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  1. George182

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    The end of an era for CS.
  2. George182

    French takeover GY seafront

    I might be able to get there, but it won't be in a clio!
  3. George182


    Smash Brothers.
  4. George182

    The Megane Turbo Saga

    Pleased for you mate - it's been a long time coming!
  5. George182

    Spark plug removal help

    Get a spark plug socket.
  6. George182

    BG182 misty morning

  7. George182

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Good lord :(
  8. George182

    "THE' Tawny Owl Pub meet - chat thread

    Sure is!
  9. George182

    George's TURBO 182

    What's the damage? Absolutely - if I was doing it again I'd 100% drop a Meg 230 engine and box in, no question. It's all good though, it's been a fun few years overall!
  10. George182

    George's TURBO 182

    Initially I had a great deal of problems with the Engine Dynamics kit: it fitted poorly, the fuel pump failed and the downpipe was useless. After all these parts were replaced, the oil squirters 'fell out' - which were no ones fault and was just bad luck. After the 02m conversion I found the...
  11. George182

    George's TURBO 182

    Little update. My car is off to be largely turned back to standard this weekend. I have become tired and frustrated and the continuous little niggles that come with turbo clio ownership. For most of the time the car has been outstanding and the performance has been truly heroic for the money...
  12. George182

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Snap! Hope your are feeling better soon mate.
  13. George182

    Gave my cup a bath ..

    It's 300+bhp.
  14. George182


    (nearly) everyone will advise you just to buy a fast car in the first place and not to spend your money doing that!
  15. George182

    CSS '15 East Midlands.

    There hasn't been any more interest mate. I am also 'clio-less' currently, so even I am going to struggle to make it.
  16. George182

    V6 - Summer Time

    Very nice indeed.
  17. George182

    Clio 182 Garrett GT2560R

    Aside from a driveshaft replacement (under warranty) and a new fuel pump - it's been fantastic! I have been extremely able to surprise quite a few interesting cars... Currently it's running like a dream and I'll be at CSS with it this year!
  18. George182

    CSS '15 East Midlands.

    @Kennyashton @Snake182 @AJFisher @.Andy. @Edges @drumm @Nitro182 @Reed67 @Shwebb @Oggy172 @R26Dan @Big chris @Sargara @batesyt200 @Diagro @Alex B @daveski @JoePeps @Webby. @Mark Gayden @The Russian. @strell2 @not normal dan @Tommo. @Pat 182 @seabass859 @Gray
  19. George182

    Clio 182 Garrett GT2560R

    Wheels look great mate! Good choice.
  20. George182

    Stunning Track Turbo

  21. George182

    CSS '15 East Midlands.

    It'll be CSS before we know it! It's the 1st august - incase you hadn't seen, more info here: It makes sense to have a little convoy for such an occasion. I am traveling from Leicester, via the A46 and then the A156. Plenty of opportunity for Nottingham...
  22. George182

    172 Cup Headlights in 182

    Just plug straight in I think.
  23. George182

    Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project (+boost)

    I genuinely can't understand why yours is eating coil packs! It doesn't make any sense, I am on my first one..
  24. George182

    172 Cup Turbo

    413bhp? Ha ha, that must be ridiculous!
  25. George182


    For info there is a meeting on the last Sunday of EVERY month in Newark - which is a nice little drive and there is always an excellent turn out.
  26. George182


    Sure - let's make one happen. Do you have any suggestions for locations? I'll set up an event.
  27. George182

    No second gear

    The 'best' option is to get yours refurbed IMO. Although I have a 182 box that I would part with.
  28. George182

    No second gear

    The first thing I would do is check the linkage is all ok. It doesn't sound good though mate...
  29. George182

    406 coupe brembo

    I have some I would be willing to sell - drop me a pm. @Terry holcroft