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  1. Atzuuh

    Flamer from the Netherlands

    Hi all, I bought my first RS a few months back in september. I was already member here with my 1.2 8V. This one will keep going as a daily driver. It's a 2000 Flame Red phase 1 with km's on it (88856 miles). If I'm correct 1 of the 10 original Dutch Flamers left. Already removed the...
  2. Atzuuh

    Clio Sport shifter

    Going to look at a complete Clio RS that is being broken down this week. Im looking to get the interior (seats and rear seats) and the shifter. My question is, is it easy to get the shifter out? Thanks in advance!
  3. Atzuuh

    New member from the Netherlands

    Hello all, Im Atze, and I am from the Netherlands. While I was sourcing the internet I stumbled upon So did some reading on some project pages and I saw alot of interesting stuff. My account has been registered in february 2016 but totally forgot about it that I had an account on...
  4. Atzuuh

    Atzuuh's Clio 2 Ph1 1.2 8V RNA

    Hello all. (First of all, im from the Netherlands, so sorry for any grammar mistakes) Im Atze, I have a 1.2 Clio as my first car. It's has some mods done like the Dynamique spoiler and Ph2 rear lights. Here a short list of mods (could be that I forgot 1 or 2 things): Done: Exterior - Fog lights...