  8. Sash

    iMusic issue...

    Okay, I’m stumped with a VERY annoying issue. I bought my iPhone 6s in 2016, it’s been great without issues until now. I had family sharing on music so had a lot of music I hadn’t actually paid for through my iTunes account on my phone. Stopped the family sharing and continued to purchase...
  9. Sash

    200EDC Horrendous suspension noises - Help!

    My car has started making some really loud, creaking/crunching/graunchy noised from the front end when going over speed bumps when cold. Possibly thinking anti roll bar bushes but not entirely sure... I’ve got a video but I don’t know how to upload it - anyone know how?
  10. Sash

    Annoying lock screen notification

    I did the iOS upgrade the other day and now I get this annoying lock screen notification. Any idea if it possible to remove it. I’ve cleared it from the screen but it returns.
  11. Sash

    Spotted LY 200 A120 Eastbound Stansted

    @Cramps was it you?
  12. Sash

    [July 21st, 2018] Saturday Brunch North Weald. (Essex)

    As per the title, Saturday brunch at Wings Cafe at North Weald, CM16 6HR 11:00. There will be a few of us there, be good to see some more faces ?
  13. Sash

    Sash’s new Learner car.

    After quite a lot of thought I’ve decided to switch to teaching Automatic this year after 5 years of teaching manual. That coupled with the need to drop down to 1 car due to parking arrangements changing I figured I’d try and find a car I could work in and have a bit of fun with too. When I...
  14. Sash

    Anybody know this 200T?

    Anyone know of this Liquid Yellow 200T reg was W3FLA?
  15. Sash

    Highest mileage 200/220 EDC

    Wondering who’s got the highest mileage EDC out there? Highest I’ve seen is a ‘13 plate on 45k. @Brian need not even look at this thread 😂
  16. Sash

    [Jan 14, 2018] North Weald Sunday Brunch - Essex

    Sunday Brunch 10:30 Wings Cafe at North Weald Airfield. @Ricardos @Dr Jekyll @Sunglasses_Ron @rs 1an @Scrooge @Phase1sr @RyG @GrahamS @Martin. @Rob @MrBlonde @mintno1 @STEVE.M Feel free to tag anyone else.
  17. Sash

    Insurance for modified car and high mileage...!

    I'm on the hunt for an insurance quote for a modified RS Megane that does approx 25-30k a year. Currently with Adrian Flux who seem pretty competitive but wanted to get a couple of other quotes. Seems that Greenlight & Sky won't touch it due to the mileage (apparently modified cars don't do so...
  18. Sash

    RyG Spotted in Basildon

    @RyG in the RB on cranes farm road today.
  19. Sash

    i4detailing closing down?

    Just had an email saying closing down sale :-/ 15% off with code end15. Such a shame if this is the end, no more bubblegum with deliveries!!
  20. Sash

    RB 182 & PB 172 A20 tonight

    Could be the same RB on the hard shoulder of the M25 earlier on?
  21. Sash

    Black 172 HT03 FLB Anybody know it?

    Its up for sale in Small field near Horley, has got a cs sticker in the rear window. Anybody know of it's history etc?
  22. Sash

    frayz in the bean

    Heading home I presume on nevendon road, shades on tunes up I presume as you didn't see me!
  23. Sash

    North Weald breakfast Sunday 15th Feb

    Anyone fancy a meet up at wings for a bit of breakfast?
  24. Sash

    South East Area Meet Day - KENT 21st Sept 2014

    To try and keep the Kent guys and girls happy How about having your own meet on the same day and time? Vauxhall Inn Vauxhall Lane Tonbridge TN11 0NA 12:30 onwards.
  25. Sash

    LX05 UDK An interesting Arctic Blue Basildon tonight.

    Mainly Arctic blue with many white parts :quiet: followed you down Cranes Farm Road to Burnt Mills.
  26. Sash

    Ricados' beast parked up

    And @Ricados in the rafters :rasp:
  27. Sash

    SE National Area Meet Day 21st Sept 14.

    Please note the change of location for this event. It will now be held at: The Dick Turpin Public House, Southend Arterial Rd, Wickford, Essex SS12 9HZ 12.30 onwards. Food and drink available. Please start a new attendance list below.
  28. Sash

    F/S: Konica Minolta XG-M SLR 35mm Camera body, lenses, filters etc

    Surely one of the 'tography guys might be interested in this? Can provide more photo's on request! Open to offers too...
  29. Sash

    X 449 BAM Basildon today

    Saw you turning up Timberlog lane then into Gordon road.
  30. Sash

    Anti bacterial interior wipes/cleaner...?

    Most of you will know I'm now a driving instructor, and I like to keep the car looking nice. The outside is easy, completely damage free and virtually swirl free :cool: However, the nature of the job means I get a few nervous learners who tend to get sweaty palms :dead: and the steering wheel...