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  1. Coops Mk1

    1*2 Subframe Nutserts

    Anyone ever removed them, ones for drip undertray etc, then replaced. Got couple snapped and I'm powder coating frame too so be easier remove and replace Cheers Ben
  2. Coops Mk1

    Shifting the mx5 on

    Getting rid, no reserve goodness Cheers Ben
  3. Coops Mk1

    Across the line - 200k RB

    Well she made it, 200k on original engine and box, neither of which have been opened. Cars been a daily runner for all three previous owners and for me since the day it was sold new in 2004. She's no minter, but after lapping up Donington on Wednesday evening and running my commute the last...
  4. Coops Mk1

    Rear of the year

    Popped up to Alport Heights today after work and took a couple of butt shot snaps of the old snotter, quite liked them so thought I'd share. And yes I know.....dirty pipes, sorry it will be sorted before next time, was bit impromptu this shoot. Cheers Ben
  5. Coops Mk1

    First wash for the daily RB

    Not touched the thing since did Cadwell park last September, so put some effort in and got it clean after some work...... Still daily used and currently in Welwyn for work, she clicked 195k on the way down. Winter wheels still on currently but originals will go back on soon when I transfer...
  6. Coops Mk1

    Silver 182 Welwyn Garden City

    Cruised past the premier inn about half four today. Looked clean although wheels looked odd but missed a proper look 55 plate
  7. Coops Mk1

    Remap Complete on the mk1

    Took a trip over the pennines today to visit @bloke to get the 197 cams timed in then straight over to see Chris at EFi for the whole setup to be mapped. Cold and foggy trip in a car with no..... well no anything really. But the result was a surprise to say the least. Thanks again to both...
  8. Coops Mk1

    Dr Jekyll meet Mr Hyde - RB Shed Content

    Happy 190th (k) birthday ? Warts and all showing, not all these old girls can be show Queens so thought I'd go candid and no washing for months just to show that pictures can hide the blemishes. As such no post processing and no filters, just a study of an old motor still in daily use in the...
  9. Coops Mk1

    Odyssey back on the road

    New alloy bonnet, cup spoiler and rear bumper all fitted. Slapped on the refurbished F1's, got a years ticket on it with no advisories and went for a spin! ? Ben
  10. Coops Mk1

    KW's and Klean Arches :-)

    Started piecing the track car back together today. New springs fitted to the KW's and cleaned, treated and painted the arches, thought it looked kinda shiny so thought I'd share! Cheers Ben
  11. Coops Mk1

    My Saab

    My 9-3 Aero is up on the bay, bid away people, bid away
  12. Coops Mk1

    RB Ready for Cadwell

    This will be my first trackday using this car, always felt like I should track it at some point and since the actual track car is still in bits, summer is disappearing and I have the saab as backup, it's time. So booked Cadwell Park (my favourite) for the 12/9 and fitted some bits I had...
  13. Coops Mk1

    My Spax RSX

    On eBay now people just want them gone
  14. Coops Mk1

    Rb 182 - Scotland, Marmite Wheels and Potato Cameras

    Not been giving the RB much exposure recently, mainly due to my complete loss of interest in photography. I seem to of lost the ability to not only take photos, but have any sort of patience in developing them.... but here's the car as it's been used recently, spec: - Bilstein B14's (now...
  15. Coops Mk1

    Williams and 182

    Wish I'd never sold mine, love a Williams.
  16. Coops Mk1

    Odyssey on Speedline 675's :)

    Change of wheel again, think I may have issues! lol! picked these up, slapped some AD08R's on and popped them on the car. I think it needs more lows to truly pull them off, but as a daily I need to keep it practical at the mo, so that will be a test for later! anyway, few pics from trip to...
  17. Coops Mk1

    Odyssey Phase 1 on Speedline Maracana's

    Wheel change due to recent trackday and needing the wet tyres for the track car, kinda love it! Cheers Ben
  18. Coops Mk1

    Cadwell Pics - Mk1

    Did a few laps last Thursday so thought i'd share the love, slicks, diff, RCCK, RS2. all the go to mods and have a cracking time :)
  19. Coops Mk1

    More Odyssey Whoring

    Cleaned her, and now she's low took a few snaps cheers Ben Odyssey Again by Ben Cooper, on Flickr Odyssey Again-4 by Ben Cooper, on Flickr Odyssey Again-6 by Ben Cooper, on Flickr Odyssey Again-11 by Ben Cooper, on Flickr Odyssey Again-13 by Ben Cooper, on Flickr Odyssey Again-16 by Ben...
  20. Coops Mk1

    The Odyssey Phase 1 172

    Did some more bits to the car today and rolled up to the end of the lane to get a couple of slightly better pics than those in my project thread. Cleans up okay and although I was keeping it standard..........I haven't, had to stick my mark on it :smile: Odyssey by Ben Cooper, on Flickr...
  21. Coops Mk1

    Phase 1 172 - Standard Stereo

    Morning all I'm getting confused at to what stereo I should have in my later model phase 1 172 (Y plate) My old X plate phase 1 had a tape deck but not a tuner list one, looked older and more in keeping with the phase 1 interior. Can anyone shed any light on what should be fitted to what age...
  22. Coops Mk1

    The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

    Acquired this at the weekend, cheers @boomerbang2006 for the sale, very easy transaction. I've wanted another phase 1 for a bit but frankly just haven't needed one and was supposed to be concentrating on the Mk1 172 track car this year, but all that went out the window after few beers on...
  23. Coops Mk1

    Racing Blue - The Great Divide

    expecting the title to reflect peoples opinions of the car, me, I love it again :) ktec induction fitted and RB engine cover as well still looking okay for 130k imo cheers Ben IMG_8299 by Coops_Turbo, on Flickr IMG_8308 by Coops_Turbo, on Flickr IMG_8368 by Coops_Turbo, on Flickr...
  24. Coops Mk1

    Service book full, options?

    So my service book is now full and Adam informs me they can't be had new anymore, what's everyone doing /recommend? Cheers Ben
  25. Coops Mk1

    RB - marmite spec

    Not posted pics of the car in a while, few changes lass went into the back of me at the lights few weeks back, only scuffed the bumper but it highlighted some other paint issues i'd been meaning to get sorted so she paid for the rear and I got the front end done as well whilst car was in, along...
  26. Coops Mk1

    MK1 Turbo - Dug it out the back of the drive......

    ........and gave the old girl a quick wash. cant wait to get her back on the road :) looking bit neglected inside, someones moved in! washed drive reorganised
  27. Coops Mk1

    Helper Spring Question - Coliovers

    I have FK coilovers that run 2.5" ID springs in 7" flavour. they also have 3" helper springs I want to buy some higher lb springs for track use, so my question is what's my best option? leave the standard helpers in there and buy the 375lb I want in normal 7" fitment. Or should I buy some say...
  28. Coops Mk1

    Blyton Park Pics

    Had a boiling hot and thoroughly excellent day at Blyton Sunday just gone, crap morning session and then borrowed some slicks (mine were dead and not sourced more yet) for afternoon and the good times rolled!
  29. Coops Mk1

    New Shell for Chip? lol :) Chip-mk1
  30. Coops Mk1

    PMS Gear Linkage - Mk1 Clio Fitment

    Acquired a PMS kit for a 172 other week for a decent price Fitted it to the mk1 track car this weekend with basically no modifications (small filing out of one hole on the base which I think was perhaps drilled wrong anyway as its was offset from the others) Pretty sure I'm the first person to...