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  1. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Any idea what this noise could be?

    Ive had the wheels nearly fall off my car more times than i care to admit! im not good at stuff.. it doesnt stop me trying tho
  2. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Any idea what this noise could be?

    Sounds like a wheel is loose.
  3. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Gearbox STILL bloody leaking!

    Are you looking at the bottom of the gearbox, seeing fluid and assuming it’s leaking from above? Renault gearbox’s are designed to lose/leak fluid as a way of self lubricating.
  4. MonkeyKnifeFight

    PAS pump - float/play

    The "new" one ive just put on my car did this and i thought it was odd but it works fine.
  5. MonkeyKnifeFight


    I use the horse shoe to put the inlet cam timing slightly out so when you tighten the dephaser it pulls the cam into the correct final position. Its obviously not the correct procedure but it works for me.
  6. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Slight leak head gasket! Advice please guys!

    Dont spose you see bubbles in the coolant expansion tank when the car is running?
  7. MonkeyKnifeFight

    What Exhaust do I have?

    The centre is silenced but i cant see a cat in those pics.
  8. MonkeyKnifeFight

    clio cupracer hubs

    This may help if you havent seen it.
  9. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Slight leak head gasket! Advice please guys!

    I think you raise at least 2 valid points here. The first takes me back to the time I lost a dock side bet and was forced at gun point to pleasure a chimp dressed as an Asian businessman. Thirdly it takes 2 to tango! That car was upside down when I got here and as for your grandmother? Well...
  10. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Slight leak head gasket! Advice please guys!

    06 Clio's were a nightmare for (slightly) leaking oil from what appeared to be the head gasket.
  11. MonkeyKnifeFight

    One of the best Clio Rally car in the uk !!!

    You take a cash offer on that?
  12. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Oil filter and oil change

    Thats fair enough. I know everyone is different but i personally prefer to use a cheaper oil but change it more often. If you are after a decent oil ive heard Royal Purple is about as good as it gets.
  13. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Oil filter and oil change

    Seems like an expensive option for a road car.
  14. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Misfire - failed code reader says....

    looks in enough to me they can be a pain to seat properly. I certainly wouldnt say thats the reason for a miss fire as both my middle injectors look like that and my car runs fine.
  15. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Oil filter and oil change

    Im sure someone will answer your question but if you put your reg number into eurocarparts website it will show you a list of bits suitable for your car.
  16. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    BTC replaces local currency.. Nice!
  17. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Mig welders

    Im thinking of getting something along these lines when i get back to work. Seems to have most bases covered.
  18. MonkeyKnifeFight

    K20 clio 182 without chassis or subframe modification?

    They'll take 800bhp if you give them forged rods and uprate the valve springs. Crazy motors, you can get them to 330bhp naturally aspirated. I cant think of a better 4 cylinder engine i'd love to have even a standard one in the clio.
  19. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    I dont think our lives will ever be the same again! (this time next year)
  20. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Setup an account with and from there you can buy and hold or trade with bitcoin.
  21. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Mig welders

    Does it cost much money in gas to run a mig or tig?
  22. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Trying to save a £300 172 cup

    If the belt was done 9 years ago it will need changing based on age not mileage. Cambelt is 5 years or 72000 miles. If you're not planning on keeping it i wouldnt bother with the cambelt but it needs doing if you are.
  23. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Trying to save a £300 172 cup

    Cambelt isn’t too tricky on the Cup’s. I researched the process on here and there was more than enough information to give me the confidence to give it a go. Might as well pull the engine and do the clutch at the same time 👍
  24. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Handling issues

    No engine mount wont give those issues. I'd say the most likely culprit is a worn bottom end ball joint.
  25. MonkeyKnifeFight

    What have you done to your car today ???

    Fitted an oil temp sensor. Then got a chance to test my 0-60 on the dragy. Totally standard just stripped interior and timed to perfection.
  26. MonkeyKnifeFight

    182 Inlet Manifold Gasket - Sealant?

    Be careful not to over tighten the bolts holding the manifold in place.
  27. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Clio drive shaft compatibility

    Cup drive shafts don't have the centre bearing on the driver side shaft.
  28. MonkeyKnifeFight

    ECU cover nut on turret

    Didnt fully read your post!! You could add a second nut. That way it would clamp the one behind it.
  29. MonkeyKnifeFight

    ECU cover nut on turret

    Mine looks exactly the same. I ended up bending that nut/bracket bit over with some pliers and pinched whats left of the ecu bracket. Not the prettiest solution but works well enough.
  30. MonkeyKnifeFight

    Cambelt change, just venting

    Same thing happened to me. Not fun.