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  1. Timmsy

    White 182 Eastbourne.

    Not seen it about before. Anyone on here. Didn't catch a reg plate
  2. Timmsy

    Clio parts on ebay, need gone ASAP

    Hi all Got some parts up on ebay again. Anyone from CS is welcome to make an offer as i need to shift as much as possible. Will also be able to bring to Surrey RR day this Saturday if anyone is attending Also have some...
  3. Timmsy

    Clio 172/182 Parts on ebay 0.99p listings

    All can be found here: More will be added later today once i've sorted through it
  4. Timmsy

    Titanium silver 04 plate 182 Eastbourne

    Followed you through Pevensey and into Eastbourne. Was in my Polo GTI
  5. Timmsy

    Stunning Ph1 V6 Eastbourne!

    Yesterday, parked just down from my flat in town! Looked lovely! Very very clean too.
  6. Timmsy

    New Car Products

    So had a quick search and some old topics have come up but looking for some products to use as a first wash, polish and wax of my new car when it arrives From looking around its safe to say that cleaning a brand new car isnt as daunting as it sounds and the paint should be fine to work on...
  7. Timmsy

    Inlet Gaskets upper and lower

    So i picked up a matched upper and lower inlet manifold last weekend and planning on fitting them this weekend. Anyone know what gaskets i'll need? is there one from the head to the lower and one from the lower to the upper? Links, part numbers would be great.
  8. Timmsy

    Weird clucking/knocking rear left

    So not sure if this has been happening a while but Ibe recently had the rear seats out of the to move some stuff so can probably hear it more. When turning right or going round a roundabout it seems to have a clunking knocking noise when it's loaded up. Also seems to do it when braking...
  9. Timmsy

    ANOTHER starting issue!

    I'm sure this had probably been solved before but can anyone shed some light.. So up until recently my car has been taking a few turns of the key to start. Then one say it started hesitating around 2k under load. Pulled up to park up and it cut out. So fast forward a couple of weeks to...
  10. Timmsy

    Best crank sensor

    Well it would seem mine has given up again even though i replaced it 2 years ago with the newer type and new loom Is there any specific one that is better than the rest without paying Renault prices?
  11. Timmsy

    Car Issues AGAIN!!

    So this morning, jumped in the car started fine, driving fine... all good i thought. About 2 miles down the road in slow moving traffic (about 15mph) i was going along ok and just giving it light throttle then all of a sudden it jerks/hesitates then fine again. Does this a couple of times so i...
  12. Timmsy

    Replacing Wing Ph1 172

    Anyone have any pointers on replacing the wing on my ph1 172? Does the side skirt need to come off too?
  13. Timmsy

    Replacing rad, ph1 172

    Had a quick search and it seems pretty straight forward Bumper off, grill off, bonnet catch off, front cross member off, couple of clips on the aircon pipe and some joiners on the pipes on the rad then out Anything I'm missing? Easy enough to do myself with basic tools or should I take it to...
  14. Timmsy

    K5 Cup - Inferno 182 Cineworld Car Park Eastbourne

    Own up who is it? Had a CS tax disc holder, looked really clean and the colour was really good in the sun today!
  15. Timmsy

    Ph1 172 aircon

    So today I finally got round to wiring in my ph2 analogue heater panel for my ph1 to ph2 dash conversion. All seems to work ok. Also took the opportunity to use the ez chill air con regas we have to refill it. All went well however it doesn't seem all that cold. I can hear the aircon...
  16. Timmsy

    Bilstein B14 Coilovers - top mounts

    Do they need specific top mounts? I understand that they can run with OE top mounts but if going for PMS top mounts then they need to be specific :S Eventually i want to go for PMS top mounts and strut brace but it wont be till a while after getting the coilovers, is this going to be an issue?
  17. Timmsy

    Anything going on in late July early August?

    As title really... Getting the belts done this month so wanting to get the car out for a proper drive, possibly RR day
  18. Timmsy

    Dash dimmer control..

    Does anyone know if this is on the same circuit? If the heater controls aren't plugged in I'm guessing this could be why my dash dimmer has just stopped working?
  19. Timmsy

    knocking coming from rear

    Hi all Hopefully this isnt a big issue however the car has developed a fairly loud clunking/knocking noise from the rear when braking at slow speeds At first I thought it was the driveshaft but now it's louder it's certainly coming from the rear. I can't hear any usual bearing noise under...
  20. Timmsy

    Storm Grey 200 Newhaven

    Looked smart. Very clean
  21. Timmsy

    Power loss when engine warm

    Well i noticed today that my 172 seems to be bit slower at initial pick up when the car is up to temp than it does from cold. not even giving it a thrashing when cold just really noticeable when pulling out of a junction etc Is this fairly normal is something a miss? Standard air intake so...
  22. Timmsy

    Ph2 dash conversion wiring

    Hi all that have done this conversion. So I've read pretty much every thread i can find on the conversion and it would seem that there is no definitive way of using all the ph2 switching. Somehow there must be a way to...
  23. Timmsy

    Flush fit USB mount

    Has anyone retro fitted a flush mount usb connector yet. Got an Aux and USB input on the back of my HU but want to flush fit them both. Probably follow the guide in the guides section for the 3.5mm one but wondering if anyone has done a usb version as yet??
  24. Timmsy

    ph2 handbrake surround in ph1

    How much of a pain in the rear is it to do? I got all other plastics and carpet in today, just the above, dash, seats and door cards to go
  25. Timmsy

    197 steering wheel in a ph1 172

    So I've had a search and found that to fit the 197 wheel an m20 spacer is needed?? (thickness not mentioned anywhere though) Also some splicing of wires is needed and a guide is on Although that's all i've found, no guide on here though. So my question is, seeing as the ph1 172...
  26. Timmsy

    ET35 wheels and spacers

    Firstly will they fit? Secondly is the lower the et number the further out or on they will sit?
  27. Timmsy

    55 plate Trophy, seaside road Eastbourne. Saturday night/this morning

    Didn't manage to get a pic as camera was dead :(
  28. Timmsy

    Not starting first time

    Pretty sure this has been covered many many times but could do with clearing some thing up Car keeps refusing to start first time, only started happening end of last week. turn it over as per usual and used to start first time on first turn of the key.. give it a few trys and nothing. It cranks...
  29. Timmsy

    recommend me a media streamer/ smart bluray player

    Right a bit of background... I sold my xbox 360 late last year as i got into pc gaming again, in the mean time i just used my ps3 as a media streamer and blueray player, long story short i had to buy a new motherboard (Asus maximus vii ranger) which had real issues connecting to the ps3 as a...
  30. Timmsy

    BT Vision - Anyone got it

    So im currently on BT infinity top spec package and tempted to add on BT Vision, mainly so i can catch up on some BT sport other than on my phone or PC. Main question is.. do i have to use the old style RF connection or will my Sky dish and coax cable be alright? thing is where i live its in a...