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  1. Ricardos

    Ricardo's Kangoo project

    Like any true petrolhead we all need something to tinker with, we constantly browse eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Autotrader and such other buy and selling groups at random cars we shouldn't really buy but strangely warm to. It's fair to say I've owned a fair share of Clios that have been projects...
  2. Ricardos

    Decade of Renaultsport... 99% Clio Content

    As the title suggests although I've owned Renaults on and off for over 17 years it's been around a decade I've been actually owned Renaultsport affiliated cars. Nowadays i'll frequent the Cliosport forums in the background but in the last 10 years it has introduced me to a whole... handful of...
  3. Ricardos

    Exclusive 172 - 172 Cup, Future Classic?

    Seriously toying with buying an Exclusive 172, I think I'm right in saying it's a bit marmite. The BBS wheels and the cream leather interior seems to provoke a vomit in the mouth reaction for which I actually like. The one in mind needs TLC, I'm seeing this as a long burner project to have it...
  4. Ricardos

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Popped to my local Renault dealer this evening to see the unveiling of the Mk5 Renault Clio and Clio RS Line along with the all new Renault Zoe.
  5. Ricardos

    RWD, YB Powered, Mk6 Ford Fiesta

    This is a car built up between my friend and his dad over a few years. It finally had some runs at the Doorslammers event at Santa Pod this weekend in the 4 cylinder class with a best time of 10.1@142mph on street tyres which saw him into the last 8 and a bit of prize money. Now he has a base to...
  6. Ricardos

    Clio 220 Trophy R3T spec

    A bit of an impulse buy! I saw these on photos on the Internet so I called John at R Sport to enquire on price and availability. I then ordered them and picked them up last week, I also ordered new Yokohama ADO8R tyres from Ben Patey and picked them up today in Bracknell. Arrived home and had...
  7. Ricardos

    Ultra Red 200 in Rayleigh, Essex

    About 6:40am this morning (Tuesday) pulling onto the A127 from the Rayleigh Weir roundabout slip road and sat behind me. No point in waving as I was in the Peugeot 407 estate work car ? Lowered and wheels spacered, looks real good
  8. Ricardos

    Silver 182 Basildon, Essex

    Silver 182 on Anthracite Turinis with wheel studs parked up outside the Basildon branch of Screwfix at 1pm. Looked pretty clean
  9. Ricardos

    Pearl 220 Trophy spruce up pics

    Popped over to Ron's this evening as the Clio was in dire need of some valet attention after my French road trip last week. More on that this week in my Trophy blog thread.
  10. Ricardos

    Monaco Road Trip Holiday In The 220 Trophy

    I had a window of opportunity to take a week off work as it was quiet so I decided to book a hotel down in Cap-D'ail located 2 miles out of Monaco right on the coast. I'd been there for one night 3 years ago as part of a European driving holiday and decided to stay there for 4 nights this time...
  11. Ricardos

    Ricardo's Pearl White 220 Trophy

    Hi! Now that all the formalities like finance, deposit and insurance are all arranged I think it's time I can finally announce the impending collection of my new car. Behold the 2017 ID Pearl White Renault Clio 220 Trophy!! Photos are from the Pistonheads advert but you get the idea of what...
  12. Ricardos

    Liquid Yellow 200 EDC, Chapter Closes

    So tonight, the Clio was sold and picked up by the new owner. It's all happened fairly quickly, it was an offer I made to someone at a decent price which they snapped up. Its now given me an opportunity to buy a much newer facelift model Clio which I liked the day they came out. For now I'm...
  13. Ricardos

    Dutch National Car Meet

    I have a friend that lives 40 minutes north of Amsterdam attending their national meet, half jokingly weeks ago saying in a text convo saying I should come over. Cue a ferry booking Friday 5pm and heading down to Dover Saturday morning for the 4:20am ferry! Arriving in his town of Hoorn just...
  14. Ricardos

    LY 200 EDC At Snetterton

    Popped up to Snetterton in Norfolk on Tuesday with @Sash to give the EDC it's first trackday session of 2018. It was a wet session with a few cars out but was a good run out on the ADO8Rs, they felt ok after about 3 laps and actually drove better with the TC off. The chassis is quite...
  15. Ricardos

    LY 200 EDC Spoiler Alert

    360 mile round trip to Somerset yesterday to pick up the spoiler I ordered in November 2017. Its still in its primered state and temporarily fitted, with a bit more fettling and then paint it'll be all done.
  16. Ricardos

    LY 200 EDC Last Of 2017

  17. Ricardos

    1st Anniversary of EDC Ownership

    A year today I made the 566 mile round trip to trade in my Mk4 Clio Media Nav diesel for the Liquid Yellow Clio 200 EDC. In the week leading up to the deal I'd been on the phone to the salesman working out the finance numbers, I then took the punt to drive to Vospers in Plymouth to view it, test...
  18. Ricardos

    Clio 200 EDC Nurburgring Road Trip

    Just come back from a 4 day driving break through France, Belgium and Germany. Spent Friday night in accommodation near Spa, Belgium and 2 nights in Adenau near the Nurburgring. It was ten years ago to the weekend that a few friends and I made our first ever trip to the Green Hell so we decided...
  19. Ricardos

    Clio 200 EDC On Turinis

    So, these started life as a set of 6 wheels I bought from E Bay off a chap near Shrewsbury. They came off a Subaru Impreza, the same 5 stud pattern, an ET fairly close to OE wheels but centrebores 10mm smaller. I had the centrebores machined out by a local company from 56.1mm to 66.1mm and 2...
  20. Ricardos

    S2 PO* Racing Blue 200

    Racing Blue Clio 200 spotted half past 3 on the Rayleigh Weir roundabout, shady looking geezer driving it. Needs a right clean :wink: @Sunglasses_Ron
  21. Ricardos

    My Old Petrol Blue Supercharged Clio

    I've just been alerted this morning that the Petrol Blue supercharged Clio 182 I built and owned a couple of years ago is back up for sale. It has running, fuel issues but the price is keen at 4.5k ono. Was running 266bhp and 220ft/lbs torque back in the day. I'm only mentioning it here as...
  22. Ricardos

    LY 200 EDC Wheel Option 2

    I should stop browsing Ebay really, I'm a sucker for wheels. 9pm last night these came up on my radar in the 5x114.3 search. By 10pm I'd agreed to buy them and pick them up. So after 385 miles and 7 hours driving to Shrewsbury and back this morning these are wheel option 2 for the EDC...
  23. Ricardos

    Eiffel Rally Festival 2017

    Three friends and I went to this rally festival back in 2013, a few months ago we decided to head out again last weekend from Thursday to Sunday. They take over a town called Daun in the Eiffel region in Germany which is about 20 miles away from the Nurburgring for 3 days. They use the town...
  24. Ricardos

    LY Clio 200 EDC Trackday Shoes (Undecided)

    Been toying with changing the wheels on the Clio for a while, just for a change or use them as a second set for trackdays. It's been a right royal pain in the arse trying to find a second hand set in 18s as the OE wheels have a ridiculously high offset of 55 with a 7.5J width. Aftermarket 18"...
  25. Ricardos

    LY EDC in France

    While in France it's rude not to visit Circuit de Reims, an amazing slice of motorsport history
  26. Ricardos

    Circuit de Clastres Trackday

    Had a long weekend in France between last Friday and Monday, in between that was an organised trackday with a club called Picardie Renault Sport in the Saturday. Just a few photos of some of the cars at the show
  27. Ricardos

    LY EDC - What Wheel Colour?

    Really struggling with finding a set of wheels due to the high ET the EDC has. While I was in Renault yesterday they have the facelift 220 and saw the wheels. I asked parts department for a price, in my opinion it would give mine the look of the facelift model. Then I saw that the French...
  28. Ricardos

    LY 200 EDC Enhancement

  29. Ricardos

    EDC Photos

    Not been out in the Clio all week so I went up to North Weald for breakfast saw this location and took a couple of photos
  30. Ricardos

    200 EDC MSV Official Brands Hatch Photos

    Just bought a selection of 'action' photos from the MSV website.