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  1. Hello Howard Speaking

    Silverstone Classic

    I spent yesterday at a rather grim Silverstone for the classic, the rain actually stayed away and the event was fantastic. Tickets are pricey but the variety of cars racing was impressive, spent most of the day watching the track with a few mooches through the club stands but most of those are...
  2. Hello Howard Speaking

    Coaxial Connectors? Cut Coax

    Not strictly for a Clio (or at all) but its only wiring. The previous owner of my mini has turned out to be a bit of a t**t and for some reason has cut the coax for the aerial, so I currently get no radio signal. I know the connector I need for the back of the radio but I'm struggling to find a...
  3. Hello Howard Speaking

    BTCC Laguna... I like what they were aiming for but seems to have missed the target somewhat, needs lowerig bout a foot to start with! Anyone ever...
  4. Hello Howard Speaking

    Silverstone PHSS

    Saw a couple of clios out this morning, 197 and 172 on track, anyone here? Shame about the spin for the 172 but didn’t look tooo badly damaged. Parked behind a AG 200 that put mine to shame as well, really lovely car
  5. Hello Howard Speaking

    Bedford - Broken Down Track Prepped 1*2

    Saw you with a tow truck just outside of bedford a little while ago, anyone here? Presumably you'd spent the day at Bedford Autodrome? Hope it's nothing serious.
  6. Hello Howard Speaking

    Motorway Speed Brake Judder?

    I'm getting a judder under braking but it only seems to happen at 60 or above, what would be the likely cause, warped discs? I can emergency stop from 50 or under and don't get any judder at all yet head over 60 odd and even light applications give me a fairly bad juddering. I know the 200...
  7. Hello Howard Speaking

    Pistonheads - St Neots

    Popped along to St Neots for a coffee once again this morning with the monthly pistonheads meet taking place. It's great to have an relaxed meeting like this so close. A few photos from this morning as well. The Ferrari 250 GTE 100% stole the show, its unbelievably cool. Nice to see a V6, they...
  8. Hello Howard Speaking

    Pistonheads St Neots Meet

    A bitterly cold sunday in St Neots isn't often so appealing but the local Pistonheads meet rarely gets such a good turnout. There's usually a good turnout for a monthly meet but it wasn't expected to be added to on a snowy February morning. There was lots more there including 2 x M2's, GTR's...
  9. Hello Howard Speaking

    To Decat Or Not... Clio 200

    So I've got a bit of a dilemma at the moment, over whether I should decat the Clio or not. I have had a decat manifold fitted so that with the Akrapovic means the cars fairly loud, and I'm not sure how much louder I would like it to be really, but the car makes a fair amount of pops and bangs...
  10. Hello Howard Speaking

    200 Door Replacement

    I've woken up this morning to find someone's kindly left me a huge dent in my drivers side door and I'm almost certain it cannot be removed due to the large crease in part of the dent. So I think the obvious option is to change the door itself, the actual replacement doesn't look to bad and is...
  11. Hello Howard Speaking

    Euans Albi 200

    I picked this up this morning and I'm loving it so far. After the unfortunate demise of my mx5 it was time to for a change, I've had 2 mx5s in a row and with a fault claim now on my insurance the premium for an mx5 anywhere near the spec of the one I crashed would be through the roof. Decision...
  12. Hello Howard Speaking

    Diesel on the roundabout... Honest

    Unfortunately no diesel here, just a lack of talent. Picture the scene, slippy off camber corner coming off a roundabout. Only a moron would boot it their, and today that morons me. Que spinning across the grass heading for a lampost. Result - 1 fucked mx5 I get out the car start assessing...
  13. Hello Howard Speaking

    Mx5 No.2 - Supercharged

    I bought this at the beginning of March and it hasn't exactly been plain sailing! A 98 eunos with Mini Cooper s supercharger, roll bar, meister r coilovers and some other bits and bobs. No rust and generally in good condition. I purchased it as I was looking for more power but still loved the...
  14. Hello Howard Speaking

    Bedford - black v6 (ph2?) following a silver 172.

    Saw these two following each other going into Renhold about 8:30 this morning. Anyone on here? Think the V6 plate started with NA52
  15. Hello Howard Speaking

    Festival of Speed 14 - My Photos

    Went to the FOS for all 4 days this year. Camped in the festival camping and couldn't recommend the whole experience enough. If you've never been, make sure you do, it's the perfect event for petrol heads as you can get so close to the action. I'm not a great photographer and this was my first...
  16. Hello Howard Speaking

    iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement

    My buttons just failed so I'm pleased to find out this is a free replacement. Anyone had it changed? Able to tell me how long it takes to get it replaced?
  17. Hello Howard Speaking

    135i & MX5

    I went out with my brother for some photos tonight after a leisurely Sunday clean of my Mx5 and his 135i, which is an awesome machine. My Mx5 is also sporting my new wheels, which has given a much improved 'stance' which I'm sure you will all love. So, here are some average photos! DSC_0156...
  18. Hello Howard Speaking

    Neef on the way into Bedford

    Coming into Bedford tonight, Trophy looked good with the black wheels. Not sure whether it was just the angle (on a hill) but it looked as though it had a lot of forward rake.
  19. Hello Howard Speaking

    Silver ph1, **** HWT, Bedford College

    Saw this parked up this morning, had the CS tax disc holder and sticker. Not many ph1's in Bedford. Who's is it?
  20. Hello Howard Speaking

    My MX5!

    Thought i would make a thread now even though i wont be doing much until after September :(, Bought the car mid December and have been loving it so far, i'm itching to start modding it but unfortunately my insurance is with admiral who obviously aren't very mod friendly, so for now i'm just...
  21. Hello Howard Speaking

    Declaring Brake Pads

    So, if i upgrade the brake pads to something like EBC Greenstuff do i need to declare them. I understand that all mods need to be declared but I've read some things about consumables not needing to be declared, do they only need to be declared if upgraded parts are used as obviously if i had a...
  22. Hello Howard Speaking

    Black non sport, Bedford Embankment, pulled by the police!

    Was right behind whoever it was when you got pulled, don't know if they are on here but had a loud exhaust and stuff so would guess they are, mainly a thanks for giving me a laugh on a rather boring NYE!
  23. Hello Howard Speaking

    Black 172, Orange wheels, Putnoe, Bedford

    Parked up opposite chiltern avenue shops, looked good with the orange wheels even if they were very dirty :)
  24. Hello Howard Speaking

    Hello from Bedford!

    Hello all! Inherited the family Clio atm so won't be doing to much to that Hoping to eventually to own a Williams or valver but think I'll have to wait a bit for those