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  1. Richard_UK

    Nintendo PlayStation

    Not a bad investment for $75
  2. Richard_UK

    VR Boxing

    Anyone tried it? I bought thrill of the fight (bargain at around a fiver) recently, did a few rounds on it 3 days ago, and I’m still in pain :LOL: Not sure if it’s because I overstretched with the punches, it tells you not to fully extend when punching, or if it’s just that I’m so unfit. I was...
  3. Richard_UK

    The VR thread

    Now that VR is becoming more viable I imagine a few on here will be getting headsets, so thought a thread for all things VR might be useful. Post about upcoming games etc or good freebies you’ve found. Best freebie I’ve found so far, by far, is google earth 🌎 love zooming out into space and...
  4. Richard_UK

    RDR2 coming to PC this month

    For anyone that’s interested.. Red Dead Redemption is coming to PC this month, release date is Oct 26th but if you have the new Rockstar launcher you can get it on the 9th
  5. Richard_UK

    Motorhome anyone?

    Searching motorhomes on eBay came across this beauty, does it get any more council than this?
  6. Richard_UK

    Galaxy Fold

    The phone they’ve been talking about for a while has been announced
  7. Richard_UK

    It’s snowing in GTA V

    Just went on GTA V and there’s snow everywhere, driving is interesting and you can snowball people too, I know I’m very late to the party but I’ve not long started playing, might be a few on here who still play so thought it was worth posting about.
  8. Richard_UK

    iPad 2018

    Just bought a new (pauper spec) iPad to replace my air 2 after it gave up working yesterday, and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement, astetheticly speaking it feels like I've gone back to an original iPad, it's thicker and heavier than the air 2, has no ar coating, and has a gap between...
  9. Richard_UK

    Prisoners are gonna love this

  10. Richard_UK

    True wireless Bluetooth ear buds

    Any good cheaper alternatives to the Apple ones?
  11. Richard_UK

    One for Gally?
  12. Richard_UK

    Mk2 Escort campervan

    Doesn't seem expensive, for what it is..
  13. Richard_UK

    Dimma Replica

    unfortunately the auction has ended now so you've missed out, fetched a hefty price though for what it is. Flol at the sellers slogan "quality not quantity"...
  14. Richard_UK

    The wtf car of the week

    Why? It looks like something designed by Homer Simpson...
  15. Richard_UK

    Skyline powered Escort
  16. Richard_UK

    Rally car anyone?
  17. Richard_UK

    iPad flash drive?

    I didn't know flash drives were available for Apple products but came across these on eBay It's such a pain converting...
  18. Richard_UK

    Escort, double-ender..
  19. Richard_UK

    Renault 4 anyone? As seen on Top Gear, needs a bit of T cutting
  20. Richard_UK

  21. Richard_UK

    "Rat rod" Bentley

    Cant decide if I like this or not...
  22. Richard_UK

    Someone lost a chunk of money!

    £94k down to £7.5k that's some depreciation...
  23. Richard_UK

    What Was Your First Mobile Phone?

    Inspired by a thread on HUKD today, (some truly hideous phones posted on there), what was your first mobile phone? My first phone was this beauty, I think it cost me something like £100 for the phone, plus £25 a month for the line, and 50p a minute for calls lol, it was an awesome phone at the...
  24. Richard_UK

    New lead for the iPad (Woodford Quickdraw)

    My iPad lead, just a year old and I'm very careful with my stuff, decided to split open at the plug as they commonly do, so I bought myself one of these I went for the 2 metre as its more convenient. This...
  25. Richard_UK

    Defender camper

    Overpriced imo, I'd rather have a VW, would be handy for the upcoming zombie apocalypse I guess..
  26. Richard_UK

    Camper conversion

    The best camper conversion I've ever seen...
  27. Richard_UK

    iPhone 6 Error 53

    Anyone who has a damaged or a repaired (not repaired by Apple) iPhone 6 if you update to the latest iOS you could brick your phone. I've had iPhones for a few years now, my next phone will not be an apple if this how they treat their customers...
  28. Richard_UK

    Mk2 Escort porn
  29. Richard_UK

    Dodgy V6 on ph