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  1. jimmy_b

    Dan…’s Titanium Renaultsport 182

    They are cup spec turinis so et35. I had 20mm spacers on it when I owned it but even tho it looked awesome and handled well on the track, it used to tramline like crazy on the road so took them back off
  2. jimmy_b

    urgent help needed aux belt tool

    I made a tool with a piece of flat bar with a slight bend in it and welded the end of an old 3/8th extension bar on it. Worked a treat
  3. jimmy_b

    Hello from South Africa

    Welcome to cs. South Africa is an awesome place. Went to Durban a few years back and drove the garden route down to Cape Town. I will do it again one day :)
  4. jimmy_b

    Dan…’s Titanium Renaultsport 182

    Its all the little things dan ;)
  5. jimmy_b

    Dan…’s Titanium Renaultsport 182

    Dan... Tbh I used to used dodo juice on it but its all autoglym now. Super resin polish followed by HD wax :) he's look really clean as always fella. Keep it up lol
  6. jimmy_b

    Dan…’s Titanium Renaultsport 182

    I'm sure you'll look after him dan. Been an awesome car to own over last 3.5yrs :) have fun!!
  7. jimmy_b

    Acoustic valve

    It sounds s**t with the little squeek. Off it goes :)
  8. jimmy_b

    Acoustic valve

    What purpose does the acoustic valve have on the cold air feed on the std airbox?
  9. jimmy_b

    F4R dephaser removal

    That's the answer I thought I might of got dan. Cheers
  10. jimmy_b

    F4R dephaser removal

    Hey, I part own a 172 cup with my brother for the pure purpose of having it on track to save my 182. The issue is that the engine has now covered 115k in the cup and the dephaser has started the usual rattle do obvious route to take it to replace it and the belt as normal. Due to it being...
  11. jimmy_b

    Front brake pads

    Thanks for the responses, I'll have a look into those that have been recommended :)
  12. jimmy_b

    Front brake pads

    You have a pm Fred :)
  13. jimmy_b

    Front brake pads

    Ktec do the hc discs and ds2500 for £202 delivered without discount
  14. jimmy_b

    Front brake pads

    I have already changed fluid to racing blue when I fitted my braided lines.i don't do a great deal of tracks days so I'm guessin the 2500's would be ideal? I'm looking at the ktec deal on them atm
  15. jimmy_b

    Front brake pads

    I need to upgrade the front brakes on my 182 as I cooked them at last track day. I'm going for brembo hc discs but can't decide between ds2500 pads or carbone Lorraine? Its my daily driver so I want something that is suitable to run daily and work well from cold
  16. jimmy_b

    Rooby Clio 172

    Awesome project! Typical I find this just after I've sold my scooby haha. Looking forward to seeing this finished
  17. jimmy_b

    Brake caliper mounting

    Hey. Does anyone know the bolt hole spacing for the front calipers on a 182? The spacing between the bolt which mount it to the hub Cheers
  18. jimmy_b

    urgent rear brake problem

    hey ppl, ive just put a set of rotas on my 182 while my turinies are getting a refurb. when i put the rears on they hit the rear caliper and locked the brake on. i have removed the wheels but now the rear brakes will not turn freely. they will turn approx 3/4 of a rotation then lock solid...
  19. jimmy_b

    ph1 titanium silver forsale
  20. jimmy_b

    Need an exhaust pretty quick

    ive got a ktec supersport system on mine and it sounds really nice. it doesnt have the centre silensor but its not too loud
  21. jimmy_b

    non-runner ph1 172

    hey ppl, ive got a 2000 ph1 172 which doesnt start. the previous owner connected the battery the wrong way and reversed the polarity to the ecu. i have no fuel pressure (pumps not working) and no spark. all fuses are ok and first thoughts were ecu as the engine still cranks just doesnt fire. i...
  22. jimmy_b

    car prices??

    hey ppl. ive recently purchased a ph1 172 in very clean condition as a non-runner which i am fixing atm. its silver 2000my with 115k on the clock and some history. what do ppl reckon its worth if i was to fix and sell on?? idea was to keep it for a track toy but since i got it to my workshop...
  23. jimmy_b

    Who's clio have I bought??

    Hey ppl. I've just bough a non-running ph1 172 off a mate ashe connected the battery the wrong way and killed the ecu. I noticed it has a cliosport tax disc holder and it's in very clean condition. Reg is w948 nwp. Anyone know who it belonged to? I believe my mate bought it from essex James
  24. jimmy_b

    NEW April Meet - Sunday 29th April 1:00PM - Pub & Airfield meet

    sounds good, wont no till abit sooner to the date tho
  25. jimmy_b

    Track ***** Ph1 meets Tarty Clean Ph2

    looks loads better without the carbon effect on the bonnet!
  26. jimmy_b

    exhaust alignment issues

    i have already replaced the rear mounts as they were badley perished. its the drivers tailpipe that sits back futher and the whole system seams to point to the right
  27. jimmy_b

    Miltek System

    my guess is there talking about this exhaust if so i just fitted one to my 182 today and really please with it. inside the car its not too loud at all and doesnt drone at 70mph, although i have been told that outside it is loud lol. @...
  28. jimmy_b

    exhaust alignment issues

    hey ppl, just fitted a ktec supersport system to my 182 today and cant fault it, although i am having problems lining it up propperly. the std system never sat right either which drove me mad!! any tips?
  29. jimmy_b

    March Meet - 18/25 March - Ideas...

    go-karting get my vote also!
  30. jimmy_b

    French Car Show - 17th June 2012

    sorry fellas its a no go for me. off to south africa instead